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Young Living

Why Do You Super B?

Posted on January 27th, 2011 | 5 comments

I’m constantly amazed at the great testimonials we receive from our members. They send us great product use ideas, heartwarming testimonials, and practical application advice.

Young Living Super B Dietary SupplementHere are a few we’ve recently received on Super B™:

“My son, Jesse, had a hard time holding his temper and kids at school discovered they could push his buttons. However, I got him to take YL’s Super B and he reported to me that he felt more in control and could walk away from a potential fight. He really felt a difference!”

“I love Super B. I have taken many different B vitamins over the years, but have found Young Living’s Super B to be the best. Amazing energy.”

As I’m sure you can attest, these are just a few of the advantages that come with taking Super B. Young Living’s Super B is known for supporting normal cardiovascular health, improving a positive outlook, and sustaining healthy energy levels. But the benefits don’t stop there!

Now’s your chance to get in on the discussion.

Why do you take Super B? Go to Young Living’s Facebook page to tell me how this product improves your life and I’ll choose a winner at random on Tuesday, February 1 at 4 p.m. MST. The winner will receive a year’s worth of the new Super B!

To find out more about Super B, click here.

Good luck!

Associate Product Manager, Nutrition

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Super B?

  1. Marion says:

    My mother is 89 years old and is on zero medication she takes her supplements, eats right,and uses her frankincense, and Oregano oil to give the immune system that extra boost.

  2. Jacke Myers says:

    I take nutritional supplements to avoid ending up in a nursing home, unable to function on my own. As a nurse, I know that B complex is necessary for proper function of the nervous system. Super B is also great for stress.

  3. Holistic Joe says:

    Hi, Bonnie -

    My mother had neuropathy and it was Young Living’s products that got rid of it for her and that 13 years ago!!!

    Sine your husband’s primary issue is diabetes, I have a tip for you. Put him on CINNAMON BARK (ingested by using veggie capsules … which Young Living sells) and MULTIGREENS … and WATCH THE MAGIC TAKE PLACE.

    For dosage suggestions, please email me (holisticjoe@earthlink.net). I would have provided them here, but I don’t know what meds or insulin hubby might be on.

    Have a HEALED day!

    ~ Holistic Joe ~

  4. Karen Brooks says:

    VItamin B3 and B12 is known for its excellent performance in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of depression, and fatigue; elevated levels of B3 and B12 has also been positively linked to healthy thyroid balance; i have personally noticed improvement with both these issues, especially with feelings of anxiety and PMS. I also use Super C and for PMS symptoms, Mister essential oil.


  5. bonnie zulkosky says:

    The super B is used as part of 3 supplements taken for Neuropathy. My husband Mike takes it every day so his feet dont hurt so much. There is nothing the medical field can do for him. He has diabetes and this is one of the downfalls since it is a chronic disease. He has been given a handicap card for parking his truck and he refuses to take a bunch of pain pills. For information he also takes Super C and Sulferzyme.
    thank you

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