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Young Living

Relieving Stress with Essential Oils—Part II

Posted on April 28th, 2014 | 5 comments

Relax. It’s good for you; you deserve it; and it takes less time than you think! The key to managing daily stress is to learn healthy coping strategies. In this, the second part of my Relieving Stress series, I’ll share more ideas for quick, simple ways to relax your mind and body.

Straighten Up

Taking a minute to organize and straighten your home or work environment will do a world of good to remove mentally distracting clutter. A simple and organized space will allow you to focus more fully on the task at hand.

Take a Short Walk

If you need a break during work, take a short walk outside. Breathing fresh air and enjoying some sunshine will get your circulation flowing and refresh and stretch your muscles.


If you’re like me, free time is an extravagance that you don’t enjoy frequently. However, just three minutes of meditation can calm your mind and help create a more peaceful and manageable day. To take your meditation to the next level, diffuse or apply a few drops of the following essential oils topically to your temples, the nape of your neck, your heart, or the soles of your feet while meditating:

Leave a comment and let me know some of your methods for reducing stress in your day!

—Heidi Jeanfreau, YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Three Effective Steps for the Next Emotional Breakthrough

Posted on December 14th, 2010 | no comments

We all face difficulties in our lives as we move through each day with hazards, barriers, and other defeating behaviors. “The hips are too big.” “I’m not going to fit into those pants.” And the list goes on and on. Young Living essential oils used with self-talk and affirmation can help us stay calm and break through emotional barriers.

Here are three easy steps that can help you break through emotional barriers:

A mistake that people get wrapped up in is negative thinking. You might be meaning well by criticizing yourself with defeating behavior, but this allows the negative emotions to dig deeper in the body. Apply Release™ to the liver area to break down the walls of negative thinking.

Place Forgiveness™ over the heart after negative thinking starts to change in your mind. Change your thoughts by using statements with powerful words. Staying focused on these goals can keep you away from distractions. This helps acknowledge current hazards and avoid feelings of panic.

Put Present Time™ on the front of the neck. This oil is very effective to enhance positive self-talk. When you start to struggle again, breathe it in, stay calm, cool, and collected. Keep repeating to yourself a positive phrase as you apply the oil of Present Time. Stay with this until you feel a shift in your body. Use these three steps to change the negative self-talk.

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne
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Positive Energy and the Feelings Collection

Posted on December 1st, 2010 | no comments

Feelings Collection by Young LivingLet go of those negative emotions once and for all and replace that space with positive light and energy. A very effective way to release negative emotions is with the essential oils found in Young Living’s Feelings® collection. Here are a few ways to easily work these oils into your daily routine. It’s surprisingly easy and a lot of fun!

Apply Valor to the shoulders to relax the body, find courage, and discover your inner strength.

Put Release over the liver then focus on any negative stress, tragedy, or bad memories. Bring your awareness to the liver area, connect with your inner self, and let go of the emotions. Feel how free it is to let go of unwanted emotions!

Inner Child™
Place Inner Child over the navel to help connect with your inner power. Give yourself time, open your awareness, and allow yourself to let go.

Put Harmony on the side of the body and concentrate on the present moment. Simply focus on how it feels to let go of the negative and become one with your self.

Use Forgiveness over the heart. Feel the powerful effects as it breaks down strong emotional layers.

Present Time™
Rub a few drops of Present Time over the back of the neck. Leave the past and come into the present moment. Feel the power you have. Focus on the here and now; enjoy the new you.

With the Feelings collection you will begin to peel back the layers of unwanted emotions. Express gratitude to yourself for releasing and letting go. Experience how good it feels to be free of negative emotions that you may have carried for years. Let yourself feel joy, the wonderful space you have created and the new power within! Focus on the new inner power!

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne
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Young Living Feelings Essential Oil Kit and Pregnancy

Posted on September 14th, 2010 | 3 comments

Pregnant bellyPregnancy can be a fun and exciting time for mom as she brings a child into the world. It may cause different feelings to surface and emotions to change. These changes may start right away, and are experienced differently by each person. I would like to share with you some of the changes that you might face, and how they may be eased with the help of Young Living’s Feelings™ Kit.

Tension and Stress
Tension and stress are emotional concerns that may run through your mind. You may experience feelings like “Am I ready for this?” or “Will the baby be all right?” Apply Harmony™ oil to the sides of the body. It will help you relax and let go of stress, tension, and fear. Then you can process your emotions easier, and learn to enjoy pregnancy.

Because of the changes during pregnancy, you may often feel drained. This can cause emotional energy blocks in the body, and leave you feeling worn out. Apply Young Living’s essential oil of Valor® to your shoulders. It may help you have more strength and courage to process and let go of the emotional blocks, thus improving your energy level.

Fear is a normal emotion you may experience during pregnancy. It may leave you feeling afraid about the baby’s development and the labor and delivery process. You may think, “What if something goes wrong?” Apply Release™ oil to your head. It may help you release the emotion of fear, and bring you into an attitude where you are able to let go of that negative emotion.

Hormonal Imbalance
It is well known that pregnancy changes the hormones in a woman’s body. The hormonal changes can be stressful at times. It may affect different areas of the body, such as the liver, stomach, and kidneys. It may result in the discharge of toxins though the body. All of this may hold you back from balancing your emotions. Apply Present Time to the back of the neck. It may help bring you into the here and now and balance the emotions you may be experiencing. It can also ground the body and release emotional blocks.

Frustration and Nervousness
At times the pregnant mommy may feel frustrated and nervous. This can be caused by the physiological changes from pregnancy or the many emotions you may be feeling. If you are feeling frustrated and nervous, maybe the first step is to use Inner Child™ oil. Put Inner Child under the nose. This essential oil may help ease your mind. It may provide what is needed to stimulate your memory to reconnect with your inner self. This can help you find emotional stability and bring joy to your heart, mind, and body.

Ups and Downs
Sometimes during pregnancy you may experience hard times with cycles of ups and downs. It might be difficult for you to calm down. From all the physical and emotional changes you are going though, you might also be fighting some sadness and feeling down. Apply Forgiveness™ oil to the heart. You may feel a shift in the body or a feeling of lightness. Draw in Forgiveness and let it improve the attitude and help with a sense of grounding and well being.

These quick, simple, and easy steps may help bring changes to help relieve the pregnant mommy. They can help you cope with the nine months of pregnancy and better handle some of the emotional discomfort and stress you may experience during pregnancy.

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne
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Feelings Kit Allows New Beginnings

Posted on August 27th, 2009 | one comment

Young Living has some amazing essential oil collections. One that is Gary Young’s favorite is Feelings. Gary found that these six essential oil blends lift the senses above negativity and move one forward despite painful memories.

The blends inside Feelings are Valor®, Harmony™, Forgiveness™, Inner Child™, Release™, and Present Time™. You may have tried these oils individually, but not together as prescribed in the Feelings regimen. Feelings shows you where to apply these oils for harmonic balance. Applying the Feelings oils is easy: Apply Valor to the feet, Harmony to a preferred chakra point, Forgiveness to the navel, Present Time behind the ears, Release over the liver, Inner Child under the nose, and Valor one more time on the feet (check out the Product Information Page).

Listen to you your body as the oils are applied. Application may take up to two hours as part of meditation.

Listen here to Gary talk about the Feelings Kit.

I would love to hear your testimony of using the Feelings essential oil blends.

—Toby Palmer
Product Manager, Essential Oils