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Young Living

The Vitassage and Horses

Posted on April 22nd, 2013 | 98 comments

The therapeutic power of essential oils and the Vitassage™ extends beyond its use on people. I have been involved in helping rescue horses and other horses with high emotional issues, such as stress and anxiety, especially in the racing industry.

In August 2012, Cole Woolley, vice president of Global Science, gave me a Vitassage to use on horses after he saw a presentation of my work on these majestic animals. Having done emotional clearings and the Raindrop Technique® on many horses, I was excited to see what the Vitassage could do.

I first tried the Vitassage with thoroughbred racehorses. They can be quite flighty, and the first mare was excited to see and smell me as I approached. Based on her history, I decided that the best oils for her were Peace & Calming®, Release™, and Valor®.

At first I offered a couple of drops of Peace & Calming from my hand. As the mare smelled my hand, she decided to lick the essential oils. It’s truly amazing how horses are so attracted to these essential oils—it’s like a treat for them!

I massaged her shoulders in a circular motion until she became used to what I was doing. I proceeded to introduce the Vitassage in the “Off” position first. I then turned it on and massaged her in a circular motion along each side of the spine from withers (shoulders), to the dock (base of tail), over the rump, and down the shoulders and chest. Within a few minutes, her head lowered and she closed her eyes. She was asleep! I spent about 15 minutes with this horse, and there was a major change in her demeanor. She went from being an agitated and anxious horse to a quiet and settled horse.

Recently I used the Vitassage with a 26-year-old purebred Appaloosa named Legend County Saints Thunder, affectionately known to his friends as Hector. Hector was a much quieter horse—quieter than any horse I had worked on before. Because of this, I helped him “choose” his oils. I held out a selection of open bottles, and with each one I would observe if he would move his head away or near the bottle or whether he would step away or closer to the bottle. Horses will tell you a lot about their preferences for the oils if you let them. The essential oils Hector chose were geranium, Peace & Calming, and blue cypress. After a few minutes, Hector was completely relaxed and closing his eyes. I proceeded to use the Vitassage on some tight spots along his spine and was able to provide a wonderfully relaxing experience for him.

The Vitassage provides complete relaxation for horses within a short amount of time. It is a great tool to use on horses for physical and/or emotional issues.

—Jen Gallagher, YL Distributor, Aromatherapist, Teacher, and Author

Please share your comments below for a chance to receive one of three Vitassage massagers and a special companion gift that will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

98 thoughts on “The Vitassage and Horses

  1. Beth says:

    I am so thankful my friend Amy brought me to this page. I am a massage therapist, (for humans) and am transitioning to horses, dogs, and cats, along with energy work.
    I have been helping at a Horse Rescue, and I am so excited to hear about this. Thank you again!

  2. Genie Chapman says:

    My horse has arthritis in both her front knees. what do you recomend to to help her with pain and mobility?

    • Young Living says:

      Hi Genie, glad you dropped by! When your animals have a medical conditions like arthritis, we recommend that you seek the advice and recommendation of a competent, trained health care provider with knowledge and experience with essential oils.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I have a horse that is 16 years old whos asthma has been getting worse any ideas on what oils to use and where to apply them.

  4. horserider says:

    I spent 8 hours at a show yesterday and was completely exhausted. I know my horse was too. I would love to try some oils on him to see if it helps him. I use pan away alot!

  5. Sherrine Engelhart says:

    I have been providing Raindrop for my equine “pals” and they ALL love it and come looking for me (truly, it’s the oils!). This would be a lovely add-on =:-)

  6. Sara Kenney says:

    Wow…I’ve been using YL oils on horses for 17 years and have helped more than I can count to do the same… this is an awesome new twist!!! I’ll definitely have to try this!!!!!

  7. Ami says:

    Could have used this yesterday on a human RD. I also do many equine RD.s -so this sounds like it would be a great tool to use with our wonderful oils . Please enter me in your contest.

  8. Karen says:

    I am a Natural Hoof Care provider and would love to try this on some of the horses that I trim who have physical limitations that keep me from caring for their hooves to the best of my ability.

  9. Kendra Beagles says:

    My niece just graduated from Veterinary School and I am passing on to her all the wonderful benefits of Young Living’s essential oils. Since she loves to work with horses, this Vitassage massager would be a great ‘getting started’ gift for her new business. Thanks, Young Living!

  10. Alana Coleman says:

    So excited to learn about the Vitassage for use with horses. I board my horses at a therapy barn and this could really be an added technique to use on horse needing rehab. I am using YL Oils now to treat one of my horses with a stifle injury. I have been told by more than one vet to put him down, but I am getting some exciting results with the oils. He is not cured yet, but I am very hopeful that he will be able to live a quiet life in the pasture and not have to be a loss for me. Would love to try this on him.

  11. Stacy Latham says:

    I think that this Vitassage is exactly what my horse needs. The Bowen therapist has been using little massage balls on her shoulder and neck every time she gets a treatment. Once a week) We just haven’t added the oils. Don’t know which oils to use.) This horse had been off for the last year. Just going slowly down hills ( this is a very sure footed TW) then in January started really limping on and off in the shoulder. Had the vet check her and others mostly old cowboys and old Vets said to just let her out to pasture for at least 6 months to heal. At this point we just don’t know what to do. She has been blocked, on Bute,( for a week), had dental, chiropractic, Bowen therapy, and daily massage with Arnica. Any ideas?

  12. I have been working with the oils on animals, mostly dogs and horses, for a year now and they have improved the lives of many in that time. They are certainly a huge contributing factor to Bracken, our 8 year old English Springer Spaniel, still being alive after her immune system closed down earlier in the year and no conventional medicines worked. Copiaba, Thieves and clove were recommended and the recovery was incredible. I cannot wait to try the Vitassage on our horses. Both have come from traumatic backgrounds and do well with Trauma Life but this would be extra special.

  13. Wintergreen says:

    My dog “Kelly”almost died once, She is a chubby West Highland White terrier and she lost so much weight, couldn’t eat, was seriously ill. I allowed exploratory surgery as we thought it must be something cancerous…it didn’t produce any new diagnosis. after she came home the first time she went back in for IV’s and was continuing to fail. She came home and I never thought this dog would survive. I started using the diffuser at night in the room we slept in. The animal ointment on her belly, the oils on her paws and the shampoo…. all helped her recover. That was 3 yrs ago. she certainly gained all the weight back, looks terrific, a nice shine to her coat. Also I changed her diet to gluten free and added a little Kefir in her morning bowl. She gets chicken, and gluten free treats occassionally. She is really doing great and no one thinks she is 12 yrs old she is so spunky.
    I use the oils for many many things.
    My doctor diffuses now also, especially during flu season and the staff doesn’t get sick anymore from the patients. When I first started using the oils I worked for the same doctor and was told the “perfume” smell (from my oils) was offensive! now they diffuse the very same oils! There are still a few patients that complain but I have gotten a lot interested in the oils and the nurses are also diffusing at home. There are so many oil stories across the board. It has changed my life for the better!.

  14. Barb Lemke says:

    I am going to let all my horse lover friends know about this. Think about how this can also help our dogs that love the oils and massage or need them!

  15. Phyllis Marstein says:

    I have used oils on horses and calves and I found they like to lick my hand that I have oils on .when they have colds I treat them with oils. Would love to try the vitassage on them

  16. Gloria Radin says:

    What a wonderful way to help horses with the therapeutic oils and a Vitassage!! There is no end to what the oils can do!!

  17. Susan Spors says:

    This would have been good to have when the ‘horse dentist’ was here. We had a couple of horses that wouldn’t settle to let him do his work so he’ll be coming back in the fall with ‘drugs’…yuck!! It was using essential oils on horses that convinced me of their amazing healing capabilities…

  18. Sarah Strain says:

    I recently had the honor of practicing reflexology on a co-worker who was end stage with breast cancer. I also incorporate essential oils during a session. She was immediately drawn to valor and especially to frankincense she said ” you mean like the wisemen? I’m praying for a miracle”! I would love to use the vitassage on future clients especially hospice patients as they are very affected by aromatherapy and touch!

  19. Sarah Strain says:

    I used NingXia red and Raindrop on my 13 year old cat who was weak I had to carry her to the litterbox. 1 tsp a day of NingXia Red and a raindrop and in 2 days she was running around like a kitten. That was 3 months ago and she is better than ever. Would love to get a Vitassage and try it on the cats (4) and my Katrina rescue dog Roxie who benefited greatly from BLM when her knees became arthritic and I refused to give her the pain reliever the vet gave her which would eventually damage her liver?

  20. I love reading success stories such as this. I am still in the process of finding the right combo of oils for my 16 year old Schipperke. Thankful to have an alternative, loving this journey.

  21. Becky eddlemon says:

    hoping my husband is willing to try this on me! When he knows it’ll calm me down he’ll be willing to use it more often. :)


  23. Shirley says:

    I use the oils on my horses often- Melrose and Ocotea are wonderful for wounds, and Theives and Melaleuca for thrush. I’d love to try the Vitassage- I bet they’d love it!

  24. Rosie says:

    I have a horse I would love to try this on. I have tried a number of treatments to improve his quality of life and this sound amazing. We are breeders, and I would love to try some essential oils on our mares that are preparing to foal. I get really excited when I hear of this type of alternative healing.

  25. Kellykoz says:

    I treat my 3 pure bred yellow labs with a variety of essential oils, based upon issue. I dilute with carrier oil (usually coconut) and place on bottom of paws for for general conditions and on site for a wound (melrose heals like magic!). I also diffuse with Aria daily…terrific results. Would love to try on my 14 year old lab!! My other 2 are 10 & 6 :)

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