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Young Living

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Posted on October 14th, 2013 | 18 comments

Lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils and has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing. Lavender is also great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet also has balancing properties.

Here are some tips on how to use Lavender essential oil from our product management team and Young Living distributors.

Tips from Young Living:

  • Soothe minor burns by applying 2–3 drops to the affected area
  • Rub on dry or chapped skin to moisturize the affected area
  • Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place it in closets and drawers to scent linens and repel moths and insects
  • Place a few drops on a wet cloth or dryer sheet to deodorize and freshen your laundry
  • Rub a few drops onto your hand and spread over a pillow
  • Diffuse Lavender essential oil to set the mood for a baby shower or social gathering
  • Diffuse or inhale Lavender essential oil to calm your mind, body, and spirit after a hard day’s work

Tips from Young Living Facebook Fans:

“I keep a 2-oz. spray bottle with 11-13 drops Lavender/purified water mix next to my bed and spritz pillow and linens nightly!” —Virginia C., Star

“You can add a drop or two to hot water to make Lavender tea.” —Charles H., Distributor

“I put it right on my neck. I love how it relaxes me.” —Wendy M., Distributor

“I diffuse Lavender every night for a great night’s rest.” —Eric H., Distributor

“We use it all the time! I put it on the kids after their shower to get ready for bed.” —Victoria B., Distributor

“I put it on a cotton ball and slip it between my pillow case and pillow.” – Patt F., Distributor

“I love putting a couple of drops on wool dryer balls to scent our clothes while they’re drying!” —Laura W., Star

“I put a few drops of Lavender essential oil in my bath water.” —Ede H., Distributor

18 thoughts on “How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

  1. Monika Pindera Hutchins says:

    I used lemon on my face (not diluted) on a little pimple on my forehead. The pimple disappeared, but the area now has bumpy rash. It has not gone away after a week. Any suggestions?

  2. Barbara says:

    Sadly, I am allergic to Lavendar :-( It causes my throat to close up and also causes migraine headaches. This is really discouraging to me because it is good for SO many things! I can’t even use it in my home on my family because of the allergic reaction. Any suggestions?

    • Jess says:

      Have you tried YL lavender and had that reaction or haven’t you because of previous reactions? Lavender is one of the most gentlest oils there is, when people are allergic it is typically caused by something else in the product they used or because the lavender is not pure. If you haven’t tried using YL’s lavender, give it a try.

  3. Misty Hart Bell says:

    my cousin who is an EMT reached for a fresh hot cookie, but instead lifted the cookie sheet, within seconds 2 blisters started forming, we immediately applied 4 drops lavender, the laughed about it for about 5 minutes him saying he knew better being an Emergency Responder, when we were done laughing, no blisters, no redness not even a tingle of pain…

    • Josiah R. B. says:

      That usually is a sign of it detoxifying your body. Try putting a diluted drop on the bottom of your feet in the morning and going about your day normally. I have an upline that had the same problem, but after doing this her body became detoxified enough and now she can use it freely.

  4. C. L. says:

    It’s great for bug bites too. I know someone healed a brown recluse bite on her neck (!!) by keeping lavender eo on it constantly, baffling her doctor.

  5. Angie MacKnight says:

    I use this every night on our VERY active little boy. We put a drop on the back of his neck and one on the bottom of his foot and he calms down and goes to sleep.

  6. Evie Dawson says:

    The best part of this essential oil is that it sops acne break outs. I was tired of the problem of acne continuously breaking out on my face and looking for an effective natural cure for the same, Lavender essential oil acted as right medicine for my skin.When I again diagnosed my skin on Online USA Doctors it was wonderful.

  7. Matthew Keefe says:

    It works as an antihistamine for me. Whenever I’m having an allergy problem, I put 10-15 drops of Lavender oil in a vegetable capsule and swallow it. It’s incredible how much it helps!

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