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Young Living

Winter Harvest – Part 2

Posted on October 16th, 2012 | 304 comments

I know you are all excited to read the continuation of Brian White’s experience, but first we wanted to let you know that the winners from the NingXia Red® and balsam fir giveaway have been notified. We will announce their names later this week once we have confirmed shipping addresses. Now on to the main topic of this blog, part two of Brian White’s harvesting experience:

It is now day two and our focus has shifted to harvesting Idaho blue spruce. Each morning started early; we ate breakfast as a group and then met with Gary as he handed out the work assignments. Assignments were given with special consideration to each person’s skills and abilities. After receiving our assignments, some would remain in camp to help with meals, while the others would head out to the tree farm. At the farm, there was always a beehive of activity with individuals assigned to cutting trees, transporting them, removing limbs, and feeding them into the chipper. Gary led the way, directing everyone’s efforts.

I recall that the blue spruce trees were particularly difficult to chip. Normally, as trees are fed through the chipper, it grabs and pulls the trunk, limbs, and needles through the cutting chamber while blowing the chippings into the semitruck trailer. However, the blue spruce limbs were so thick and broad that they jammed the chipper, preventing the tree from passing through. Countless hours were spent cutting the limbs from the trees and feeding them through the chipper one by one.

Each evening a semitruck pulling the two trailers left Highland Flats for the distillery in St. Maries, where the material would soon be distilled into the beautiful, pink-colored Idaho blue spruce oil. Watching the oil gradually rise to the surface, breaking free from the water in the separator, brought us all a deep feeling of accomplishment.

At the recent Young Living Grand Convention, I saw many of the friends I made at the Winter Harvest. Reminiscing about our experiences and understanding the exhausting effort that goes into bringing Young Living’s pure essential oils to market brought excitement with the official launch of Idaho blue spruce.

I hope that everyone who uses Idaho blue spruce will not only benefit from its amazing health-supporting properties* but will feel a small amount of the reverence we shared for the oil as we labored in Idaho.

I encourage everyone to participate in the harvest if you have the opportunity. Your life will be enriched as you reconnect with nature, make new friends, and work with Gary to learn firsthand the incredible production processes and health benefits of Young Living’s essential oils.

Share your comments below for a chance to receive a bottle of newly launched Idaho blue spruce.

Brian White—YL Senior Product Manager

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

304 thoughts on “Winter Harvest – Part 2

  1. Hazel Martin says:

    I’m just starting out a dist. and am having wonderful reception to the products by my clients. Thank you for sharing your experiences at harvest. looking forward to one day be a part of it. Would also love to receive the new oil. Sounds heavenly.

  2. Clara Risenmay says:

    My husband & I attended the Young Living meeting in Coeur d’Alene where Gary Young had jars filled with a beautiful pink liquid sitting on the podium. He was so excited to introduce to us the newly distilled Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil! What an amazing new find. We love this beautiful oil. Thank you for sharing experiences of the Winter Harvest. And thank you, Gary, for your love and service to us all! People’s lives continue to be changed every day because of you and your commitment to bring the best to the world.

    • Jennifer Loew says:

      Clara, I am so new, I was wondering how do you find out when or where meetings are? I would love to attend if it were close to where I live and CDA is only 2 hrs away. Thanks for any information. Jennifer

  3. David M says:

    Don’t have much time to search website except to place my orders. I had a couple of minutes this morning and found this Product Blog. Started reading the Winter Harvest story and found it interesting, and then read some of the comments. Got to smell/touch the Idaho Blue Spruce at a mtg. in Ok City a couple of weeks ago. Hey, Gary – how about putting some farms in the South for us warm weather friends. I’d love to win a bottle of this stuff.

  4. David M says:

    I’ve only been a distributor for 3 months. Don’t have much time to search website except to place my orders. I had a couple of minutes this morning and found this Product Blog. Started reading the Winter Harvest story and found it interesting, and then read some of the comments. Got to smell/touch the Idaho Blue Spruce at a meeting in Oklahoma City a couple of weeks ago. Plan on retiring next year and will be able to travel – perhaps to a harvest or other events. Hey, Gary – how about putting some farms in the South for us warm weather friends. I’d love to win a bottle of this stuff.

  5. Edith Thurmond says:

    Idaho Blue Spruce is an amazing oil. After knowing what it takes to produce, I think the price is very, very good! Harvesting in icy cold weather is certainly no picnic in the park. :)

  6. Erin Kwan says:

    I love the Idaho Blue Spruce! One of the benefits is good for the fetus. I used it on my daughter regularly when she was pregnant. I now have a two months old healthy, beautiful granddaughter!

  7. K.B. says:

    Yes this oil brings back many wonderful childhood memories – a beautiful feeling of spaciousness and sinus cleansing!!

    thank for these blogs. i love hearing about how these precious oils are harvested.

  8. Deanna says:

    I would like to win a bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce. I’m new to Young Living and the reason I’m so interested in the oils is because of Gary Young’s testominal of his injury and why he created YL. My husband was injured 4/12/10 at work and it crushed his back. He has had two back surgeries and awaiting on the third. His pain and stress from his injury and our financial well being has affected his healing. I am praying for help and am led to YL.

    Please consider us!
    Deanna Johnson
    Owasso, Oklahoma

  9. Courtney Tucker says:

    I love collecting essential oils and making my own skincare products!
    Out of all essential oil brands I have tried, would say Young Living is my favorite!
    I’d love to win this, thanks! <3


  10. Sara Chase says:

    This has become my favorite oil to diffuse. Not only are its medicinal properties amazing, diffusing it puts a beautiful aroma in the air, while enjoying its medicinal properties.

  11. Babette Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing your winter harvest experience with us Brian, I hope to participate in the harvest. When I use the Idaho Blue Spruce oil I will remember your experience and appreciate everyone’s hard work.

  12. Vlada says:

    I love this oil, not just for myself, but we we introducing 9 Everyday oils to new girls, and one had a bunion, that hurts a lots. We use Idaho blue spruce all over her bunion. She left the party and in about 15 minutes send me a text, that her bunion doesn’t hurt anymore. Way to get new members.

  13. This one sounds lovely! I recall vivid memories of hiking Coeur d’Alene mountain and Tubbs Hill as a child living in Idaho, and marveled at the tall evergreens on the west Coast. I also lived in Oregon for a few years, and it could have been my size at the time, but I swear those trees were the tallest in the world! Trees that magnificent can’t help but produce great oils and have very special medicinal properties. Put my name in the hat please! :)

  14. Barb Free says:

    Thank you Young Living for your ongoing commitment to research and development of new products. I get so excited when there is a new oil released and can’t wait to try it on myself and share with others.

    Being from ‘Down under” it would be great to win this new oil which we are still waiting on.

    Blessings, Barb :)

  15. Mara Rest says:

    Was just looking up the oils to use for a specific condition and Spruce was on first place. Would very much love for my father to get a chance to try it. Also really loved reading about your experiences, thanks for sharing. The openness of sharing the growing, production and harvesting processes make YL such an exceptional company. Thanks!

  16. Tanya Schlesinger says:

    Thank you, Young Living, for bringing this amazing oil to us. My family does a lot of hiking in the mountains and we are always amazed when we reach a certain altitude and smell blue spruce – it is so refreshing and energizing and it grows just where you need it most to give you a great boost on the trail! It is simply amazing to be able to reap all the benefits of this amazing plant in one small bottle.

  17. Michele LaRue says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about the Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil. Would love to try this oil, and I think it would be awesome to participate in the harvest.

  18. Peggy Tometich says:

    I love Idaho Blue Spruce. Very earthy and stablizing to me. Would love to have another bottle to put in my purse.

  19. Barb Doyle says:

    I love Idaho Blue Spruce especially after reading its wonderful properties especially as an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. Plus recently I heard that it’s frequency is even higher than that of Rose. This is truly a special oil and we are so lucky to have it. Thank you Young Living!

  20. Helen says:

    Thank you to everyone involved with the harvest. I am certain that the healing benefits of the oils as well as the YL team are made stronger as a result of the care and diligence taken during the harvest. Also a big Thank You to Brian for sharing what he saw and felt so well in his post. You transported me there with you!

  21. Kelly says:

    Great blog! I would certainly love to try Idaho Blue Spruce. I am very thankful to my Sponsor, Gary & Young Living and of course God Almighty for recently bringing these oils to my family. We have never felt better. God bless your efforts! Thank you for personally laboring to bring to us what are truly the best products that we have ever invested in!

  22. I purchased my first bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce at convention this year and am now on my second bottle. It is one of the first oils I use nearly every day and I use it to “wake me up”. I inhale it for several minutes and for the first few inhales, it always makes me cough a bit; this is how I know it’s good for me and that it’s working. Someday, I will make it to harvest. I’d love to win a free bottle of this wonderful oil!

  23. Rusanne Wagner says:

    I love this product and would love to refill my bottle is low.It does a great job relieving my sore tired muscles after hard long day cutting and wrapping meat.

  24. Just opening the bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce and inhaling this exquisite oil for the first time is a remarkable experience—calming, uplifting and transporting me to a forest of peace, joy and hope.
    Thank you againYL for all you do.
    Dianne Tzouras

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