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Young Living

DIY: Custom Hydration

Posted on March 5th, 2015 | no comments

Young Living - Etched Water Bottles

Between a busy lifestyle and the quick availability of sweet and fizzy beverage options, getting enough water each day isn’t always easy; but it is important.


Experts in fields from beauty to medicine agree that hydration’s role in proper physical function cannot be overstated. According to the Mayo Clinic, your daily activities, such as breathing and sweating, deplete your hydration, making a fluid intake of 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women crucial—more if you are exercising or live in a hot climate.


Not in the habit of drinking enough? With a custom glass water bottle and your favorite sweet essential oils, you’ll love meeting your daily goal! Check out our fun, easy DIY instructions below for etching a personalized design on your water bottle. Almost all of the necessary supplies should be available at your local crafts store.

 Young Living - Etched Water Bottle

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Glass water bottle: Do not use plastic, as some essential oils may erode the material
  • Adhesive stencils: Find alphabet and decorative designs at craft stores or create your own design using clear laminate paper and a trimming knife or vinyl cutter.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Glass etching cream
  • Paintbrush
  • Cotton balls
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol

Young Living - DIY Etched Water Bottle

Step 2: Etch Your Water Bottle

  1. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear an old, long-sleeved shirt and rubber gloves.
  2. Wash and dry your water bottle; then wipe it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Young Living - DIY Etched Water BottleCarefully place your adhesive stencil designs, making sure to smooth out any air pockets.
  4. If desired, use painter’s tape to line the edges of your stencil and cover any areas you don’t want frosted.
  5. Shake the etching cream to combine contents and pour some onto a disposable plate.
  6. Wearing gloves and using your brush or sponge, apply a smooth, thick layer of etching cream to the stenciled area.
  7. Let sit for 5–15 minutes, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. Rinse off the etching cream with water in a stainless steel sink, using the brush to remove excess etching cream. Be sure not to use a porcelain sink.
  9. Remove stencils and dry with a cotton ball. Wash the bottle with soap and water before use.


Step 3: Drink Up!

Young Living - Lemon Essential OilGlass bottles allow you to add your favorite essential oils to water for a sweet kick! Here are some of our picks:


What are your creative ways you ensure you’re drinking enough water? What are some of your favorite essential oils to add to water? Share your ideas in the comments!


Get More in March!

Posted on March 1st, 2015 | 3 comments

Young Living March 2015 PromotionLiving well means enjoying all the best, most rewarding things. Want more with your March order? We want to give you extra rewards on top of all the great Young Living products arriving on your doorstep!


Earn a free 5-ml Marjoram essential oil, plus a $20 enrollment coupon and Ortho Ease® massage oil with your qualifying standard March order. With a qualifying Essential Rewards order of 190 PV or above, you’ll also earn a bonus 5-ml Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil!


Want to enjoy Marjoram and Idaho Balsam Fir more than ever? Here are a couple ideas for these must-have essential oils:


  • Marjoram is a perennial herb with sweet pine and citrus flavors, recognized by many as a culinary spice. Substitute 1 drop Marjoram essential oil per tablespoon of dried or fresh marjoram called for in recipes. If less is called for, dip a toothpick in the drop reducer of the essential oil bottle and swirl the saturated end through the recipe’s liquid ingredients.


Infuse a bottle of extra virgin olive oil with herbs and a few drops of Marjoram essential oil to make a fantastic salad dressing, a drizzle over pasta dishes, a dip for artisan bread, or a marinade for your favorite meats and vegetables.


  • Idaho Balsam Fir Tree- Young LivingDistilled from the needles of the Idaho balsam fir trees on our Highland Flats tree farm, the woodsy aroma of Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil has a rejuvenating effect on the spirit and mind. Its herbaceous aroma is often used to calm and ground. To enjoy the uplifting and rejuvenating aroma of Idaho Balsam Fir, diffuse this essential oil in your home, bedroom, or workplace. Create a sense of confidence by wearing Idaho Balsam Fir on the temples, neck, or wrists as an empowering fragrance.


How would you use the free Marjoram and Idaho Balsam Fir essential oils in your qualifying March order? Let us know in the comments!


Click here for more information or shop now!

Need a Change of Pace? Reach for Young Living Roll-ons!

Posted on February 26th, 2015 | 2 comments

With my busy schedule, I occasionally find myself in need of a break. I’ll take a walk up the office stairs to get my blood flowing; I’ll close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths; or, best of all, I will reach into my purse for one of Young Living’s essential oil roll-ons.


Tranquil Roll-on - Young LivingOur roll-ons offer quick and effective application of some of my favorite essential oils, making them perfect to take along with me wherever I go. I carry Tranquil, with its balanced combination of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile; I’m never without the soothing fragrance of Lime, Lavender, and Copaiba in our Stress Away roll-on; and I love the unique blend of Ruta, Valerian, and Lavender that is found only in RutaVaLa! Having these blends in roll-on form means I always have access to their calming aromas.


Stress Away Roll-on - Young LivingAs much as I rely on these blends to lift my day, the fresh new design for the roll-on packaging gives me even more to love! To me, it embodies Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process because we are always seeking out and embracing the highest quality standards in everything we do!


Learn more about these wonderful products in our new Young Living for the Everywhere Lifestyle booklet. Get yours in Virtual Office today!


How do you use Young Living’s roll-ons? Do you have any special blends that you’ve made into a roll-on? Please leave your comments below. We always love to hear from you!


—Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Even the Impossible Can Become Possible

Posted on February 23rd, 2015 | 4 comments

hen James James Lawrence - Young Living Brand AmbassadorLawrence was 28 years old, his wife, Sunny, challenged him to run a four-mile “fun” run. He struggled to even finish. Confident that her husband could do better, Sunny then signed James up for a full marathon. This time he was determined to make a better showing, and his career as an endurance athlete was born.


James Lawrence - Young Living Brand AmbassadorNicknamed the Iron Cowboy for the cowboy hats his kids pick out for him each race, James’ accomplishments are impressive: world record holder for most half Ironman-distance races in one year with 22; world recorder holder for most Ironman-distance races in one year with 30; avid fundraiser and spokesperson for Quiet Way, a charitable foundation; Young Living brand ambassador; and loving husband and father of five.


But James is not stopping there. This summer the Iron Cowboy plans to saddle up for his latest seemingly impossible goal: 50 Ironman courses, in 50 states, in 50 days. What lifts him to such great heights? If you listen to James long enough, you’ll hear him use the word “conviction” a lot.

James Lawrence - Young Living Brand Ambassador


“I try to teach my kids that no goal is too big and that with enough conviction, even the impossible can become possible,” he says. “Somebody recently asked me if there is a plan B for 50-50-50. I was shocked! My mind just doesn’t work that way. The goal is 50-50-50. There is no plan B. You just have to have so much conviction that nothing will distract you from your goals. If your conviction is real, nothing can get in your way.”


James also knows that all the conviction in the world can’t help you if you don’t treat your body right, so he’s been using Young Living products since 1994. On a daily basis, James uses a variety of products such as NingXia Red®, Inner Defense, and Ortho Sport®. During long training sessions or races, James supplements his nutrition with products such as Balance Complete, Pure Protein Complete, NingXia Nitro, and Slique Bars.


“Young Living products are a permanent part of my training, competing, and my family life,” says James.


We wish James the best as he makes the impossible possible during his quest for 50-50-50 this summer! Check out his website, where you can follow him during his journey.


How do you plan to put the Iron Cowboy’s tips to use in your fitness journey? Tell us about it in the comments!

Young Living: A Worldwide Phenomenon

Posted on February 19th, 2015 | 19 comments

Young Living ART Skin Care SystemA few months ago I had the privilege of introducing the recently updated ART® Skin Care System at a member meeting in Texas. On my way through airport security, I forgot to remove my ART products from my carry-on luggage, so I was called over for an additional bag check. When the TSA agent opened the bag and saw the kit, she exclaimed, “Oh, that’s Young Living. I know that company!”


Thanks to our reputation for high-quality products and a diverse member community, people the world over are coming to recognize Young Living, but we are not a sudden trend. For 20 years we have been committed to offering our members the best products available, infused with the power of essential oils.


The same product that I had in my bag at the airport is a great example of our commitment: the ART Skin Care System. One of our most popular personal care items, the ART Skin Care System features naturally derived extracts that reveal true beauty, without resorting to synthetics. I love that this simple, three-step system can refresh the skin with ingredients such as:


Young Living - Seed to Seal

  • Seed to Seal-quality essential oils: We use authentic essential oils celebrated for their ability to nourish and beautify the skin.
  • Orchid flower extract: Often used in traditional beauty products, orchid extract is deeply hydrating.
  • Proprietary blend of botanical extracts: Preserves ART products naturally, preventing the growth of germs, fungus, and mold in the container.


Young Living ART Skin Care SystemPremium products like this show that Young Living’s commitment to quality isn’t a marketing gimmick. We have earned our reputation as the world leader in essential oils. My experience with the TSA agent in Texas isn’t the first time I’ve unexpectedly met someone who has heard of us, and it certainly won’t be the last.


Have you tried the updated ART skin care system? What are your Young Living travel beauty must-haves? Let us know in the comments!


—Luba Vozar, PhD, Senior Personal Care Portfolio Manager

Nutritious & Sweet: Red Velvet Protein Shake

Posted on February 17th, 2015 | 43 comments

From boxed candy hearts to chocolate-covered strawberries, the month of February tends to be filled with sugary sweets and chocolate overindulgence. This year I have committed to showering my loved ones with delicious treats that benefit them, instead of inducing tummy aches. Now that the sugar rush from Valentine’s Day has passed, get yourself back on track with this delicious Red Velvet Protein Shake, featuring Young Living’s Pure Protein Complete and packed with enzymes, vitamins, and protein!




Directions: Combine the ingredients in a blender and process to a smooth consistency.


This tantalizing recipe is quick, easy, and the perfect way to show your love! Do you have any nutritious snack recipes that you’d like to share? Comment below and you could win a free Pure Protein Complete! I’ll choose a winner February 19, and then contact the winner by phone or email. Good luck!


—Blair Lloyd, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Associate

Gary and Mary Young: A Love Story

Posted on February 14th, 2015 | 14 comments

Gary and Mary YoungDuring more than two decades, Young Living has become not only a remarkable success story but also a great love story. Built from the ground up by husband and wife team D. Gary and Mary Young, Young Living is now a global phenomenon—largely a result of their tireless work ethic, uniquely complementary chemistry, and shared passion for their life’s work of sharing pure essential oils with the world.


Gary and Mary have a lot of love for their company and its members, and their love for each other is also clear. Mary recently sat down with us to share a Valentine’s Day glimpse into the Young’s sweet story:


How did you two first meet?

“Gary and I met in October of 1993 at an expo at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. I met this handsome young man who invited me to a meeting that I couldn’t attend. You had better believe, though, that I was sure to have him tell me the next time he was holding a meeting in Salt Lake City that I could attend. That Young Living meeting came a month later. Shortly after that, I had lunch with him at the Salt Lake City Hilton, and he offered me a job. I said no, but told him that I would help him.”


What were your first months of working together like?

“In November 1994 Gary moved Young Living to Riverton, Utah. I helped in the office while he traveled, gave meetings, and developed the farm in St. Maries.


“We built Young Living with no outside capital, no borrowed money, and did most of the work ourselves. We renovated an old, dilapidated 8,000-square foot building in Riverton. Gary built the walls, and we textured and painted everything we could.


Gary and Mary Young


“On our first day taking orders, we made about $1,800, which was not enough to pay the bills. Feeling a little discouraged, we sprinkled Abundance essential oil blend on the computer keyboard; and then the phones really started ringing!”



Can you describe your first date?

“Did we date? Not really. Our lives were entwined in giving Young Living a great start and keeping things going. Everything evolved around Young Living.


“Even though we didn’t really date, I have such fond and funny memories of those early days, such as the time he built the first distillery in St. Maries with PVC pipe. When steam ran through those pipes, they collapsed; and we had to rebuild with steel pipes! Frustrating as that was at the time, it’s funny now and was all part of the experience that has brought us to where we are today.”


What was your wedding day like?

“On September 2, 1994, we were married. On September 3, we flew to an essential oil conference in Grasse, France. That was our honeymoon.


Gary and Mary Young “Our wedding was a race, just like our lives today. We were late for the wedding and late for the reception, which was held in the former Hotel Utah. The room was big, ornate, and beautiful; and the line went all the way out through the front door. My opera friends and I performed, and my mother had a big carrot cake made for us. There were so many people whose names I couldn’t remember, and it was hilarious trying to introduce people as they came through. We finished at about 2 a.m., made it home by 3 a.m., and left for the airport at 5 a.m. for a flight that left at 7 a.m.


“When we arrived in Paris, we rented a car and tried taking shifts driving in hopes of being able to stay awake long enough to make it to Grasse. We were so tired that we finally pulled into a rest area on the freeway and slept for a couple of hours. Eventually, we made it to the conference, and I’m glad we did. It was fascinating and worthwhile.”


How long have you been married?

“September 2014 marked our 20th year of marriage.”


What’s your secret for being married so long? 

“What’s our secret? We have shared priorities. We want to help people. We want people to know truth and for that truth to better their lives. Wellness is in God’s medicine, not the chemicals of the laboratory; and we’ve worked hard to make and share discoveries that help people discover true wellness. We love doing meetings together. We both care about health and eating properly. We love the challenge of doing it all ourselves and with others who are like-minded. Most of all, we love truth and are deeply grounded in our love of and belief in God. It has often been said about us that Gary is the visionary and I am the realist. It’s a great dynamic that always seems to work out.”


What are your favorite qualities of Gary’s?

“Gary is a man of honesty and integrity who can work circles around men 20 years younger. He loves the physical work of the farm because he can see what he has accomplished at the end of the day. He is wise, insightful, and always looks for the solution. Nothing seems to stop his determination. When he has a vision, he sees it in its full reality; and that drives him to complete it.


“Neither of us like to stop until the job is done. Working together has always been easy. We think alike—most of the time—and our goals are the same. Our strengths and thought processes really complement each other.”


What’s the trick to working closely with your spouse? How do you carve out “us” time with such busy schedules?

“Our life revolves around Young Living; and since our two boys were born, their lives are part of what we do. The only time work gets set aside is when we go backpacking in the mountains. There is no communication with the outside world. It’s all about fishing, hiking, basking in the hot water falls, the campfire, and sometimes the bear who tries to steal our food.”


Thanks, Mary, for sharing a look into the great love story behind Young Living’s success!


How has the story of Young Living touched your life? Let us know in the comments!

We’re Growing in Our Home State of Utah

Posted on February 13th, 2015 | 4 comments

Since Young Living’s founding by Gary Young in 1993 in Riverton, Utah, the company has transformed from a sole organic herb farm and distillery to the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions with operations across the globe. This growth would have never been possible without our wonderful Utah family and we are committed to giving back to the community and continually growing our roots here.

Young Living - Lehi Building

We recently announced our seven-year plan to increase our presence in Utah by creating over 445 new jobs right here in Utah County, the birthplace of our company. The total salaries of the jobs we are creating, including medical benefits, are expected to amount to over 125 percent of Utah County’s average income.


Our expansion plans follow a period of incredible progress with Young Living growing an impressive 112 percent in 2014. This time of growth has allowed us to continue expanding our services and product lines while maintaining our steadfast commitment to provide the same top-level quality products our customers have come to expect and deserve.


Mona, Utah - Young Living Lavender FarmYoung Living’s growth would not be possible without our passion to produce the highest quality products. Our proprietary Seed to Seal® process embodies the seriousness of our dedication to environmental stewardship, purity, and authenticity by ensuring that all of our products are completely free of synthetic chemicals.


As our company expands to reach national and international audiences, we are proud to call Utah our home. Young Living Chief Operating Officer Travis Ogden has said many times, “Our roots are in Utah. We are committed to the state and continue to expand our reach and contribution.”


Utah residents and employees have been an integral part of Young Living’s transformation to the company it is today, and we look forward to keeping the momentum going with the community that has stood by us during the past 20 years.


Read more about our growth in the Daily Herald and Fox 13 (Salt Lake City).

Gary Talks Harvest, Farms, and World Peace Caravan

Posted on February 9th, 2015 | 14 comments

D. Gary Young - Young LivingYoung Living is growing faster than ever before. Curious about how we’re keeping up? Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young recently shared with top leaders his personal updates about some of Young Living’s most exciting projects and growth. Tireless and passionate about our mission to share essential oils with every home in the world, Gary’s enthusiasm was both clear and contagious. Here are the highlights from what he had to share:


On Highland Flats and the Winter Harvest:

“We’re really excited with the Winter Harvest production this year! We actually started distilling the second week of November in St. Maries instead of Highland Flats because we were in the process of changing out the boiler here at Highland Flats. The new boiler is now installed and working efficiently, providing a significant increase in productivity over last year.


“Besides the boiler, we also installed another 21,000-liter extraction chamber at Highland Flats. It was finished just a couple of weeks ago and is active now, which means that we have a total of three 21,000-liter extraction chambers in operation this year! We’re averaging about 17 liters per distillation this year, up from about 11 liters last year. I’m really excited about that.”


On the Young Living Northern Lights Aromatic Farm:

“We’re working every day, seven days a week [at the Northern Lights Farm]. We’re pushing forward, and though we’ve had a lot of unforeseen delays related to regulations unique to Canada, we’re doing a lot of work to get production really going.


D. Gary Young - Northern Lights Farm

“Because of Canada’s regulations, we are still waiting to start the new distillery’s boiler and have had to put in equipment that we’ve never had to install before to meet specific requirements. We even brought in an X‑ray machine and X-rayed every weld on every pipe in the distillery!  We have also put in specialized water treatment systems because the water has to be at a specific pH for the boiler specifications.


“Because I won’t use chemicals to get the water’s pH where it needs to be, we had to actually have a water treatment system built. If I had compromised and gone with chemicals, we would probably be in operation already. After many inspections and approvals, we’re now just waiting on the provisional government in the province of Victoria to issue a permit to hook up and fire up the boiler. It’s been a mammoth undertaking, a marathon project, working at temperatures down to 44-degrees below zero.


“In the meantime I’ve been cutting, shipping, and stockpiling black spruce trees so we can start distilling immediately once the boiler is on. As of right now, everything is showing promise that we will be distilling in Northern Lights by mid-March at the latest. Though this project has lasted four months longer than I anticipated when we first started and the costs have been substantial, we’re almost there!”


On the helichrysum partnership in Croatia:

Helichrysum“I recently went to Croatia and negotiated on farmland there. We entered into a partnership on the land where we’re already planting helichrysum. We have started growing the world’s first cultivated helichrysum in Croatia!


“Later this year, we’re going to host a three-day Raindrop and essential oil training seminar in Croatia. If you wish to be there, we welcome you. We have limited spots at the host hotel, which is in a beautiful place in a beautiful city. During the seminar we’ll tour the helichrysum farm and, hopefully, the new distillery. We have a goal to start construction in March.”


On the World Peace Caravan

“I was recently in Israel working on the World Peace Caravan. I want to let you know that the World Peace Caravan has grown to the point where it has taken on a life of its own. It has been a life-changing event already. While there I met with many local, regional, and national leaders. I met with the mayor of Jerusalem who offered me the key to the city. I encourage all of you to plan with your families and members of your organizations to be part of the World Peace Caravan.


World Peace Caravan“I’ll just say one thing that came from General Ephraim Sneh, who is one of the top generals in the Israeli military and a speaker at the World Peace Caravan Convention. He’s had a 40-year career and is well known worldwide in the military field.  He said to me, ‘Mr. Young, I truly believe that the World Peace Caravan that you are bringing to Israel will be one of the greatest events in modern history.’ That gave me goose bumps; I hope it gives you goose bumps too. He added, ‘We will assure that [the caravan] will be safer than living in your own home.’


“A lot of wonderful things are going on at Young Living

“It’s been great to have groups of members at Winter Harvest; we’re getting closer and closer with the Northern Lights farm and it’s very exciting; we have started the first cultivated helichrysum in the world in Croatia; and the World Peace Caravan is becoming a positive, impactful event with a life on its own!”


We’re thankful for all the exciting ways Gary is helping Young Living to grow and create a positive impact in the world! How have Gary’s efforts impacted your life? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

New O.I.L.™ Promotion

Posted on February 4th, 2015 | 11 comments

O.I.L. Oil Infused Lifestyle - Young Living








































Join the O.I.L. Revolution at YoungLiving.com/OIL today!