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Young Living

Winter Harvest – Part 2

Posted on October 16th, 2012 | 304 comments

I know you are all excited to read the continuation of Brian White’s experience, but first we wanted to let you know that the winners from the NingXia Red® and balsam fir giveaway have been notified. We will announce their names later this week once we have confirmed shipping addresses. Now on to the main topic of this blog, part two of Brian White’s harvesting experience:

It is now day two and our focus has shifted to harvesting Idaho blue spruce. Each morning started early; we ate breakfast as a group and then met with Gary as he handed out the work assignments. Assignments were given with special consideration to each person’s skills and abilities. After receiving our assignments, some would remain in camp to help with meals, while the others would head out to the tree farm. At the farm, there was always a beehive of activity with individuals assigned to cutting trees, transporting them, removing limbs, and feeding them into the chipper. Gary led the way, directing everyone’s efforts.

I recall that the blue spruce trees were particularly difficult to chip. Normally, as trees are fed through the chipper, it grabs and pulls the trunk, limbs, and needles through the cutting chamber while blowing the chippings into the semitruck trailer. However, the blue spruce limbs were so thick and broad that they jammed the chipper, preventing the tree from passing through. Countless hours were spent cutting the limbs from the trees and feeding them through the chipper one by one.

Each evening a semitruck pulling the two trailers left Highland Flats for the distillery in St. Maries, where the material would soon be distilled into the beautiful, pink-colored Idaho blue spruce oil. Watching the oil gradually rise to the surface, breaking free from the water in the separator, brought us all a deep feeling of accomplishment.

At the recent Young Living Grand Convention, I saw many of the friends I made at the Winter Harvest. Reminiscing about our experiences and understanding the exhausting effort that goes into bringing Young Living’s pure essential oils to market brought excitement with the official launch of Idaho blue spruce.

I hope that everyone who uses Idaho blue spruce will not only benefit from its amazing health-supporting properties* but will feel a small amount of the reverence we shared for the oil as we labored in Idaho.

I encourage everyone to participate in the harvest if you have the opportunity. Your life will be enriched as you reconnect with nature, make new friends, and work with Gary to learn firsthand the incredible production processes and health benefits of Young Living’s essential oils.

Share your comments below for a chance to receive a bottle of newly launched Idaho blue spruce.

Brian White—YL Senior Product Manager

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Jamie Boyer

    I have heard amazing things about this oil! I would love to win!

    • donna schaffer

      I can’t wait to see how effective the balsam fir is!

    • Tessa Pollastro

      I am So, So excited to be a part of Young Living.. I love to learn all about what YLEO’s can do for me and my family. I just went to a seminar here in Syracuse yesterday and was thrilled to be a part of a an amazing family in Young Living. My health and well being is a main focus and YL essential oils have and will be a part of me and my life for ever. I would love to win a bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce. Please and Thank You!!! Tessa In Syracuse.

    • Pam Oriard

      I would love to try this oil, also!

    • joanne salem

      would love to win this amazing oil.. new distributor & I love them all… having all my clients experiencing the oils during there sessions…

    • Xinia Bogantes Morales

      Es una excelente experiencia para valorar los aceites y habla de ellos con mas confianza. Espero en algún momento participar en las cosechas y me gustaría obtener uno. Gracias por compartir.

  • Lidija Lindoff

    Wow! What great news! I would love to win this awesome oil!

  • Jennifer

    Just beginning my journey with Young Living. Enjoying all the learning and can’t wait to grow my inventory to use on my clients..:)

  • Patti Bouchard

    Planning to try this oil! Would love to win it!

  • Melanie

    I would love to win as well!

  • Josephine Barber-Burns

    My Idaho Blue spruce is empty…need a refill!

  • Rebekah Vickers

    Entering giveaway.

  • Tammy Smith

    My goal for 2013 is to try at least one new oil per Essential Rewards order :) I’d love to win this one to start it off :)

  • Jean Lines

    This scent reminds me of good times camping with the family. I would love to win this for all of its benefits.

  • Amy Roseborough

    I would love to try this oil ♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺

  • Jo Ann Hunt

    What amazing energy is
    contained in each bottle.Thanks for the hard work and energy making it possible!

  • Kathie

    I would love to try this oil. Blue Spruce are my favorite trees!

  • Tabitha

    Would love to win!!!!

  • http://beautyintheletgo.blogspot.com Alison

    I haven’t been able to try this one yet but I am very interested in doing so!



  • Stacie Griswold

    Thanks for this opportunity. I haven’t tried this oil yet but would love to!

  • Heather Zwicker

    Harvesting in my home state of Idaho, so cool! Idaho Blue Spruce is an oil I have not tried yet. I would love to try this oil. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Libby Leatherwood

    I have been wanting to get some of this!!! Heard great things about it!

  • http://www.besttofollowme.com Patricia Singer

    Love the smell of this oil. I have also loved using it!

  • Sheila

    would love to win a bottle never used it before but would like to try it

  • carol E

    Would love to try!

  • Joan Errington

    Would love the Blue Spruce.

  • Lucie Pabin

    As of yet I have not used this oil, but it is one on my list to order. It would be great to win one, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Kathy Maguire

    We have a blue spruce growing in the yard of my childhood home. The scent is fabulous. I would love to win this!

  • Bob Steele

    I use it during some of my raindrop sessions and get great results. I am about out and could use more

  • Mary Jane

    Great Pain Reliever :~)

  • Jenni K.

    I am new to exploring essential oils and to win this would be great!

  • Rosalie

    knowing all the benefits this oil does don’t want to be without it

  • https://www.youngliving.org/balancedlife Sue

    This is a YL oil that I haven’t tried yet, and would love to.

  • Erin P

    What a great opportunity to win a bottle of Idaho blue spruce! I have not used it yet but looking forward to trying it very soon :)

  • Erin

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Would love to try this one!

  • Susan McCollum

    I am intrigued and would love to try this oil. I am going to go educate myself about it right now.

  • http://youngliving.org/nightsky513 Kipp Martin

    Sounds Awesome to go out and see the process first hand! Would love to do this! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/essentialbeginnings Azure Campbell

    I’m looking forward to working with this oil in my doula practice! To win a bottle would be incredible. Thank you YL for the countless opportunities!

  • Jamie Tulchin

    I would consider it a blessing to have in my posseeion every single variety of Young Living Essential Oil.

  • http://www.elenagalperinacupuncture.com Elena Galperin

    I am a brand new distributor for Essential Oils and am very excited about these products. I saw Gary speak in San Diego a few months ago and was truly inspired by him! Thank you so much!

  • Julie Meyers

    I love the Idaho Balsam. Can’t wait to try the Blue Spruce.

  • http://peacefuldragonflyhealingoils.younglivingworld.com/ Peg Leighton

    I Am looking forward to adding this one to my growing kit, and to sharing it with my clients! I love the Blue Spruce!

  • Chrissy Minick

    I am a new distributor and have not tried Idaho Blue Spruce yet. I am thankful for the opportunity to find something else to love.

  • Charlotte Lakies

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this oil. Would love to try it.

  • Meg

    Idaho Blue Spruce is a great season appropriate scent with great health benefits. I would love to win this oil especially since we haven’t been able to smell spruces since we moved to the deep south.

  • Lura Bare

    Oh, I would love to be able to come to a harvest some day when my children are a little older! In the meantime thank you to those who do harvest …I am excited to try Idaho Blue Spruce and would be honored…even blessed to win some!

  • Tonya Hess

    I have not tried this oil yet but would Love to, I love my Youngliving products and get excited when I order a new one to try. I’ve had GREAT results from all of the ones I’ve tried thus far and can’t wait to give Idaho Blue Spruce a try and what’s better than winning my first bottle. :)

  • Jayne

    My father used to raise blue spruce when I was a child. I remember the smell of the freshly cut pine tree in our home at Christmas. I would LOVE to win a bottle of this essential oil – it’s one I don’t have and have not yet tried!

  • Lindy

    I’ve not had the opportunity to try this oil but slowly building up my essential oils. I would love to try this oil!

  • Catherine Vlasto

    I just shared in my FB page about Idaho Balsam Fir, now I need to share about this one! I smelled it at a YL mtg. and now I would love to win it!

  • Jamie

    sounds divine!

  • http://pathwaystoharmony.com Brenda W.

    Idaho Blue Spruce is one of my new favorite oils since convention!

  • Esther

    Just getting started and would love to add to my collection

  • Dayna Seely

    Would love to try this!!

  • Lois McCutchan

    The firs & evergreens are some of my favorite oils. Cypress, balsam, pine, cedar are used in our home a lot for their outdoorsy scents. I would love to try Idaho Blue Spruce!

  • Omar

    love y.l. products. i have used many of them but never this one. i would love to try it.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/defendyourself becky otteni

    I love the smell of the mountain fresh air! Wearing this oil is like hugging a tree minus the messy sap!

  • Tricia bird

    Each time I try a new YL oil I love the benefits that I get. I am sure Idaho Blue Spuce would be a terrific new one to try.

  • Brenda C.

    I only have Idaho Balsam Fir. I would love to add Blue Spruce to my collection!

  • Crystal

    Count me in. I would LOVE to try this!

  • http://Facebook Nancy

    Would love to try , and win

  • Gayle

    I am always excited to try new oils! Would love to win!

  • Lysette Hill

    Sounds like an amazing experience. Would love to one day be part of a harvest. Also excited to try this oil, would love to add it to my collection.

  • Kim

    I love the oils and would love the opportunity to participate in a harvest. I have been using the oils since 1998 and their uses are endless. I cannot wait to recieve a bottle of Blue Spruce.

  • http://www.cookteam.ca Melanie Cook

    I have NEVER tried this oil, if I were picked!! It would be a great opportunity to try and if I loved it .. would add to my list of loves from YL and would continue using it!!

  • Laurie

    Can’t wait to try!!!

  • Erica Wray

    I am so grateful for Young Livin to offer us an opportunity to truly experience the company. What a blessing it would be to do the harvest!!

  • Sandy Averill

    would love the opportunity to use this oil! I’ve heard so many wonderful testimonies!

  • http://Www.rootsacupuncture.com Katie

    My new favorite oil – a few drops on the inner ankle does wonderful stuff! My husband uses it as a cologne, and he’s never smelled better!

  • Sherry Kelly

    I think harvesting would be exhausting and rewarding experience as well, thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Beatriz

    What a blessing to be part of this process

  • Brittany

    I am new to using Young Living Essential Oils and I am encouraged everyday that I read new information about an oil that I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet. This story makes me appreciate the value of the oils even more and the people that have invested their time into helping others gain the benefits of living using YL oils! I am looking forward to the future of making my family and household chemical and synthetic free! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  • suzanne

    Wow! What a great story. I would LOVE to try this oil and hopefully win one! :)

  • http://www.empoweringcreations.com.au Irene Charalambidis

    I love all the living young essential oils and have not tried this one. I have tried other oils but nothing matches living young. Irene

  • Allyson

    I have not tried this Idaho Blue Spruce yet, but would love an opportunity to try it. I am slowly buying my essential oils and would love to add this one to my collection.


  • Charity

    I’m sure it is a lot of hard work to harvest but so worth it.

  • http://facebokk.com/serenityessentials Stephanie Smith

    As my business and personal collection is growing I would love to add this to it.

  • gina litwin

    I have not tried this one yet but would love to

  • Ashley hall

    Would love to add to my collection!!

  • Tiffany

    I would love a bottle of this to diffuse in my home! I can feel the benefits now! :)

  • Casey

    I want to try this one SO badly!!!

  • Joanne Anderson

    I absolutely love Idaho blue spruce and would love to win the oil.

  • https://www.youngliving.org/carmelad Carmela DeMorest

    I love the oils I have tried, they are amazing. Thank you to Gary and everyone for their time, efforts and beliefs to participate in creating the wonderful, pure oils. I would love to win the Blue Spruce!

  • debby morrill

    I love blue spruce and young living products!

  • debby morrill

    I really love young living and intrigued by blue spruce

  • Katie

    I would love to add this oil to my growing collection!

  • Kristi

    You can never have too many essential oils!

  • Denise

    It makes me remember a trip to visit a dear friend out west…I’d love a scent to match that memory!

  • http://www.juliemcallister.com Julie McAllister

    I am in love with this oil!! I got to try it at one of the Ningia Red information meetings and would love to have a bottle of my own to use with my family and I. I’ve been told that it’s energy is as remarkable as Transformation and definitely need that right now.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/fdurham Faye Durham

    This is an amazing oil. I have been massaging it on my feet before bedtime. It smells wonderful and facilitates restful sleep.

  • Dawn Roberson

    YL products have played an integral part of my healing process during cancer treatment and recovery and during the management of my POTS. Each oil has helped me in one way or another. I haven’t tried Idaho. Blue Spruce oil yet but I’m sure if I did I would be adding it to my list of oils I can’t live without.

  • Kristi

    I am a brand new essential oil use and would love to try any and all I can!!

  • Joyce Cobb

    send some my way, please, please, please

  • http://www.ylwebsite.com/AzOils Amanda Finlayson

    I love YLEO I love, they help with my migraines, depression, anxiety, and help boost my immune system, would love to win a free new oil to try!

  • http://www.fullyalivecentre.com nicole

    I have not tried this oil but would love to!!

  • Beth Huber

    I love your EO and would love to try this!!!

  • Alanna Huber

    Idaho Blue Spruce would be an excellent addition to my oils! :) I love Young Living!!

  • Rita

    Would love to experience the alpha-pinene and limonene of Idaho Blue Spruce!… my senses would appreciate being refreshed and invigorated!

  • linda jaseck

    what a beautiful oil! i would LOVE LOVE to try this oil. the spruce oils are some of my most favorites for a myriad of reasons. the process of harvesting sounds amazing – the entire experience. i could almost envision myself amongst those gorgeous trees and could almost imagine the incredible scent coming off of the trees waking up my lungs. ahh those big spruces like giant old friends. <3

  • Tiffany Larson

    I would love to try this!!

  • Stephanie S

    I would love to try this oil!

  • Carolyn Hughes

    I have heard so much about the harvest, and would love the opportunity to one day experience it. I love the oil and would love to win a bottle, that is one of the oils when I open my dog seems to love the smell.

  • Rachel

    It smells amazing!

  • Brooke ann convetse

    I want to try the blue spruce oil. Ahh..to close my eyes and to be in the wood with my husb. Chsrlie who dies 4 yrs ago on oct. 12. It would be bliss. We were married 40 yrs. B_ he let his spirit doar .thanks Brooke

  • http://www.younglivingasheville.com Jacqueline McLaughlin

    I’m using Idaho Blue Spruce for my autoimmune thyroid – can always use more! Love the smell of this awesome oil… :-)

  • Maggie Stokes

    After reading all the elements it takes to process.I’d Love the opportunity to try Blue Spruce, Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    I love this oil. Not only does it do wonderful things to my muscles, but the smell takes me back to my childhood!

  • janice

    I have not tried this oil yet….sure would love to though!

  • Pat Burke

    The Idaho Blue Spruce has so many wonderful attributes. Would love to win a bottle.

  • Donna Rodrigues

    I don’t have this oil in my collection yet. Can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Margaret Alderdice

    I am in love with the YL oils. Sitting here now smelling Peace & Calming and loving every breath. I do not have the Blue Spruce but certainly would love it. Young Living is the best oils ever.

  • http://youngliving.org/healthieryou Tamara

    Another oil I haven’t tried. would love to win it to try it!!

  • Robin

    I would love to try this. I take thyroid twice daily, I would love to heal the problem!

  • Debbie Swenson

    The name the thought of this makes me happy thinking about how wonderful it must smell!

  • Susie Block

    This is not an oil I’ve tried yet, but I AM anxious to try it!

  • Carla

    Just started using the young living essential oils. Would love to win an oil I havent used yet.

  • http://wendysdarling.blogspot.com/ Wendy Emprimo

    I’d love the opportunity to win. :-) Thank you.

  • nancy petry

    i would love to try the product

  • http://knappsabundantlife.blogspot.com Megan Knapp

    So fascinating to read about the harvesting of this amazing oil. Wish I could be there to see it in person!!! I was able to smell the Idaho Blue Spruce oil at the Anchorage meeting a couple months ago and would LOVE to win a bottle of my own!!!!

  • Glenda Rhodes

    I would love to try the Blue Spruce oil!

  • Susan Wadsworth

    I really want to try this!!!

  • Janetta

    I’m excited about a new oil and am very anxious to try it.

  • Christie Bigham

    I love YL oils use them all the time especially for pain and would love to try this one

  • Patrice Barker

    The oils have done amazing things for my family and friends…Love to get the Idaho Blue Spruce!

  • jill

    Hear and read many good things about this oil. Would like to try soon. :)

  • Vivian Bullion

    I have never smelled or tried this oil. I would love to experience it!

  • http://facebook Christie Bigham

    Can’t wait to try it

  • jill

    Hope to try soon !!!!!!!! :)

  • Brian black

    Want to be part of the winter harvest. We are trying to square up care for our kids and then my wife and I are ready to go!!!

  • http://hearthandhospitality.blogspot.com Joanne

    This is one I have yet to try, but it will be added soon to my oil arsenal!

  • Debbie Randles

    Blue Spruce is my favorite christmas tree. They are so beautiful and smell amazing.
    I would love to win this essential oil.

  • Pat fitzpatrick

    Can’t wait to try this product!

  • Debbie Hurley

    Smells heavenly and can never have too many drop of heaven.

  • Georgia Watson

    I really like this oil. I can’t wait to hear the uses everyone finds for it as all those YLers start using it.

  • http://www.kiwellness.net Amber

    It’s one of my husband and I’s favorite oil!

  • Cheryl

    I love Young Living Essential Oils and all the health benefits they offer! I look forward to experiencing this one!

  • Margo Schwirian

    Smells great.

  • Lori Giesbers

    ‘Would love to win!

  • Uttara

    I have recently started using YL oils and would love to try blue spruce.

  • Anna Ball

    I would love to win a bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce. i already love the Idaho Fir!

  • Donna Grace

    I was excited it could be ordered as part of a gift set in the seasonal catalog!

  • Jennifer

    I’m adding new oils to my collection and trying them out for all their many benefits! Would love to try this one!

  • Jeanne

    I would love to try this oil.

  • julie durfee

    I’ve never used this oil and would love to have a chance!

  • http://Facebook Carole George

    I have just learned of your products and would love to try this Bkue Spruce. (
    Can’t afford the Melluca oils anymore)

  • Aileen Healy

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • Kelli

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use this wonderful oil, but hope to soon!

  • Janice Oaks

    Love this oil! It is fantastic! Anyone who has not tried it needs to be sure and get a bottle!

  • Petra

    I LOVE this oil! It’s amazing what a good feeling it brings! Hope I can win a bottle :)

  • http://anoilforthat.younglivingworld.com Gloria Radin

    Have not had used Idaho Blue Spruce but would love too!

  • Denise

    I’m hoping to order in just a few days!!!

  • https://www.youngliving.org/karalee68 Kara

    Great article, I hope to be able to participate in harvesting/replanting in the future! It sounds wonderful!

  • Susan Angelo

    I have been using YLEO for years now, I have helped many people come off of prescription drugs, YLEO are magic.

    I would love to try this one, Send it along I know I won !!! lol

  • https://www.youngliving.org/lisahorty Lisa Horton

    We have 32acres and many blue spruce on the property. They are so beautiful. I would love to win, and experience the many benefits.

  • http://thedavisfamily-mommaof4coolkiddos.blogspot.com/ christy davis

    i have never tried blue spruce so i’d love to win a bottle!

  • Nancy Moore

    Oh, what a great addition this would be to the YLEO’S I’m currently using! Dare to dream!!

  • http://www.inspiritcreative.com Jay Kriss

    As a filmmaker and finishing a film entitled “vanishing hemlock” I find the power and wisdom in the trees to be quite amazing. I spent months just sitting and filming these magnificent trees as they just lived their days. Thank you for sharing. I will be ordering a bottle.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/feelgoodnow Leslie B

    This is an oil I’ve never tried but look forward to! I can’t wait to add this oil to my collection and share its virtues with all! Thanks for making it possible and for the care going into each bottle!

  • http://Www.soulchoicecounseling.com Alyse Rynor

    The name of this oil should be Heaven- it smells like it!

  • Jackie

    What an AWESOME opportunity for HEALTH again from YL! I hope to try this soon.

  • Jeneva Locklear

    I would give this oil to my parents they have several medical problems.

  • Amy

    I’m working on my oil collection. I don’t have this one yet and would love to try it!! Thank you!

  • kathy branda

    i love skin oils, would love to try this one

  • Judi

    A truly beautiful oil! I love it.

  • jessica gionet

    Newly acquainted with Young Living Oils. In would love to put this oil to good use!

  • Patty Held

    Would love to try this oil!

  • Carolyn Bart

    Would love to win and try your new Blue Spruce Oil!

  • http://www.naturesvibrations.com Melissa

    Absolutely breath taking oil! Reminds me of vacations in the Adirondacks! One of my favorites!

    Can’t have enough of it & would love to share it with friends this holiday season!

  • Patti

    Definitely interested in winning.

  • http://facebook Judy Humphreys

    I love all the tree oils. They seems to help so much with back and knee pain.

  • Melissa

    A harvest is on my bucket list! i can’t wait to “become one” with the processing of nature’s miracles!

  • Jori Neys

    Love this oil!

  • Jenn Johnson

    Growing up in Idaho I can attest to the relaxing nature of Idaho Blue Spruce. When I get homesick it’s for the fresh mountain air and trees. Something about that smell brings complete peace and tranquility to my soul, and clarity to my thoughts. I would truly treasure a bottle of YL’s Idaho Blue Spruce.

  • Donna

    I would love the opportunity to win and try this amazing oil.

  • http://www.crystallinehealing.net Cedar Martyn

    I am also excited to try this new oil. I love how grounding all the tree oils are and this one sounds amazing.

  • Michelle Williams

    I have been with Young Living Essential Oils for 14 yrs. now and so believe in them. I don’t go anywhere without them. I have so many testimonies I could give you but I know space is limited here. I have never used the Idaho Blue Spruce but will definately be ordering one if I don’t win it. I use the oils daily as I have Fibromyalgia and don’t think I could function without the oils so Thank You to
    Young Living!!!!!

  • Megan C

    Even if I don’t win, I WILL be buying this oil… I have heard SO many amazing things already!! :)

  • Tracy Ozirney

    I would love a bottle!!!!

  • http://www.youngliving.org/nightsky513 April

    I would LOVE to try this! I have been reading on this one and have been excited to try it! PICK ME!!!….Thank you :)

  • Kathie Funk

    Sounds wonderful, would love to win and try.

  • http://www.lainascorner.com Laina

    What a wonderful experience for all of you. I love my Idaho Blue Spruce and am grateful for it’s healing powers and spiritual uplift!!

  • deborah hoadley

    Would love to try it soon…I love fir…eager to do a comparison

  • Jeanette Bueno

    I loved the Blue Spruce trees in front of her house as much as I loved my gragndmother. Imagine my joy in learning the tree gifts us with oil that has healing properties too! I want to win a bottle to use to teach all my family and friends about it!

  • Sara Ruegemer

    Can’t wait to try this oil!!

  • Francie

    I have heard so much about this fragrant oil and would love to win it in order to try it for the first time! Thank you for your amazing products!!

  • Lynn Jackson

    This is one I don’t have! Would love to try it.

  • Sherry

    will love this oil as well ALOT if I won

  • Jane Adams

    Fairly new to YL and my collection of oils isn’t growing fast enough. Idaho Blue Spuce would be a great addition – can’t wait to smell and use it to benefit myself and others. :-)

  • Michelle D

    This is one of the many oils I have yet to try and can’t wait to do so!!!!

  • Chris ONeil

    Sounds interesting…would love to try it.

  • Desiree Huerta

    I haven’t tried this oil, but I would love too!!

  • Ted Kooper

    i have no idea how this smell like

  • http://facebook Rose Kotke

    My Daughter has a lot of your oil,s and I would like to try some,would love to win this one to start with

  • Jessica in OKC

    ordered my home diffuser today and would love to have this for the winter!

  • Lisa

    Love YLEO!

  • ann marie

    Would live to try this oil! Great Job on the Holiday Catalog & the New packaging. Very Classy!

  • ann marie

    Would love to try this oil! Great Job on the Holiday Catalog & the New packaging. Very Classy!

  • Judy Fuglestad

    I would LOVE to try Idaho Blue Spruce. My daughters, both YL essential oil users, live in Idaho. It would be like having them nearer me if I had Idaho Blue Spruce (they live approx. 1000 miles from me). They educated me as to the benefits of YL essential oils, and I have been a faithful user since March of 2010.

  • Sara Brazis

    My 6 year old daughters favorite oil is the Blue Spruce and Lemongrass and we cannot be without either oil. The Blue Spruce took my daughters cough away with 2 raindrops sessions. It worked like a miracle! Thankyou Gary and Young Living for bringing us another incrediable oil. We love Blue Spruce so much we went out to buy a few blue spruce trees, so my daughter can watch them grow. She now always points out the blue spruce trees where ever we go.

  • http://google Ginette Tillaart

    I would love to win this oil

  • http://www.pencilfox.com pencilfox

    looking forward to receiving my wee bottle of idaho blue spruce oil.
    my favourite oils of the young living line are the “evergreen” scents….
    i carry a bottle of fir in my pocket at all times. now it will have to fight for a spot next to the spruce!!

  • Danielle A

    What an amazing experience!

  • http://www.pencilfox.com pencilfox

    looking forward to receiving my wee bottle of spruce oil.
    i carry a bottle of fir in my pocket at all times.
    “evergreen” scents are my favourite of all the young living line of essential oils….

  • http://www.SimpleLuxuryLiving.com Debbie Dreyer

    LOVE the calming and inner strength it gives on hectic days. Brings peace to the mind and relaxes the body. Very refreshing. Would LOVE to win this wonderful oil cause I’m inhaling from the bottle I bought at convention!

  • Luann Wiese

    I love the smell of the mountains and the blue spruce trees..would love to have it in my home on the plains :)

  • Lisa

    unfamiliar with this oil, so thank you so much for bringing it to my attention … would LOVE to try it out. (fingers are crossed) meanwhile, i’ll live vicariously through Brian’s awesome opportunity to attend harvest!

  • http://embraceyoungliving.com Barbara Tyre

    Love Blue Spruce …. kept me from really getting sick…Husband was in bed during the day for the first time in 12 yrs that we have been together with some sort of bug … I was trying to come down with the same thing but due to my use of Blue Spruce it keep it at bay …it calmed my cough and fever…I got over mine but he still has it 3 weeks later ( he is now using the oil)…. Very powerful oil!

  • Trixie

    I am new to the Young living family. I don’t know much but it sounds very interesting.

  • Estelle

    I am missing that one in my collection. I would live to discover it !
    Thank you guys !!!

  • Elvira Munoz

    I just went to a conference on last Sunday. They explain every benefit of this oil and pass it around to smell it. The oil is really amazing. To win Idaho Blue Spruce will be a “BLAST” for me.

    Elvira Munoz

  • http://www.boyneink.com Chris Faulknor

    I’ve heard stories about the harvest, and would be thrilled to experience the bounty for myself!

  • Cindy Zahn

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  • Rochelle Thornton

    I would love to win – always ready for a new experience with the oils!!

  • Steph

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  • Ginny

    Blue Spruce is both a visual and scent memory of mine. I grew up in Montana with Blue Spruce everywhere. I now live in New Mexico where spruce are few and far between. I am homesick and would love a little reminiscing in a bottle.

  • Jen

    Love reading the story sounded like an amazing time. Would love to try the oi!

  • Margaret Roy

    I would love to participate in a harvest .I live in Canada!and I am hooked on Young Living oils a better word is “In Love ‘.I am looking forward to the aroma of the Blue Spruce, such a gracious and beautiful tree.

  • http://essyoils.com kelly

    I experienced this for the first time this weekend. Lovely scent, so uplifting and helped my restless leg. Thanks Young Living!

  • Angela Jensen

    I would like to let you know my testimony of YLO. My daughter was allergic to medication so I turned to YLO. Long story short they saved my daughters life. I have been using the oils for twenty years and will continue to use them. I would love to try the Blue Spruce.

  • Kendra

    Ive heard great things about it, and it smells wonderful… I need one to add to my collection!

  • Ellen Williams

    I’m a brand new distributor and I would LOVE to win this!

  • Debbi Freeze

    I was in Idaho during the harvest a few years back. Beautiful place. I’ll bet this oil is wonderful.

  • cindy

    Have yet to try this, but Blue Spruce is my favorite evergreen. I am hoping to get the chance to try it soon!

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    I enjoyed visiting Idaho this August and would love to win a bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce.

  • Mary Thorp

    Thanks for the opportunity to add this great oil to my collection!

  • Julie Lewis

    My husband has a bad back injury and hasn’t worked for 3 years now. He finally decided to start the Raindrop Therapy. After not being very interested in the oils for a year now, he is now calls it OUR business and is telling everyone about it! We have used the Idaho Blue Spruce Religiously on his back and it is helping so much. Now that we are almost out, I would LOVE to receive a new bottle.

  • AJ. Shain

    Sounds fabulous! I would love the opportunity to try it!

  • Brenda L.

    I have not tried this oil but I’m sure I would love it! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Rachel Owens

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  • Julie Moore

    After 13 years as a distributor, and using our oils all the time, I am finally on the website, and am learning. I have no doubt that Blue Spruce will be exhilarating to all who use it. I will be ordering it soon. The evergreen oils are invigorating. I live in the “Evergreen State,” and live on “Evergreen Drive.” Gary’s quest to find new possibilities all around him in a great encouragement to me.

  • tori

    I have always been interested in participating in any harvest, especially the spruce and lavender ones!! I have never tried Idaho Blue Spruce oil, and would really love to win a bottle to try it!!

  • http://facebook.com/youngwellness Jamie Wells

    I would love to try this oil! I am fairly new to YL, so I am building up my collection of oils and supplements slowly but surely. :)

  • https://www.youngliving.org/kapejo Kathie Johnson

    Love to hear about the Harvest. Wish I could go sometime. Sounds like a whole lot of fun and learning. Also looking forward to trying the Idaho Blue Spruce. I was very sad when YL discontinued the spruce…works so wonderfully well on my aching knees. So I am happy to see the Blue Spruce available. Can’t wait to try it. 8-)

  • Melissa Schmidt

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  • sherah

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  • Terri-Anne

    Lovely oil, as always from YLEO !

  • Pam Barnea

    I love the Idaho Blue Spruce! Getting excited to let it work on my immune system! Getting older has me preparing my cells by using the essential oils. They have done so much already! Thank You for all your hard work!

  • Irene Foley

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    Got a bottle of it at Convention this year. It has amazing energy. I hope I get to see the beautiful pink oil being distilled this year at the Harvest. If I win a free bottle, I’ll put it in separate 2 ml bottles & give them away so everyone can try the amazing energy of this special oil!!

  • Roger Rogge

    I wish, I could be at the harvest right now, this oil is so unique and is adding so much depth to the new Transformtion blend, awsome, thanks to all the helpers at the farm,
    love and gratitude

  • Rosene Hess

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  • Colleen

    I love trying new Los! It would be wonderful to win this one! Someday when my kids grow I would love to help harvest.

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  • Susan Grabeal

    If I shut my eyes I can almost imagine the harvest happening. I have never expienced this oil. I am pretty new to YL, but am so amazed by what they have done for me so far! I hope to try this one soon!

  • Sandra Mercier

    I havent had a chance to try Idaho Spruce. Would love to try it.
    Go harvest go !

  • http://livingaromas.com Matt

    Idaho blue spruce is perfect for this winter season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HealingLotusAromatherapy Dawn Slicker

    I adore Idaho Blue Spruce! I thought it was going to be one of my fav’s because I love all the northern tree aromas. They bring me back to my days in New England growing up. I now live in a hot climate and miss the season change tremendously. Idaho Blue Spruce is by far the winner of them all. It has such a crisp clean scent that is wonderful for meditation. Thanks again Young Living for topping my top oil! :)

  • http://Whitelightproject.etsy.com Amanda

    I’ve heard this is a great oil. Thanks for the opportunity to win and give it a try! <3

  • Katherine

    Idaho Blue Spruce what a great oil to have on hand for Xmas to defuse in the air.

  • Johne B.

    What a blessing it would be to me to win this! Thank you for the opportunity.

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  • Kellie A

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  • http://www.youngliving.org/eleos dianne tzouras

    Just opening the bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce and inhaling this exquisite oil for the first time is a remarkable experience—calming, uplifting and transporting me to a forest of peace, joy and hope.
    Thank you againYL for all you do.
    Dianne Tzouras

  • Rusanne Wagner

    I love this product and would love to refill my bottle is low.It does a great job relieving my sore tired muscles after hard long day cutting and wrapping meat.

  • Renae Lee

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  • BN

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  • https://www.youngliving.org/cjmstribula Carol Stribula

    I purchased my first bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce at convention this year and am now on my second bottle. It is one of the first oils I use nearly every day and I use it to “wake me up”. I inhale it for several minutes and for the first few inhales, it always makes me cough a bit; this is how I know it’s good for me and that it’s working. Someday, I will make it to harvest. I’d love to win a free bottle of this wonderful oil!

  • http://auntninasblog.blogspot.com Jennie

    What a pleasant and rewarding experience it must be to participate in the harvest! The smell must have been incredible.

  • Simone

    Sounds like yet another oil I need to try! Absolutely wonderful. I look forward to reading more about your experiences :)

  • Kelly

    Great blog! I would certainly love to try Idaho Blue Spruce. I am very thankful to my Sponsor, Gary & Young Living and of course God Almighty for recently bringing these oils to my family. We have never felt better. God bless your efforts! Thank you for personally laboring to bring to us what are truly the best products that we have ever invested in!

  • Helen

    Thank you to everyone involved with the harvest. I am certain that the healing benefits of the oils as well as the YL team are made stronger as a result of the care and diligence taken during the harvest. Also a big Thank You to Brian for sharing what he saw and felt so well in his post. You transported me there with you!

  • Yuon tai bak

    Wow wish I could be there!!

  • Marie

    Love Idaho Blue Spruce and all the “tree” oils. They transform my spirit and soul. Love YL!

  • Rhonda Zimmerman

    I don’t have Idaho Blue Spruce yet, I would LOVE to add this to my collection!

  • http://empower.thisworks.biz Barb Doyle

    I love Idaho Blue Spruce especially after reading its wonderful properties especially as an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. Plus recently I heard that it’s frequency is even higher than that of Rose. This is truly a special oil and we are so lucky to have it. Thank you Young Living!

  • Susan

    Winning would be an awesome treat!

  • Peggy Tometich

    I love Idaho Blue Spruce. Very earthy and stablizing to me. Would love to have another bottle to put in my purse.

  • http://www.stillwaterspeace.com Mary Arnold

    Idaho Blue Spruce is an exquisite oil. It reminds me of some deep mystery. I love to just take in slowly its fragrant effects spiritually and physically! : )

  • Mona

    What a precious gift and privilege to win the Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil.

  • Michele LaRue

    I’ve heard amazing things about the Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil. Would love to try this oil, and I think it would be awesome to participate in the harvest.

  • Tanya Schlesinger

    Thank you, Young Living, for bringing this amazing oil to us. My family does a lot of hiking in the mountains and we are always amazed when we reach a certain altitude and smell blue spruce – it is so refreshing and energizing and it grows just where you need it most to give you a great boost on the trail! It is simply amazing to be able to reap all the benefits of this amazing plant in one small bottle.

  • Nicki

    I would love to try the Idaho Blue Spruce Oil. The aroma alone would bring back wonderful childhood memories.

  • Tammy

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  • Pat

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  • Mara Rest

    Was just looking up the oils to use for a specific condition and Spruce was on first place. Would very much love for my father to get a chance to try it. Also really loved reading about your experiences, thanks for sharing. The openness of sharing the growing, production and harvesting processes make YL such an exceptional company. Thanks!

  • Barb Free

    Thank you Young Living for your ongoing commitment to research and development of new products. I get so excited when there is a new oil released and can’t wait to try it on myself and share with others.

    Being from ‘Down under” it would be great to win this new oil which we are still waiting on.

    Blessings, Barb :)

  • https://www.youngliving.org/jacquelinerich Jacqueline Rich

    This one sounds lovely! I recall vivid memories of hiking Coeur d’Alene mountain and Tubbs Hill as a child living in Idaho, and marveled at the tall evergreens on the west Coast. I also lived in Oregon for a few years, and it could have been my size at the time, but I swear those trees were the tallest in the world! Trees that magnificent can’t help but produce great oils and have very special medicinal properties. Put my name in the hat please! :)

  • http://www.youngliving.org/vladislavakropa Vlada

    I love this oil, not just for myself, but we we introducing 9 Everyday oils to new girls, and one had a bunion, that hurts a lots. We use Idaho blue spruce all over her bunion. She left the party and in about 15 minutes send me a text, that her bunion doesn’t hurt anymore. Way to get new members.

  • Babette Johnson

    Thank you for sharing your winter harvest experience with us Brian, I hope to participate in the harvest. When I use the Idaho Blue Spruce oil I will remember your experience and appreciate everyone’s hard work.

  • http://www.myhealingoils.info Sara Chase

    This has become my favorite oil to diffuse. Not only are its medicinal properties amazing, diffusing it puts a beautiful aroma in the air, while enjoying its medicinal properties.

  • Courtney Tucker

    I love collecting essential oils and making my own skincare products!
    Out of all essential oil brands I have tried, would say Young Living is my favorite!
    I’d love to win this, thanks! <3


  • Deanna

    I would like to win a bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce. I’m new to Young Living and the reason I’m so interested in the oils is because of Gary Young’s testominal of his injury and why he created YL. My husband was injured 4/12/10 at work and it crushed his back. He has had two back surgeries and awaiting on the third. His pain and stress from his injury and our financial well being has affected his healing. I am praying for help and am led to YL.

    Please consider us!
    Deanna Johnson
    Owasso, Oklahoma

  • K.B.

    Yes this oil brings back many wonderful childhood memories – a beautiful feeling of spaciousness and sinus cleansing!!

    thank for these blogs. i love hearing about how these precious oils are harvested.

  • http://www.abundanceandwisdom.com/erinkwan Erin Kwan

    I love the Idaho Blue Spruce! One of the benefits is good for the fetus. I used it on my daughter regularly when she was pregnant. I now have a two months old healthy, beautiful granddaughter!

  • Jen

    I would be very excited to try the Blue Spruce.

  • Holly

    Sounds like a very rewarding experience and I would love to try that oil! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Cheryl Meier

    All of our tree oils are magnificent, I can’t wait to add this to my collection.

  • Cheryl Meier

    This is exciting, can’t wait to try it!

  • Edith Thurmond

    Idaho Blue Spruce is an amazing oil. After knowing what it takes to produce, I think the price is very, very good! Harvesting in icy cold weather is certainly no picnic in the park. :)

  • David M

    I’ve only been a distributor for 3 months. Don’t have much time to search website except to place my orders. I had a couple of minutes this morning and found this Product Blog. Started reading the Winter Harvest story and found it interesting, and then read some of the comments. Got to smell/touch the Idaho Blue Spruce at a meeting in Oklahoma City a couple of weeks ago. Plan on retiring next year and will be able to travel – perhaps to a harvest or other events. Hey, Gary – how about putting some farms in the South for us warm weather friends. I’d love to win a bottle of this stuff.

  • David M

    Don’t have much time to search website except to place my orders. I had a couple of minutes this morning and found this Product Blog. Started reading the Winter Harvest story and found it interesting, and then read some of the comments. Got to smell/touch the Idaho Blue Spruce at a mtg. in Ok City a couple of weeks ago. Hey, Gary – how about putting some farms in the South for us warm weather friends. I’d love to win a bottle of this stuff.

  • Clara Risenmay

    My husband & I attended the Young Living meeting in Coeur d’Alene where Gary Young had jars filled with a beautiful pink liquid sitting on the podium. He was so excited to introduce to us the newly distilled Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil! What an amazing new find. We love this beautiful oil. Thank you for sharing experiences of the Winter Harvest. And thank you, Gary, for your love and service to us all! People’s lives continue to be changed every day because of you and your commitment to bring the best to the world.

    • Jennifer Loew

      Clara, I am so new, I was wondering how do you find out when or where meetings are? I would love to attend if it were close to where I live and CDA is only 2 hrs away. Thanks for any information. Jennifer

  • Hazel Martin

    I’m just starting out a dist. and am having wonderful reception to the products by my clients. Thank you for sharing your experiences at harvest. looking forward to one day be a part of it. Would also love to receive the new oil. Sounds heavenly.

  • Jennifer Loew

    I get my starter kit today, so excited to learn about the oils! Blue spruce would be fantastic to win!!