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Young Living

What do You Think?

Posted on March 7th, 2012 | 233 comments

Last night I got into a deep conversation with my wife. During the course of the conversation, my wife had an epiphany: I like to hear myself talk. Well, she may be correct. Every week you are all subjected to my blog conversation—but not today. This morning I decided to forgo my planned blog and take a different approach.

I want to hear from you. I am even willing to compensate you all for your participation. Let me explain: I want to know what you think about our new Slique™ Essence essential oil blend. How do you use it? Have you seen great results with it? What else would you like to share? So if you have used this blend, please share your thoughts. If you haven’t used Slique Essence, tell us why you want to. Now for the compensation: I will select two random participants—an individual who has used the oil and an individual who hasn’t—to receive a free Slique Essence. Comments must be submitted by Thursday to be eligible for the drawing. Good luck!

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Marketing Manager

  • http://wwww.youngliving.org/vladislavakropa Vladislava Kropacek

    I just start to use Slique kit today. I had taste the oil when Russ came to Canada, and I really like it. I start to use it with water during my program. I do love the taste.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/sorella Laurie Hale

    I have not used the Slique Essential Oil yet, however I drink the Slique tea about every other day and LOVE it! It curves appetite and cravings which helps with my eating lifestyle. I am trying to lose weight, and have a few friends trying to do the same so if I can help them by selling products that put money in my pocket as well, we’re all happy. I would think that the Slique essential oil does somewhat the same as the tea, so of course, I want to try it and incorporate it into my eating lifestyle. Once I have my own testimonial of its usefulness, like with the other oils I use, I tell everyone. I figure if it helps me, it can help everybody so I share the wellness message.

  • Vickie Paradise

    I am very interested in the Slique oil, I would like to try it for myself. I have days when it would really come in handy to help curb my appetite. And I know quite a few people who would love to try it, but they don’t want the whole kit.

  • Robin Ashley

    I am a new distributor, have only been with Young Living for 2 months. My Husband and I are both having a blast with the oils! I sure hope it isn’t possible to OD on them, because we use them head to toe, in addition we now do all our cleaning with Thieves. I have been searching the internet as well as the desk reference to find out all the possible uses for each oil. The results we have had in this short time has been amazing, I look forward to the long term effects. I just placed a large order,and unfortunately, the Slique Oil is not available on my site. I asked my sponsor about it and she didn’t even know there WAS an oil for Slique, so I sent her the blog info. I am anxious to try this oil because it is obvious that Young Living only produces superior products that work, and I have a very special event coming up in October, so shedding some excess weight by then would make me so happy. :-)

  • Yvette williams

    I am new to young living and still exploring what it can do for me. I am sick with dangerously high blood pressure and other related things. I will try slique because I am tired of being sick. Knowing there is a nature product with no side affects is very comforting as I try to control my blood pressure and frankly to stay alive. If I continue as I am I will die. I’ve still got stuff to do and I want to do those things with my health.

    • Marsha Barnett

      My blood pressure has been erratic since November. Hormones and stress. A few days before Thanksgiving my blood pressure was 170/155. Yes, I know that is stroke level. It scared me, but I really had some emotional stress and issues and I knew that night was the time to make some changes. I managed to get my blood pressure down little by little to 140/80 or 90.

      Recently, I did a 28-day Liver Cleanse and at the end of those 28 days my blood pressure was 104/68! WOW! Here is the cleanse:

      1 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice
      1 drop of YL Lemon Essential Oil
      1 drop of YL Peppermint Essential OIl
      8-10 oz Spring Water

      Drink that in the morning before breakfast. (On an empty stomach)

      I was amazed at how much better I felt. It also shows how important it is to cleanse our insides. i hope you have as good of results as I did.

  • Linda Gonzales

    I have purchased the Slique Kit but have not started using it. At this time I use the Balance Complete almost every morning to make a smoothie for breakfast and love the taste. I wanted to finish the Balance Complete container I have started before beginning the Slique kit. The why I want to — I started gaining weight about the time I reached my 35th Birthday. The weight came and I tried diet pills, different diets, etc. and just couldn’t discipline my self to keep it off. You know the same old story you hear from failing dieters it has been the same for me. Well, hear I am trying a new product. But, I currently use YL Essential Oils and love them, because they work. So, I am going to try losing weight and getting my health back to what it should be with the new Slique Kit. Also, because of the great taste of the Balance Complete, Slique Tea and NingXia Red that I have used before I am hoping that I can stick with it and accomplish my weight loss goal. Hey, maybe I’ll start today. Why put it off.

  • Amy Siebert

    I would like to try Slique essential oil because I have heard the essential oils(particularly the grapefruit) breaks down the fat cell. It reminds me of a combination of oils used with Ledum to help release you of toxins stored in fat cells. Just sounds like a really good product!

  • Bunky

    I have not used it yet, but it definitely looks interesting!

  • Janelle Schneider

    I love Young Living essential oils, and use them for many different applications in my home and with my family. I’d love to give Slique a try.

  • Addiz

    I love the idea of all natural!!!!!

  • Susan

    I have not tried the new oil yet, but am looking forward to making it a part of my daily routine!

  • Lacey Jones

    I would like to try it because I love the tea but haven’t tried the oil. I love adding oils to my water and under my tongue, especially the ones that help with weight “stuff” ha ha (who doesn’t love that!). I think it is all amazing, and I’m sure this oil won’t disappoint. :)

  • http://www.feedyourselfwell.com Molly

    I have not tried Slique but I have loved all of the essential oils that I have tried from YL. I have started incorporating them more and more in our family life, and I can’t wait to add new oils.

  • Susie Daggett

    I would like to try Slique Essence to try to curb my sugar cravings.

  • Melisa Smith

    I have NOT tried Slique Essence, but I have tried Slique Tea. To me, I feel like Slique Essence and Slique Tea would work better in conjunction with one another that Slique Tea alone.

  • Kathy

    Believe it or not, I didn’t even know Y.L. had this in essential oil. I did purchase the tea, and like it very much. I do want to get the essential oil, now that I was made aware of it, because I feel it would be a great addition for those of us who may not be in a position to have tea when we need it. To put it into water, while at work, would be terrific. Can’t wait to try it.

  • http://www.yl90plan.com Carrie Donegan

    We had our monthly YL90 Plan meeting in NJ last night and the room was electric will the smell of Highest Potential and Slique Essence. Each attendee got to try some of Gary Young’s Slique Additions: Highest Potential, Hope, Sacred Frankincense and had Balance Complete shakes with Slique Essence and mixed berries! We gave out FREE YL90 Fat Loss that Works brochures which incorporates the new Slique Kit with a 90-day weight loss plan–menus, tips, and more! Everyone left newly committed to making their Transformation!

  • http://www.brilliantfaceforever.com Aromama

    I would use it if I could get it… ALL I know is it works because anyone who tried the Slique kit said they lost weight. I only have to lose 5-10 lb to get back to my pre-baby weight, but exercise and trying to eat right as often as I could cannot let me lose that last bit. Now having 2 kids and one going to private school, their education comes first and what I need is really secondary. I would love to see what it can do for my last bit of weight loss.

  • Joyce

    I havent tried it yet, but I am going to a meeting Monday to learn about it. Sounds very exciting!

  • Meagan

    I have used many Young Living Oils, but have not yet heard of Slique. I am very interested in trying this! I will be having my first baby soon, and would love to lose my baby weight & Slique could assist me in doing this! :) I love adding oils to my water, and currently do alternate with lemon, grapefruit, and orange. Slique sounds absolutely delicious!!

  • Lourdes Schiller

    I haven’t tried the Slique Tea Essential Oil… I use Slique tea and would love to start using the oil in combination with the tea. I love the flavor of Slique tea so I’m sure the oil would be just a good!!!

  • Heather Tate

    Would like to try the oil since I have had such good success with many other blends.

  • Tina Ott

    I am new to the essential oils. My husband has many medical issues, including diabetes, someone gave him octea(?) oil to use for his blood sugar, his results in just 1 week were incredible to us! I am getting hooked. I am willing to try anything for his health. So yes, we would like to try slique as well.

  • http://earthstarwellness.com amber

    I love using essential oils in my waters and smoothies to enhance flavors. I have never tried the Slique blend and would love to do so! As a Health Coach, I am always looking for new products to help my clients lose weight and this seems perfect for them! I love your other oils; peppermint, orange, tangerine often find a way into my raw meals! This new blend seems delicious in flavor, I can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Vera

    My husband and I are “on program”, adding Slique Essence to our water. We are losing weight like crazy! No funny foods, no calorie counting. . . just weight coming off! And Slique Essence is a big part of that!

  • Eva

    I haven’t been able to buy the kit yet. I was fortunate enough to try a drop during Dr. Youngs visit to melville, long Isand in Feb. I tried a drop on my hand and it smelled so divine I found myself licking it off-LOL I continue to read wonderful things about the kit and hopefully will be able to try for myself by summer.

  • Christine Mead

    Have tried the tea but saw no results. Would like to see if the oil would help. I have been at a weightloss standstill for several months. Need to “break” it.

  • Dianne Buffington

    With being over 50 and a boost of this essential oil looks to be of great benefit to me! I wanna try it! Love the fruits and cinnamon tastes and the health benefits that come with them. Drops of Thieves is what i put in my drinking water now but would like to adapt this in as well!

  • Jeanne

    I love yl essential oils. i have been trying to drop a few pounds gained over the winter
    but living in the north have had little luck getting outside to do my daily walks. As a result,
    the pounds have not been easy to lose. I look forward to trying a product created with the
    integrity known through out the Young Living line.

  • http://www.insightfullivinginc.com Pam

    I’m looking forward to adding Slique Essence Oil to my arsenal. I’m a mental health therapist and love sharing the Young Living oils with my clients for a variety of issues. I appreciate the effort in launching a new line of products to assist with such a prominent issue in our culture.

  • Carole Zingale

    I just ordered my first Slique kit and am anxiously awaiting delivery. I have been using each of the products in the kit except for the oil and I am losing weight weekly. I can’t wait to see the results after I incorporate the Slique Essence into my routine. I am so excited!

  • http://www.abbiesoils.blogspot.com Abigail Joy

    I would love to try Slique Essence to increase my energy so I get more done, get rid of my sugar cravings that have kept me 20 lb overweight (and I’m short so it looks more like 30 lb) and lose the weight. Plus, if it works for me, my Mom would want to get some as well. She’s been trying to lose weight for years after having 9 babies and health problems.

  • http://www.Light-Life-Energy.com Cheryl Valdebenito

    I have not used Slique yet, and am interested in learning more. So many of my clients don’t realize they are eating incorrectly, thus causing weight gain and all manner of stress on their bodies unknowingly. If Slique can jump start corrective changes, it would be a great addition to assist my clients in getting their bodies back on the right track.

  • claudia

    I love to try !

  • Leah Nealon

    I have not tried Slique. I would love to try it! I like the Idea of putting it in my water I drink everyday anyway it would be great to reap the benefits of The Essential Oils to curb my appetite while hydrating :)

  • Babette

    I have now been using Slique Essence for one month, I love it. It taste great in my water and also in my balance complete shake. I have lost a few pounds which I have been struggling with for several years now. I have found that it has curbed my sugar cravings which has been great because I looove sweets, (reason for those extra pounds I was struggling with, haha). Thank you for this product, I just hope that it becomes available to purchase individually.

  • Susan Weber

    I just started Weight Watchers this week because I really need to lose weight. I love YL essential oils and could sure use all the help I can get :)

  • Niki

    I have not tried the oil, but I would love to, as I love the tea. It is delicious and it gives me a lift while curbing my appetite. I recommend it to everyone! :)

  • http://sleepeatheal.blogspot.com Amber K

    I am very interested in the Slique products as I have not used them yet. I am slowely trying to reach my goal weight (only 20 more pounds to go!) in a healthy way. I recently went high raw and have seen amazing results in my health and would love to use essential oils to help boost my ability to get to where I need to be.


    I’ve been using YLEO since the early 1990s and always found them to be important in my overall health regime. I work in a healthcare setting and hope to bring Silique into the diabetes program where we serve Native American’s with high rates of obesity and diabetes. I used Silique tea with my family & colleagues and all have noticed the difference in appetite, but mostly all love the taste! I hope to use and bring in the Slique Blend in my life and practice. Thank you for such wonderful products!

  • Julie

    What a great contest! I had the opportunity to try Slique Essence Oil when Gary Young came to Oklahoma City. The taste was amazing. I have not been able to use it in my routine as have not purchased the Slique Kit. If I had Slique Essense, I would drink it in my water all day long. I LOVE using Grapefruit Oil every day in my vitamin C or in my Red. I lost 10 lbs in a few weeks by just adding Grapefruit oil to my routine. I can only imagine the energy boost and other benefits I would reap from adding Slique! :) I’m excited for Slique Essence to be availible for individual purchase so I can share it with my fellow Mom friends.

  • Amy Minor

    I have tried and LOVE the Silque Essence! I use it daily as part of the Silque Challenge! I take it where ever I go to keep my cravings at bay. It is great in water or tea, very refreshing! Perfect when dining out, add a few drops to your water while waiting for your dinner. It has helped me eat more proportionate meals! Thanks again to Young Living for providing great products to help us lead more healthful lives!

  • Jeneen Uilani Todd

    I have not used Slique But I really loved the Taste of it
    when I participated at the Gary Young event at Liverpool NY.
    I enjoy working out and Slique as wel as the Slique Kit would be a perfect natural combination for me.
    Thank You,

  • Jeannie Barclay

    I tasted it in OKC when Gary came there and my sister won a bottle of it. I have lupus and started working out in water aerobics and in 7 mths I gain 20 lbs and 2 dress sizes, slowly have been losing it but still need to lose 30 lbs to help with my lupus. I drink water all day and feel that if I put it in my water I wouldnt snack as often. Been drinking the tea too. but feel I need a little more help. Thank you for all the help I have received since started using Young Living oils!!

  • Cristen

    I tried the Slique Essence at a conference in San Diego and I did not feel hungry or get low blood sugar like I normally do! Since then I use it daily in water and I love how it regulates my blood sugar and eliminates cravings…just amazing how it does that! I am running out so winning another bottle would be a blessing! :)

  • http://therapeuticgradeessentials.younglivingworld.com Teresa Duke

    I haven’t used the Slique Essence yet but I’m looking forward to using it. I have been drinking the Slique Tea and thought the Slique Essence could be used in the tea.

  • Trisa Sessions

    I would love to try Slique!! I absolutely love Young Living! Someone (not mentioning who)(only from the goodness of her heart :D ) gave me some other brand of oils…JUST NOT THE SAME!! There is just something special about Young Living!! Currently I have only 5 essential oils….I’m working on it!! LOL Also, I have this friend who carries her Young Living oils around with her everywhere she goes and she will rub you down and give you a massage if you only say the word!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUNG LIVING!! Thanks for all you do!

  • Dr. Esther Jimenez

    I love the blends I have been exposed to often use a drop or two when working with a troubled pt! In turn I may turn them on to an oil that will help support their nervous system!’
    Yours For Better Health,
    Dr Esther Jimenez

  • Amy O.

    I am new to essential oils & have yet to try any YL essential oils. I’ve heard oh so many great benefits about them and I hope I get selected to try Slique essence! I’m sure if I do get selected I’ll be hooked on the great benefits like everyone else! :-)

  • Jody

    I have not tried the new Slique Essence Essential Oil Blend as of yet. I am really looking forward to trying it! I am a long time YL user, and I also use stevia in my daily diet to maintain blood sugar levels and as a sweetener. The combination of stevia and YL oils to curb cravings and maintain blood sugar stability is an awesome concept!

  • Pat Hackett

    I would be very interested in trying the Slique Essence. I can’t wait until it is offered by itself & not in a kit.

  • Diana Boanta

    I have not tried any of your Slique products. As a Registered Nurse, one of my main focus is nutrition education for my patients. It seems like Slique Essence would do a great job of cleaning and decreasing inflammation of the digestive tract, and maybe even help control blood sugars? When you experience blood sugar fluctuations, your body sometimes creates a feeling of hunger, especially if your blood sugar is dropping. Eating complex carbs together with protein or fiber helps decrease blood sugar spikes, but here in the US, where everything is geared towards processed carbs and sugars, it’s easier said than done.

    I think if Slique helps normalize blood sugar levels and decrease inflammation, nutrients would be better absorbed by the intestines, resulting in not only better nutrition and less waste, but also a better sense of wellbeing.

  • Jan Rekemeyer

    I personally haven’t tried it, but have talked to others that have. Would love to explore this oil. Have had great success with others. Especially the lavendar. Am totally sold on it. My daughter burned her hand, 3rd degree burn, and even after being in the hospital for 24 hours and then released, applied the lavaderm and lavendar oil to her hand, which by the way you could see the bone in her 2 fingers, as the skin was ready to peel off, and she never, never even blistered! Total recovery. Applied the oil every 25-30 minutes. A true blessing. I carry it all the time. That’s how great these oils are! Thank you Gary Young!

  • Chigee Cloninger

    As a user of many of the other oils and products, I know the benefits. I’m using the Slique tea and starting to feel a bit of a difference. So, I’m very hopeful and eager to use Slique Essence to add to my routine and improve my life.

  • Shannon O.

    I LOVE the Slique tea…not quite sure how to incorporate the oils as a part of the lifestyle with it. Do I put the oil on my stomach? Is it an addition to water and I also drink the tea? I would love to start selling the kits to my skincare clients too…they are loving the YL I am introducing them to in my treatment room :)

  • Anna Rummel

    I’ve not yet tried the Slique Essence, but I am eager to! The blend sounds amazing and I’m particularly excited about its ability to help detox chemicals. I’m eager To help others on their path to healthy transformation as well, so I can’t wait to se this oil!

  • Kelly

    I have not yet used Slique, but I would like to try it out to evaluate how it measures up against past methods I have tried to lose weight and curb cravings. In particular, I hope that my experience could show that there is a natural way to do this rather than using chemicals or caffeine.

  • Shannon

    I have been drinking the tea since it came out and have had some nice results with it. I would love to try Slique Essence to see if it enhances the effects so I would get greater results.

  • Gina

    I have not used any of the slique products yet, but I have been working out at the gym and have gained weight. I would love to try slique in conjunction with my workout program to get to my goals of losing 35 pounds and passing my physical fitness test for the air force!

  • Teresa Strazzabosco

    I would love to try the Slique Essence oil. I have started a ritual of making a pot of Slique tea when I get home from work. I drink the entire pot as I unwind from the day. I have recently gotten off my exercise routine, so I thought the lb.s’ would start showing on the scale. To my amazement I have lost 2 lb.’s in about a 3 week period of starting my after work Slique tea ritual. I would very much like to see what the Slique Essence oil can do to assist me with losing more weight and improving my health. I am so excited about the Slique product line!

  • Brenda Stevens

    The only time I’ve gotten to try Slique was at a conference just a bit ago with Dr. Young, a bottle was passed around, I cotton put a drop on the back of my hand, and lck it off from there. Wow! Ist that drop made my craving for food disappear! The Slique kit will be ordered soon!!! Thanks Dr.Young! And thank you for this bldg!

  • Nancy Liedl

    I have used your stress roll-on and love it. This essence sounds like a good next step in my Young Living experience. I am on a natural weight loss journey. It seems like perfect timing.I would love to try it. Fingers crossed.

  • Carol

    I have not used this blend yet but would like to try it. I use essential oils daily as well as Ningxia Red and I am sure that this oil blend will help me in my lifelong struggle with my weight and sugary desserts.

  • Diane

    I have the Slique Tea and love it. I have not had a chance yet to try the Slique Essence but would love too! I need help with weight loss. I know that Young Living Essential Oils are amazing. I use a variety of them daily!

  • Cynthia

    i definitely missed chewing gum for a long time. the smell of spearmint and tangerine in the essence brought back many childhood memories. adding it into slique tea give it a unique taste. when can i buy it off the menu?

  • https://www.youngliving.org/annette87 Annette Snow

    I would love to try the Slique Essence Oil blend. I am anxiously waiting for it to be released. I love the Slique tea I sip on it throughout the day and it has really helped with my sugar cravings.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/angelbrock Angel Brock

    I love the Slique tea – so delicious and gives me energy/motivation! Would LOVE to try the oil!!! :)

    • http://www.youngliving.org/eleos dianne tzouras

      Hey Angel sister,
      You may try the oil when I come to visit you in June!

  • Tammy Lieser

    I have heard alot of great feedback from the Slique Essence and would love try it to help with sugar cravings and for weight loss.

  • http://www.neila.cc neila schwartz

    I only had used slique tea and I loved for the detox effect and loosing some weight. This one I did n get the chance yet but I will for sure as I do with anything else from Young Living, the company of my heart.

  • Jessica

    I was at your meeting in OKC and tried a drop when you passed the bottle around. It not only tasted great but I could see how it would work wonders just by that brief experience with it. I can’t afford the kit so I’d love to get the oil for free! :)

  • http://younglivingcentralmn.com Greg

    I have not tried the new Slique™ Essence essential oil blend yet. I have been using the tea and just love it. I think the new Slique™ Essence essential oil blend would be a great addition to my weight loss program and can not wait to enjoy the benefits.

  • http://www.thewealthofwisdom.com/byjessicadarty Jessica

    I would LOVE to try the Slique oil. I sampled it from my mom who is on the Slique Challenge. She has lost 10lbs already and she really likes the oil. She is currently using it not only internally but also externally for cellulite and I would love to do the same! Also, I’d like to see if I can use it to curve appetite and possibly help against addictions.

  • Judith Halliburton

    I have been drinking the Slique tea for awhile with good results and would love to add the Slique Essence to enhance the benefits.

  • Melissa Fox

    I love all YL products. I have used the slique tea but have not been able to purchase the slique oil yet. I hope I can soon try that too. YL is life transforming. For me, I lost alot of weight with Citrus Fresh and it has helped me with kidney problems..YL is truly the best..I thank you for making these products..
    Melissa F.

  • Liz Harmon

    I LOVE Young Living Oils for myself and my family and would live to use something more natural to help manage my weight while boosting some energy!

  • http://ewm.massagetherapy.com Joan Errington, NCTMB

    I have been trying to lose weight for sometime now and am interested in the Slique. I do use Young Living essential oils when I do massages. They are terrific.

  • Enzina DeAngelis

    I would love to try the slique essence for its uplifting and energizing qualities!

  • http://www.oil-testimonials.com/1287828 Kellie

    I am brand new to YL I did get a box of The Slique Tea & it is wonderful! I am sharing it with all my family and friends (my one box). It totally helps to curb our appetites and it tastes great (no sugar to add like I always had to do with any other tea). I so want to be able to share the Slique Essence oil with them as well. I can’t afford the whole kit so to be able to get this oil by itself would be amazing….crossing my fingers that I am one of the lucky winners!!

  • http://www.wellnessworksllc.com Paul Youngquist

    I have not tried the new blend up to this point. I’m inspired to try it after reading some reviews. The synergy along with the purpose created and the power of an essential oil combined will bring a strong therapeutic value.

  • Michelle

    I would love to try Slique! I am very active, but find myself wanting to munch on goodies too often. I have a big sweet tooth, and I feel like it’s getting in the way of me being as healthy as I can. I am a huge Young Living fan – I use several of the oils every day, either by diffusing, ingesting, or applying topically. I also take BLM and Sulfurazyme. I have faith that Slique will work as advertised, because I have seen the oils work for so many conditions.

  • Jeanna Lester

    I have not tried it because you have to get it in the Slique kit only. I am not at a point where I need to lose any weight. I just need to maintain. But would love to try it. I like to give personal experience when recommending products.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/heidizander Heidi

    I have been drinking Slique Tea and would love to try the Slique Essence!!!

  • Bobby and Kari Jackson

    We just signed up a distributors and are awaiting our kit plus a few other items that we ordered. We are so excited about becoming a part of the YLEO family. We both are needing to lose weight due to health reasons and we heard that Slique Essence would be great to use with the weight loss program. We really would love to try it! Thanks and have a blessed day!

  • Cindy

    I have tried a drop of it and LOVED it! I would love to use it regularly to help curb my appetite and reduce those sugar cravings. I want to lose weight and get healthier so I can be a good example to others with this ministry!

  • Endy

    I have tried the Slique Tea and haven’t had much results. Perhaps the oil and the tea will unlock, or unblock whatever is hindering my efforts. I’ve used every single oil that I have purchased and very happy with them. I would certainly would love to use this oil and give you my honest opinion.

  • http://www.alternativesolutions.com Teri

    First let me say I love your blog.. so talk as much as you like! I have been using the Slique Tea and lost 7 lbs so far.. Then I added a diet with it and have lost a total of 9… I couldn’t lose at all before the tea.. I just couldn’t curb my appetite.. the Slique helped me make better choices and gave me that jump start I needed. I would like to try the Slique oil just because I love all the oils and would love to add this one to my collection to share with others.

  • Suzanne Parent

    Well…as of Monday March 5th I signed on to be a distributor for Young Living. Sunday 3/4 I attend a class on essential oils…and to say I am excited about this just doesn’t make the mark!!! It is not a coiincidence that I have been reading as much as I can about the Slique line…. I know without a doubt that I will definitely be using the line as I deal with many food cravings. I truly believe in the products!!

  • Melissa Whitford

    I have been using the new Slique Essence and I Love, Love, love it!!!! I have not had any cravings since I started my Slique Challenge. Absolutely amazing to me. I use to crave sweets and junk food all the time. Every time I am faced with a temptation I am blown away at how it just does not matter to me. In the past I would have been drawn like a magnet. Thank you Garry Young!!!!

  • Dawna

    I asked Carol, my up line, to share about the Slique Kit after a recent C.A.R.E. class. She encouraged us all to try a drop of the Slique Essence oil; very tasty. That one drop of oil was taken at 5:30 pm. I went on with my busy evening and at 9 pm it suddenly dawned on me that I had not eaten dinner and was not even hungry. Although I don’t advocate skipping healthy meals, I was very impressed how just one drop was so effective. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to try the oil and understand for myself that it really does work!! Thank you YL for another great product.

  • Kim

    I like the tea but wish you could buy the oil solo…would love to try it but don’t want to buy the whole kit.

  • Denise FP

    Have used the Slique Tea since Orlando Convention debut…have released 8#’s!. Sampled the Slique Essence at Liverpool, NY and loved, loved, loved it! Wanting more!! The Kit will definitely be in my March order.

  • Georgia Watson

    I tasted it at the event in Denver but would love to be able to try it on a long term basis. It had great flavor and the oils (grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, spearmint and ocotea) are ones that can help with hunger issues. And they are all wonderful oils…..of course all YL ones are great.

  • Libby Wynne

    I love Slique tea and would very much like to try the oil. I have been so disappointed that you can’t purchase the oil on its own, so maybe I will be one of the lucky winners!!!

  • andrea kulp

    I have not tried the Slique Essence oil yet but am dying to! I have to keep myself on an oils budget (or else we’d go broke!) and needed to complete my Raindrop kit last month and restock on things I’ve run out of this month. I love that this is a natural product with proven results and more than that, I love that this product is from YL…a company I trust and believe in.

  • Heather

    Never used this or YL. But I imagine the lemon/spearmint in this would help me focus better while I’m writing throughout the day.

  • Davonia Cazier

    Haven’t gotten to taste or smell the Slique Essence as I wasnot able to go to convention in Sept. due to illness: I had to cancel my reservation (also hotel reservation) which I’d made in March due to illness and couldn’t travel. Have used the tea and given it others; but cannot get the Slique Essence. I use many of the other products oils, supplements, resin burner, diffusers, and etc. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get a bottle as I will certainly put it to very good use.

  • Dyan M

    I LOVE the subtle flavors of vanilla and cacao in Slique tea. I want to try the oil in baking to add flavor and Slique delicious flavors and benefits of weight loss, energy boost and anti-oxidants to my home baked goods!!

  • Lisa Dube

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Slique oil blend yet, but am very excited too. I like the Slique Tea, though not for weight loss. I was diabetic for over 30 years & have found that drinkimg Slique really helps to stabilize my blood sugars. :) I can only imagine what the oil blend will do! I will eventually get the kit for promoting my business & making people healhier & happier within their lives…. Thanks much YL!!

  • Amanda Bates

    I love the YL oils. I use them everyday for cooking, cleaning, and so much more. I haven’t yet had a chance to try the Slique, but I’m sure with my weight loss goal it would help. I’ve been using lemon to increase my water intake. Slique would be better:)

  • Irene

    I love the tea. It is good, hope to try the oil soon.

  • http://thedavisfamily-mommaof4coolkiddos.blogspot.com/ christy davis

    i have not tried and would love to as i had my 6th baby 9mts ago and have yet to lose any weight! :(

  • dawn hill

    I would love to try the sliwue oil but have not had the opportunity to put in my budget for yl. I order every month but we are using more products now and working to reverse my husbands diabetes type 2. I am doing raindrops to help others so I have to order that kit every other month at least. BUt the slique oil is on my list soon.

  • Sharon Frisch

    I am new to YL and have not yet tried Slique Essence, but would love to try it to help boost my energy. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  • Michele Rebal

    I love this product! I ordered the kit just to get the essence! And boy was I pleasantly surprised. I use the essence in everything I drink. Whether hot or cold. It has become my natural sweetener. My results well it’s hard to tell with just the essence but I will tell that since I have been doing the whole Slique Kit, I feel better and my clothes are fitting differently. I am not one for using scales but I know that something is changing because I am fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to for over a couple of years!
    This kit will be on my autoship for at least the next three months so I can give a 90 day results testimony.
    Thank you again, Young Living for another great product!
    One more thing, I am eating less at my meal times than ever before. I just seem to get full faster!

  • nancy

    drinking it in water….love it….

  • Charity

    I haven’t tried it but would like to because everything from young living is good.. :) Humm I dont think yout talk much at all . If you do I take it as if you are saying something important :)

  • Valerie

    I love the Slique Oil! It gives the Slique tea an even better flavor and a more pleasing aroma. I just add about three drops per cup of tea. I think it helps curb my appetite and my desire for sweets. I have only used it for a little over a week, but I have been pleased with the results so far! I would love to see it offered individually instead of only available in a kit.

  • Rheannon west

    I would like to try a natural way to curb my sweet indulgences. I think slique offers something I coul manage!

  • Linda Zima

    I love the smell of the Slique essence, every time I get a “Craving” I open the bottle & take a few deep breathes, cravings gone! I’m going to try to put it in the Inhalers!
    Thank you for all our great products, I truly live the YL lifestyle!

  • Joy Hardin

    I have been using the Slique Essence Oil for three weeks now. I love the taste and I love to add it to my Slique tea for added flavor! I am pumped about the Slique Challenge for Weight Loss. I have lost ten pounds so far and am eating and living a more healthy lifestyle now. AND I feel great! Everyone I have let smell my bottle of Slique Essence Oil has LOVED the scent. That spearmint taste is great. I also add it to my drinking water throughout the day. I rub it on my thighs and hips to help break up cellulite and it is working. So excited!!!!!! Go Slique! Go Young Living!

  • Cheryl Geosits

    I have been using YL oils now for a year thanks to my Urban Zen Integrative Therapy course. I have not had to buy a bottle of advil, execedrin, tums for the past year. I turn to my natural YL oils. In my quest to try out new oils every month, I am always ordering a new oil or two while I keep my regular stash in stock. I don’t have a weight issue or sugar addiction so that did not put Slique on my list of most wanted oils. After reading Lisa’s comment about Slique tea stabilizing her blood sugar, I am interested. I am a breast cancer survivor taking Femara which has elevated both my cholesterol and sugar blood levels. So now I am excited to try Slique to avoid diabetes.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/jmclaughlin Jackie McLaughlin

    I love the Slique blend – I use it in my Slique Tea, I use it in water, and I also add it to my Balance Complete shakes. I just wish they would make it available outside the kit, because I like to use it in everything, and it runs out before I need a new kit! :-)

  • Stacy K

    I tasted one drop on the back of my hand and I lived it! Would love to be able to use it on a regular basis!

  • Carrie Stelten

    I am a full time working mother of 3 little girls. I am very busy like most people. I am gone from my home 10 1/2 hours of the day. My time home in the evening is spent taking care of my girls and once I put them to bed I finally get sometime to get some things done around the house. Once I finally sit down on the couch I pass out. I am so exhausted from the day I don’t have the energy to work out and do what I need to do to loose my 30lbs of baby weight. I have some serious sugar cravings and would love to able to loose weight and the cravings. I love to try the new Slique Oil and tell the world that loosing weight is possible even though live is crazy busy as it is!

  • Angela

    I love Young Living, and I haven’t heard of the Slique, but now I am intregued and it sounds like a product I could use based off others comments. Off to find out more…

  • http://youngliving.org/christikenley Christianna Kenley

    I would love to try it. I’ve had cancer 3 times and have had my thyroid removed. Since then I haven’t been able to lose weight no matter what I do. Would be great it it would work for me.

    • Daryl & Michelle Cox

      Hi Christianna!
      I too gained alot of weight and had thyroid cancer… I have just lost 20 pounds, but you must go low carb, organic and the NingXia Red and Slique products have helped me be successful! I’ll be praying for you!!! Send me a message if you want to hear the specifics of what I am doing!! Healingoils4life @gmail.com

  • Kathie Gates

    I would love to try Slique! I’ve been hearing so much about it. I have been busy helping my husband look for work, while also taking care of my daughter and her children after her surgery. I have not devoted any time to myself and have gained 10 pounds!! Not Good! I love all my young living oils and would really love a chance to try this, but will have to wait until we are employed again! (unless, of course I win it) :-)

  • http://www.oetq.de Roger Rogge

    I’ve not tried it yet, because I live in germany, but I love Ocotea, I had mixed already with other oils, it taste great. The hunger-control is definitely something, where I would like to use the oil. And I’m exited to smell the new blend.

  • Heidi Smith

    I haven’t used it but would love to! I have severe debilitating back pain that will not allow me to exercise (even walking is painful). In 2011 I lost my job, had back surgery, my fiance died and I moved because of financial difficulties. All of these stressors has worsened my weight problems. My biggest desire right now is to try the Slique products to see if it will help me lose weight and gain back some self esteem.

  • Holly Struve

    I love the slique tea and have not tried the slique oil yet. Working on losing 110 pounds and getting in great shape by my 50th birthday. Down 10 pounds thus far and I love all the other oils and products we use. Hoping to win this bottle of oil to help with my sugar cravings and boost my metabolism as needed to get this much weight off. I am working online as a medical transcriptionist with a lot of people across the country and if it works as good as the other oils it is a great way to get the word out about all these awesome products!!

  • Kris Folcik

    I haven’t tried it yet but would love to! I have used the slique tea from time to time and found that it seems to work to curb my appetite most of the time but not always. I would love to see if the essence helps that extra mile.

  • Lysette Hill

    I have not had the chance to use Slique, but have heard many good things about it. I just had a baby girl four months ago and have been having a difficult time getting a workout routine going wih my constantly changing schedule. I would love the chance to try it and to help my weight loss process.

  • http://oils4vitality.younglivingworld.com Nancy Kline

    I’ve been using YLEO’s everyday for about 3 months and have been so blessed by them. I would love to try slique essence to help curb my nightly cereal cravings. I lost 50lbs about 9 years ago but haven’t been able to lose the last 20lbs. I just ordered Balance Complete and NingXia Red to help me cut a few calories and increase my energy so I can exercise more. I have a very physical job so I don’t seem to have any energy beyond what I need for work. My husband also has a terrible sweet tooth. He’s not overweight at all, but he’s 60 years old and I know all that sugar is not good for him. I can’t wait to see how YL will transform our lives as time goes on and we experience new products!

  • penny trevithick

    I have not tried it yet but love,love,love the YLO’s and I know they are the best oils available in this day and everyday and it is nice to know that they are also sent with the intention of good health and loving growth of ones self!

  • Laurie

    I have not tried Slique Essence essential oil. Every oil that I have tried I love, therefore I look forward to trying Slique Essence as well as all the rest!

  • Sara

    I had attended a YL oils class at one of my new fave stores last night, and saw they had Slique. I had gastric bypass many years ago, but have more to lose. Definitely piqued my interest!

  • http://www.essentialnews.com Jan McBride

    The Slique Essence Blend distinguishes itself because it uniquely appeals to the senses on many levels. The aroma ignites the sense of smell, along with the satiety center of the brain, creating a sense of appetite satisfaction and body wellness. The taste, especially when added to a warming cup of Slique Tea, suggests a tropical paradise of pleasure and comfort. The bottle itself is “eye candy” to the consumer. Add to these, RESULTS–BECAUSE IT WORKS!

  • http://www.essentialoilsheadtotoe.com Janet Kernnis

    I am a independent technician at salon salon & Day Spa, Giddings Texas, I do all my body services using only Young Living products, For My Facials,Dermabrassion,Rain Drop, Vita flex, Reflexology, 5 different Body Wraps, after the treatments I share a shot of Ningxia Red, and sample size of Balance Complete,now I offer a cup of Slique Tea too,
    I make a coffee pot of water 10-12 cups and add 1 Slique tea bag,everyone has loved the slique tea.
    I am excited to put my weight release program on the menu using Young Living cel-lite magic customized(with Slique Essential Oil Blend) Body wrap & the Slique home program for the life changing weight release.

    I personalty just did a week of cleansing, using Ningxia Red, Balance Complete, essentialzymes-4 and fresh Vegetable juice, sad I did not have the new Slique essential oil blend,
    I noted I was really hungry the day before and realized I did not make the slique tea, that was the only time I felt hungry.
    I released 8 pounds. I am excited to add the Slique Essential Oil to my personal and professional system. ASAP

  • Erica Wray

    I was one of the lucky few to try this amazing oil when Gary presented it in Colorado. It is truly an amazing, unique oil. We in the audience tried a drop of it on our hands and licked it off. The oil is fantastic and made my taste buds sing! It is a great kinda tangy fruity flavor. It truly did curb my appetite mostly because my mouth felt alive and I didn’t feel the need to change the taste. I have not been able to afford the Slique kit yet so I am eagerly awaiting the release of the oil by itself. I know this oil will change my life when I can get my hands on it!

  • Terri-Anne Plante

    I have only had a taste of the Slique oil, and was pleasantly surprised with the taste. I absolutely LOVE the Slique tea and am eagerly awaiting my order of the whole kit, so I can start using the oil and reaping the benefits of the products working together. And I think its positively brilliant to introduce these products to our company.Its always been about health and wellness, and there have been products that assist in weight reduction,but now there is a specific plan and products that people can use to really achieve optimum health and wellness thereby promoting the company even more! Thank you YL!

  • Kathie Johnson

    I have not yet had the privelege of experiencing the Slique Essence blend but I am dying to. I believe in Young Living essential oils…they really work! I really appreciate the way they are harvested and the care put into them to keep them pure. Gary Young has produced ALOT of amazing blends that I already enjoy. So…with weight loss at the top of my “to do” list for my health right now, I can’t wait to try the Slique Essence blend. I know it will be amazing!

  • Megan

    I just got my Slique oil! Looking forward to getting into it. It’s such a great idea and tastes great. I hear people are getting results and I hope I do too ;)

  • carole zingale

    I am anxiously awaiting the Slique Kit that I recently ordered. I have been drinking the tea and have been losing weight weekly. I can’t wait to see the results after I add the Slique Essence!

  • Amy

    I would love to try the oil, but I haven’t seen it available by itself. I am not fond of tea at all and I hear the Slique tea is very “earthy”. The oil blends sound wonderful!

  • Robin Lee Anderson

    I have just begun drinking the Slique tea and love it. Looking forward to trying other products in the Slique program.

  • Kimberly Hoppes

    I havn’t tried the oil yet, but I want to….I just recently ordered the tea and I love it! I just gave up drinking Diet Coke and the tea has really helped, I havn’t really even had any cravings for soda at all!

  • Batrbara Mattfeld

    I have not had the opportunity to try the Slique Tea or the Slique Essence yet although I have the tea on order this month. I am very anxious to try it since hearing what a wonderful product it is for sugar cravings and all around health. Thank you for all the research you do to get these new products for us.

  • http://facebook Peggy Harris

    I have been in Young Living since September 2011. I have many of the products and am truly trying to rid my body of toxins and not put in any more than possible. I use the shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash, thieves soap and a lot of the oils. I really want the Slique oil but cannot afford to buy the whole kit that it comes in. I am waiting for it to be sold alone and then I can buy it. Love my Young Living essential oils and I thank God every day for this company.

  • http://www.sherrie.skincaretherapy.net Sherrie Slaton

    I just love love love the taste! I had the opportunity to hear Gary speak in OKC and they passed around several bottles for the audience to try! Wow!!! I use Young Living Oils everyday and the oils have provided a better quality of health and wellness! I would love to have a bottle of the Slique Essence Oil to use for my water and body for better health! We cannot order the oil without the kit yet and I just can’t wait!!!!

    I would love to have a bottle of Gary’s new oil! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Many blessings!

  • http://josi49.younglivingworld.com Josi Moroney

    I haven’t tried the new Slique Essence Blend yet, but would love to. I started drinking the Slique Tea on 9/25/11 at the end of the YL Conference at Disney and as of today, I have lost 49 pounds! I still have more to lose and would love to have the Blend to help curb my appetite even more. Last month was the first time I ever tried Balance Complete and I love it. Losing weight isn’t much fun, but YL products sure makes it doable. If the Slique Essence Blend would help keep me from being hungry, that would be awesome! Let me give it a try for you and I’ll let you know the results right away. Thanks for the incentive!

  • Sarah

    I have been drinking the tea and have seen great results. I can’t wait to try the blend and be able to carry it with me where I go as an easy way to curb my appetite and keep my sugar levels stabilized!

  • Heather

    I would love to be able to try the new Slique Essence Blend! Unfortunately I have not been able to get it yet. I can use all the help I can get with my weight loss goals, and I refuse to take any man made meds so this would be perfect!

  • Renee

    I have not tried the Slique Essence Blend yet. I would really love to try it. I already use all of the other products in the Slique Kit so I am just waiting on the opportunity to purchase the Slique Essence oil. My aunt just had surgery so the monies I would’ve normally used to purchase my own Young Living products is currently going to my aunt so I can send her the oils to restore, repair and replenish her health. She is feeling better and better minute by minute! Thank you God, Gary Young & Young Living!

  • Jodie

    I tried it at Gary Young’s stop in Liverpool/Syracuse. That was a teaser! Just had two friends sign up as distributors in the past 24 hours so I NEED to be able to share this with them. Have already shared the Slique tea with four people! Thanks for awesome products!!

  • http://www.beinghealthytoday.com Kristie Blankenship

    I haven’t tried it yet. I am trying to save up the money to join Young Living as I so love essential oils! This sounds like a really great product. I’ve read lots of favorable reviews!

  • Pamela Truman

    I have just started using the Slique Essence Oil and I Love it. I can’t wait to share it with my friends and family.As well as the Slique kit.

  • Marnie Clark

    Got to try the Slique blend when Gary Young came to Denver – at the time it was part of the Slique kit and they were sold out before I could get mine! I loved the taste of it, I’m currently on a slim-down program and I really believe it would help me with that. I am drinking the Slique tea and I LOVE IT! It has an exotic flavor. I use several oils every day and in fact just had to use quite a number of them on my husband who is recovering from a nasty case of bronchitis. Doctor wanted to put him on prednisone and Ventolin but I said NO THANKS, we’ll just use our oils! I’ve been basting him in them and he’s better today. Slightly off the subject now but just wanted to share how wonderful these oils are. Thanks to Gary and his entire staff.

  • Joan brunzelmarra

    I absolutely love this oil!! Drinking a gallon of water a day is very trying for me, but not anymore !! A couple of drops…. Before I know it , the water is all gone! I purchased the kit at the conference on long Island, NY. I started my transformation ! Thanks Gray for bring us all these wonderful produces!

  • Pam

    I just started using the Slique Essences Oil. I love it, I can’t wait to share it with my family and friends…

  • Katherine Jones

    I have Young Living products for years now. I have to honestly say that they have helped me tremendously. I was diagnoised with MS 20+ years ago and couldn’t walk for 2 years. With the help of the oils and accupuncture I am back to the active person I used to be, with one exception. I gained 40 pounds and then discovered that I was gluten intolerant, so losing weight is a constant battle. I have been enjoying the tea since Christmas and to get to try the slique essence would be absolutly awesome. I know that there are many who are as deserving to try it as well. I would love the opportunity to show and share with others the benefits it could provide. Thank you for your consideration.

  • devin

    i haven’t used slique yet, but i’m a big fan of peace and calming and raven and gentle baby. but do you know what? we (my 5yo and i) use it almost as perfume. a little behind the ears and on the wrist each morning! thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  • CAthy

    have not yet tried it but am loving the essential oils i have tried and many are raving about this and so far no one has led me wrong with benefits and taste so I am very excited to try this a free bottle is just what I need

  • cheryl

    I would love to try this as I have read some good reviews and am beginning a health quest and can use all the help I can get!

  • karen

    I haven’t tried this oil, I love the thieves and lavander, Use the lemon,grapefruit and orange in bottled water to flavor it and rehydrate

  • Manuela Tichler

    Würde mich sehr freuen, diesen Slique Kit auch in Europa zu erhalten.
    Den Tee konnte ich dank einer Amerikabestellung schon ausprobieren. Er schmeckt phantastisch und er löst ein wunderbares Gefühl aus.
    Der Kit würde jetzt sehr gut zur Fastenzeit passen.

    • http://blog.youngliving.com productblog

      Kommen Sie zu Convention? In dieser Zeit arbeiten wir an vielen internationalen rezepturen unserer produkte!

  • Jeninfer Henderson

    I am new to oils and Young Living. I have already fallen in love with Thieves, Frankensince, PanAway, Lemon, Peppermint, and more! Disease is running rampant and I am a teacher, Thieves has kept me going. So, I know YL oils work!

    I am very intrigued about this Slique oil. I have worked hard over the past two months to lose weight. I’m down 15 pounds, but have plateaued. It’s frustrating. I wonder if this little gem might be just what I need to get the next 15 off.

  • Lisa

    I am relatively new to YL and overjoyed to have them in my life! Focused so far on emotional health/wellness benefits, I now am looking forward to learning about other health/beauty benefits such as the vitamins, lotions … and silque! I don’t yet know what silque essence is all about, but I’m pretty darn sure I’ll love as much as all the other YL products!

  • Erin

    I am looking forward to trying the Slique tea I have ordered that is on it’s way. The blend sounds like it will be tasty as well as have great effects. This will be my first try of the Slique products and I am looking forward to what it can do…if I can lose the last 20 pounds or so I need to, I’d be one thrilled distributor singing Slique’s praises for sure!!! :)

  • Donna Parker

    Slique? What on earth is that? Sounds like a catchy name but makes me think of slimy car salesman. How can you overcome that idea in my head?

    • http://blog.youngliving.com productblog

      We are required to approve the posts before they go live. The delay in approving posts is due to the volume of those responding due to the giveaway.
      I am not sure how you are pronouncing it, it is pronounced sleak.

  • http://rtmassagetwinports Debbie DiPuma

    My husband and I just love the refreshing taste of Slique Essence, and it only takes one drop in a glass of water to give us a lift. We definitely drink more water when we use this blend, and I know that helps with weight maintainance.

  • Marcia Weiser

    I am a full-time, 24/7 caregiver to my mother who has Alzheimer’s. As an RN, I know that I am harming myself by not staying in shape, exercising, and eating well. But I find that I have little time to myself as there seems to always be some kind of emergency with my mother. For example, in the last three months my mother has had Bronchitis, a Subdural Hematoma, and two eye surgeries. Needless to say, Ryan, I have put on some weight from fast food restaurants! But I am very happy to report that my mother is still alive and as sassy as ever:).

    I would love to try Slique as I LOVE Young Living essential oils and supplements. Although only a relatively new YL distributor, I believe that I have thwarted viral and bacterial infections for my mom by diffusing them and applying them on her every day. With your oils, I can see the positive results in my mom regarding stabilizing emotional outbursts, decreased respiratory issues, and protection from airborne infections (I wish I had the oils prior to mom’s Bronchitis as I am sure they would have helped).

    Although I am often too exhausted to take care of myself, I have made a promise to do something for ME – lose weight! It’s my turn for some TLC (Tender Loving Care). I just need a little help with the fast food cravings when I am tired and fatigued… If I could get an energy boost AND control my hunger and cravings, I am sure I could reach my target goal quickly. Sounds like Slique Essence essential oil blend is for me;).

    Thank you so very much for being on the YL Team that helps others to help others, and in the process help ourselves. How wonderful and proud you must be to be associated with such an amazing organization. God Bless you, Ryan (and Dr. Young)!

  • http://www.purelifenergy.vibrantscents.com Kelly Lephart

    I LOVE My Slique Essence oil! I keep it in my purse at all times, I even have one in my jacket pocket. Anytime I have my slique tea I put a drop in, or in my balance complete throughout the day I like to add a few drops. I put it in smoothies, or when I make frozen desserts. I can’t get enough of it. (thus, i’m running out… lol) Its also great when I think I’m hungry, I put a drop or two on my tongue, and bam, I’m satisfied, drink some water and am good till its time for a snack or my meal. I have been on the slique challenge since Harvest this year and have lost 15 pounds and so many inches! I Love the new Slique Essence. Gary has some great creations that we all get to enjoy… My body thanks him every day. ~Kelly

  • http://www.cynthiafontaine.com Cynthia Fontaine

    I haven’t yet used the Slique products, though I am very eager to do so. I have had trouble with my weight for many years and have tried many things to lose the weight. I walk 8 miles a day and climb 4,000 stairs eat sensibly and yet continue to gain weight. Though my doctor’s can not seem to find a medical reason for it.
    Having used YL products for a few years now, I know how wonderful they are and would have already purchased Slique, though I have been unable to due to being out of work from an injury since Oct with no pay or compensation. It would be fantastic to have the opportunity to share the product with my friends with the confidence of having used it.

  • Katrina

    Haven’t tried Slique Essence blend yet. Am a great fan of Young Living essential oils. My husband, mother and I have all experienced tremendous results through the various oils and blends.

  • Amy

    I love the Slique Essence blend – I regularly use all of the oils in it, so it is convenient for me to have them all in one blend that smells and tastes great. I’ve been using it for a week or two, it’s already become a regular. When will you make it available to purchase on its own?

  • http://www.aromanotes.com/essentialjoy carol martin

    i would love to use the slique essence for myself just for the taste of it & for my wonderful husband who continously says he’s going to lose weight after… and to get him to stop drinking things with sugar in them- he says he needs sugar & coffee to keep awake on the way home from work at 3:00 in the afternoon? hum!!

    • http://www.aromanotes.com/essentialjoy carol martin

      todays date is 3/8 & it6s showing up as the 9th, thanks

  • meryl

    I havent tried Slique yet. I have been using YL oils for years, and they really resonate with me. I just returned from a yoga retreat where my instructor used the oils before and after class and we found they really do what they say they do! Now I am trying to refine my diet as part of my “bettering myself” campaign. I’d like to try the Slique as well.

  • Jenna Eggerth

    I would really like to try the Slique Essence. I am just unable to afford the cost of the kit as a whole. I have a hard time at times to stop myself from snacking, I would like to try something natural to help curb my cravings. And also would be nice to have a little natural energy to give me a pick me up to have the energy to do everyday activities.

  • Terry Wicker

    I really think that the slique experience is going to be a good experience for people who want to lose weight. I am excited to finally have a product for weight loss that is a natural way to lose weight. Many people have tried many different products to lose weight with little success. Other people have lost weight but damaged their health. The slique oil will give people a way to try the experience just a little. I am excited about sharing this with people I know.

    Thank you Gary Young and Young Living for continuing to find ways for us to be more healthy.

  • Karen

    I haven’t used the Slique essence blend YET. I have used the tea and love it. I have been to Gary’s talk in Syracuse and I’m very excited about this blend. I can’t wait until it is offered by itself (only because I don’t have the money right now to buy the whole kit). It would be a blessing to get a bottle. I thank God every day since a I have learned about Young Living oils/products.

  • Michele

    I would looove to try the Slique Essence oil and other Slique products. Being new to YL, I have so many things I want to try but can’t possibly afford to try them all(at least not right away) First I got some things for other family members that have some issues that I wanted to help them with. Now I’m looking to get some products for myself!

  • Theresa Lalim

    I like the Slique tea but I need to order it the kit. I have all the pieces to the kit except the Slique oil. Soon!

  • grace

    i love the yl oils i use. i am highly skeptical of any product claiming to support “healthy weight management goals” – what does that even mean? – so i’d not purchase this one without personally seeing actual positive results. that said, as it is yl, and i do love my oils, i am curious, & i’d certainly try it.

  • Ellen Smith

    I have not used the Slique Essence essential oil blend as of yet. I plan to order a bottle very soon and give it a try. I think there is goodness in every bottle of Young Living Essential Oils and I am so thankful for every one that I have had the privilege of using. They truly are a blessing to each of us.
    The reason I am planning to purchase a bottle of Slique Essence is mostly curiousity. I want to see if it really does what it says it does. Thanks for asking.

  • Teresa

    I like the taste. The spearmint is refreshing. It’s like a “snack-drink”.

  • http://www.stillwaterspeace.com Mary Arnold

    I just started with the Slique kit today and am very pleasantly surprised by the Slique Essence oil. It has a delightful taste and it has made me feel more full and HAS curbed my appetite. I am really looking forward to continuing with the weight loss program as I am very much enjoying all the products in the kit. Great Products and Plan!!!!!!!! : )

  • Katherine

    I have yet to try the new slique oil. I would love to try it and see what results I can obtain since I have a sluggish tyhroid issue. Thanks!!

  • Pam M.

    Greetings! I am a newbie(about 3 months) and love the products that I have used thus far! I haven’t had the opportunity to use the Slique Essence essential oil blend as of yet, but look forward to trying it. I hope the ones who win this contest will be able to benefit from the oil; giving them a chance to succeed in achieving better wellness. Good Luck guys & gals! =)

  • Megan K

    I’ve never even heard of this oil but I gather it is a weight loss/ sugar craving aid. I have an addiction to diet coke (don’t judge- ha!) and I’ve been trying to kick it for years. I’d love to give this a shot to see if it’s my “magic bullet”
    Thanks for listening :)

  • Malti Lalwani

    I’ve been having Slique Tea for almost 3 months now, since it first came out. Although I only have it once a day after dinner with a drop of YL lemon myrtle oil, my weight has dropped about 15 lbs already. This is so amazing and I still can’t believe it! My family doctor prescribed diabetes medication for my insulin resistance ( I’m not diabetic) but I haven’t been taking it since December 2011. He thinks the medication’s been helping the weight loss! hahahah. Now, I have not yet ordered Slique Essence as I have to get myself on Essential Rewards in Singapore first to get the kit, but I have complete trust in the Universe that I will have the opportunity to have this oil when the timing is just right. For now, thank you thank you Slique Tea and Young Living,you’ve given me hope back regarding my weight.

  • Jess


    I have not had the chance to use the Slique Essence essential oil blend yet. When I was able to, I wanted to order some for my mom who has struggled with her weight for many years. She has tried every diet available and they never seem to work for her. I have tried to explain to her that its more important and beneficial for her to change her diet to healthier food as well as balancing her emotions than it is for her to try yet another diet. I own numerous YL Essential Oils and they have done wonders for me on various accounts. I would love for my mom to have the opportunity to try Slique with hopes that it will be a start to a happier life for her. Thanks for taking the time to hear our thoughts and stories.

  • Gwen

    I am new to YL and have been AMAZED at the changes in my health being made with these oils! I am 64 and have some health issues like Celiac, asthma, high cholesterol, low thyroid, high blood pressure and sciatic pain. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and have trouble staying away from sweets even though my father died of complications of diabetes and my younger sister fights the battle everyday caused by her diabetes and the effects of a stroke (probably caused by a pre-diabetic clot). I have found relief for my asthma with RC, relief for my Celiac with Di-Gize and peppermint, ENORMOUS relief for my sciatic pain with PanAway and Valor, and hopefully will see high cholesterol respond to Grapefruit and other citrus oils. Please consider me for a free trial of the Slique which I feel may help all these issues by controlling my appetite for sweets and helping my thyroid issue. Thank you so much for these GREAT products!!

  • Susie Smith

    I have lots of the oils! Just love them. Would love to try the
    oil but haven’t yet. Would be nice to order it to add to my collection! Sounds like it would be a good one to usher in spring with!!

  • Susan

    I have been using the whole Slique kit for about 2 weeks now and found I still need to eliminate most grain based carbs to lose weight. The first week I kind of just tested the different products and did not really do the whole program, so interested to see how I do this week after staying with the full program. It does help with my appetite at meals, though not as much in-between meals. I have started adding extra ocotea or cinnamon bark and that helps a bit more. I love adding a bit extra stevia and cinnamon bark or peppermint to the tea also. Really kicks up the flavor and makes it very satisfying!

  • http://www.wewerenotputheretosuffer.com Sharon Kay Mustin Summerford

    YOung Livng Oils alwys has the best progrmas gifting oils for those who buy.

    New natural Organic products help me clam downa dn bring so much JOY to my days. Cna’t wit to order oils again.

    Love and Blessings,


    Young Living Oils distributor

  • http://www.wewerenotputheretosuffer.com Sharon Summerford

    Blessings. Joy and calming peace comes to me when wering or smelling YL oils.

    Can’t wait to get some more.

  • http://www.abundanceandwisdom.com/ctpage/ Timothy Page

    I haven’t tried the Slique oil yet. I have tasted it, and I thought it reminded me of a wintergreen tangerine. I do need to loose a few pound and since my wife and I started using YL oil and NingXia Red, I have lost alot of my cravings for things like soda and coffee. I’m interested to see how Slique would incorporate into my lifestyle. Thank you and all the people that brought me into the use of YL oils, they have changed my life.

  • Debra HOfmann

    I have been using YL for about 2 yeaqrs now with great results in so many areas in my life! I use slique tea, ningxia red,ocotea, every day. The only thing missing is the slique essence! I would love to have a bottle to complete my health routine.

  • https://www.youngliving.org/essentialchange Barb

    I use many of the citrus singles, as well as the peppermint, and am very curious to see how this blend can help with my sugar cravings.

  • Jennifer

    I have not tried the Slique Essence yet but would love to in order to slim down some before my wedding in June. I already use the Slique tea but haven’t really seen the results i want. I am hoping adding Slique Essence would help.

  • Kari

    I use the Slique Tea daily and love it. I have no cravings and feel content. Would love to try the new Slique Essence to see if it improves my weight loss.

  • Melissa

    I haven’t as yet tried the Slique blend. I use all of these oils at different times during the day, separately as singles. Grapefruit in the morning; Spearmint after meals, Lemon in my salad dressings; Tangerine for the witching hours (afterschool times with children); then the Octotea to help to bridge my coffee or sugar temptations. I would like to try them all at once!! Obviously, a pretty briliant blend. O the miracle of YL oils!!

  • http://www.OilsOfChoice.com Craig Baxter

    I sample tasted the oil at a YL meeting and absolutely loved it, everyone did actually. But I have not really used it yet. I would like to eventually get the Slique kit to help shed a few pounds but I have been raving about this oil to others and it sure would be nice to have this oil to use as a sampler. This would definately help boost sales for the new kit. When I tell people it currently cannot be purchased apart from the kit they are very disappointed. Hopefully soon it will be.

  • Jeannine Wargacki

    I have been drinking the Slique tea with the most notable results for my body being clarity, focus and more energy. I would love to experience the oil blend to boost the weight loss aspect for me. I am a very busy home-schooling mom to a vibrant “oily” 10 year old daughter who has told Gary she has been “working” for him since she was four years old. So I need as much support as possible to keep up with her and losing more weight along with all the health benefits is key for me. I would be ecstatic if allowed the opportunity to try the whole shebang!

  • Pinky Begnaud

    Good day my FRIENDS
    I have not used the Slique oil yet, my disappointment was finding that it can not be purchased other than in the kit,that is a problem for many of us who are just starting out as there are so many oils we need it is difficult to put that much money on 1 kit. Now that I am able to get the Slique tea
    (I attended convention in Orlando but was not able to buy the tea there as they had already run out) with the Slique tea I have been able to cut out sugar first thing in the morning as I stopped drinking coffee or should I say adding coffee to my sugars, now I have my first cup of Slique Tea with absolute pleasure. Also if I find myself wanting sugar I drink another cup of Slique tea. I have lost 5 lbs not great but my body is one of the wierd ones that does everything at its own pace, so I will continue with the slique tea if for no other reason than cutting out the sugar… now I must confess I really hope the weight goes which would totally help with the congestive heart problem and my back problems because I am working really hard to never have to have surgery again for either.
    I LOVE Young Living Oils the company and everyone I have met along the way.
    Our 20 year old Yorkie Cody loves Y L oils he has his own bottle of Frankincence and gets a Raindrop once a week, I’ve used Digize and many other oils on him too.
    With all that said just to let you know I would LOVE to recieve the Slique oil and give you a really great testimony ASAP SEE YOU AT CONVENTION IN JUNE

  • Susan Smith

    I have lots of the oils! Just love them. Would love to try the
    oil but haven’t yet. Would be nice to order it to add to my collection! Sounds like it would be a good one to usher in spring with!!

  • Nelda Magnusson

    I am just learning about the Slique Essence and would love to
    try this wonderful product! The oils are such a blessing and have been a great help with pain and lifting the spirits of those who use them. Looking forward to trying this new product.

  • Ginny Jones

    I also had the good fortune of hearing Gary in Denver, and ordered a Slique Kit. Was traveling so took me a while to open it, though have been drinking the Slique tea for just over a month. I LOVE the taste of the tea… Finally started the Slique Kit program about a week ago, so now have tried the Slique Oil. Also LOVE the Slique Oil – and have lost/”released” my first 3-4 pounds. I would appreciate more information about the suggested plan. Details on the kit magnet are sketchy!! At the meeting, Gary presented some of the info about how/why it works. Where would I find that reproduced..? A friend might well join the program and do it with me, but she wants more details. Thanks!

  • Nicole Penkala

    I have not used the oil but the tea has replaced my coffee every morning! I would LOVE to try the oil but do not wish to buy the kit. It would be nice to be able to tell clients that i HAVE tried it and love it!! Love, Light and Laughter……

  • http://www.youngliving.org/rudd717 Donna B

    Since I am new to YL, I have been trying many of the oils – and just have not had the chance to get the Slique products yet; would love to – am encouraged by what I have heard so far, that it is yet one more incredible product for YL;
    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Sonja

    I have tried the tea two months in a row and love the way it tastes. I am normally an herb tea kind of girl, and am thankful for this beautiful reintroduction to the world of black teas. I have not yet tried the Slique Essence oil, but would like to. I am about 15 pounds above what I would like to weigh but can still pull it off with good fitting clothes. I’d love to be a hot testimony :)

  • Elizabeth

    I’m curious about Slique Essential oil because at age 31, my metabolism has slowed drastically — and I wonder if it would help me. I’m currently a size 6, which is fine…but it’s quickly risen from a size 2. I’ve been 185 lbs before & that weight was easy to get off compared to this small amount I’d like to release now! I currently use several supplements-supercal, multigreens, sulfurzyme, omega blue & ningxia red, and have all but probably 10 of the oils. I am happy, healthy, and active in my job as an LMBT and as a mother & wife. I love the oils, but slique sounds too good to be true :) Is it?

  • Antoinette Gomez

    I would like to experience Slique Essence to curb cravings. I know the best testimonials are the ones you can personally give. I appreciate opportunities to inspire others to experience using Young Living oils.

  • Kriss Patterson

    I am very excited about getting a chance to taste and use the Slique Essence oil blend! Just thinking of all the single oils that make up this blend makes me KNOW it would be fantastic tasting and healthy! Please send it my way:)

  • http://www.SimpleLuxuryLiving.com Debbie Dreyer

    I would LOVE to be able to try it but it is not available outside the Slique Kit? Praying it will be so myself and many others can give it a try. I know I’ll love it, it’s Young Living :-) I love the tea and look forward to trying the oil.

  • Anita Waltrip

    I am new to YLEO and have not had an opportunity to try any of the Slique products, but I like what I have read about them. As a diabetic, it is very important that my blood sugar remains controlled. I would love to try the Slique Essence Blend to help me regain control of my sugar cravings and maintain a low hemoglobin a1c. I hope that it will be available to purchase separately soon. To win a gift bottle would be wonderful!

  • Amy

    I have been a YL member for over a year now and the products are truly amazing. I have some health issues and have recently gained some weight without changing my diet. I would love to be able to try the siliqua oil in addition watching my calories and exercise and see if this helps with carb and sugar cravings. The YL products basically sell themselves and this would just be one more way for me to tell all my friends and family about YL great products first hand.

  • Michele

    I just joined YL two days ago, so I haven’t tried Slique oil yet, but I am very interested in it. So far I have really enjoyed all of the YL products that I have tried, and I can’t wait to start sharing my new knowledge!

  • http://www.massagefromtheheart.com cindy varner

    I’ve not, yet, tried Slique essential oil and do wish it were available for purchase, separate from the kit. I love the Slique tea, but feel the oil might be most beneficial to me for my intense sweet tooth. Once I do get my hands on some, I expect miracles to happen. I don’t want to promote it just by talking about it, I want others to see what it is doing for me and ask me how I am losing weight. I want to be the proof!

  • Kate Kowalczyk

    I just got the kit, and am already using it. I really like the Slique essence oil, the spermint has a very refreshing taste. I add it to the tea or water for a refreshing drink. I even used 2 drops in Ninxia Red. It tastes great! I also use Alkalime in the morning and Thyromin before retiring. After only 2 days of use, I already see results, as I lost 2 lbs. In order to share with my group I have to try it first. I believe the kit was put together to ensure that it works the way it was intended. If you don’t try it first, how are you going to share the kit with others? Thank you Gary D. Young for another wonderful product!

  • http://www.prosperityplusgoods.com Deborah

    I love the new Slique Essence essential oil blend. I put it in my water all day as I drink it and I love to put a few drops in a cup of hot water with Slique tea or green tea It’s delicious and satisfying. I seem to use it faster than the other items in the Slique kit (except for the Essentialzymes-4) and would love to be able to purchase the Slique Essence oil blend on its own.

  • Paula

    I have not yet tried the Slique Essence blend but it sounds Awesome !!!
    I would love to try the whole kit but have been waiting for young living Australia to get it.
    I would really love to try it because it sound like it could help me lose the weight I need.
    Very exited to see if can help me.

  • Daryl & Michelle Cox

    My wife just came through Thyroid Caner a year ago, and has struggled with her weigh until Young Living and using the oils, the Slique Tea and totally changing her diet!! She is committed to wellness and helping people overcome health issues!!! She would so benefit from using Slique Essence!!! Please chose her, as she is becoming a walking testimony to the power of God’s natural medicine through Young Living! She has said before year end, she will go GOLD!!! Lets increase her testimonies with Slique Essence!

  • Mindy Thobe

    I’m new to YL oils, and am loving the oils I have used so far! There are so many products I want to try, but have to do it as cost allows. Slique essential oils is on my list and can’t wait to try it! :)

  • Krista Babeck

    I started using the Slique Tea in December and I love it. I started taking a cup of slique tea in the afternoon insteaded of drinking a soda pop. I have noticed that my sugar cravings have significantly decreased. I would like to try the Slique oil but have not ordered the whole kit yet. I would like to order the oil seperately as I take the ningxia red and am currently doing 20 drops of grapefruit oil before bedtime and rubbing citrus fresh/ledum on my body. I also drink a cup of tea every other night before bed. I noticed with the Slique tea it is very good warm or iced. Some tips you can add a drop of lemon, orange or grapefruit. If you want to spice it up an extra drop of ocotea. Since December I have lost 23lbs and 2 pant sizes. I believe the tea has helped with those appetite cravings so I am excited to try the Slique Essence. I have many customers, team members and tea drinkers that are excited too we all just wish the Slique Essence could be purchased individually. Or maybe a Slique Tea – Slique Essence Oil Combination Pack could be in the making?? Thanks

  • http://niemehrkrank.blogspot.com/ Pia

    I’ve heard about it, but being unable of getting the oil over here I cannot try it for myself! I shall have to wait until it’s our turn in Europe!! ;-)

    Love from Austria


  • Debbie Hyde

    Hello from Canada. I have just recently been introduced to the beauty of the Essential Oils in January of this year. I am a cancer survivor and the past year or so, I have been on a journey to regain my health back. I also enjoy helping others who come across my path in life. I truly believe these oils are God’s gift and am looking forward to the day when I can be a walking testimony to my family, friends and co-workers. Everything I have tried to date, I am 100% pleased with the product. However, I have yet to try the Slique kit due to the price. It is on my wish list. I am confident it is another 100% type product. I extend my blessings to you Mr. Young for all that you have done and are doing for the benefit of others.
    Kind regards,

  • http://www.theoilzonellc.com(underconstruction) Angela

    Our 6th child was born on Thanksgiving of this year. I was in the rut of feeling overweight, lazy etc. that comes each time after having a baby. Right during that time is when the Slique Kit came out! I ordered mine right away. I LOVE adding the Slique Essence into the tea with a little blue agave. I have never been able to drink warm/hot liquids,but with the added oil in there, I have gotten to really like it! So far, it’s been I think one month and I have lost 16 pounds!!! I have been on a very healthy diet in addition to the Slique Kit because once I saw the pounds coming off so easily, it got me enthused to eat better, exersize when I can(although that has been very limited because I’m so busy taking care of our 6 kids). I am THRILLED every day to step on the scale and see the numbers keep going down!!!

  • http://www.pamperedchef.biz/melissawhitford Melissa Whitford

    I have been using Selique Essence for 2 months now and Love, LOVE, Love, Love it…. Did I say that I really Love it…. I have actually been using the whole Slique Kit and have such great results. I feel great and have little to no cravings. I am so amazed the whole no cravings. And when I do have a craving I have noticed it was a day that life got in the way and I was off my regimen a little. Thank you Gary Young for your passion and dedication. I learned so much from Gary when I saw him in Milville, NY

  • http://oils2cure.com misty

    the slique essense is delicious!! I know the date is over to submit, but I just have to tell you, I have used it for about 3 weeks and love it.. also when I attended the slique seminar in dallas, I was starving to death… I did a drop under my tongue and my cravings and starvation instantly were gone for almost 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all I have to say.. amazing!

  • Katherine D

    Have tried Slique essence At my hairdressers The taste was great they where all excited about it and she says she has lost wt. with using the oil can’t wait till we can order this oil separately so I can have some to share with others.

  • http://ultimatefitnessvt.com Lisa Sheridan

    I am a health club owner, often working 12 – 16 hours a day and found it hard at the end of the day to not over eat once I sat down to relax at night. Taking slique tea and slique essence before I leave work, then I have my power meal shake for my last meal of the day. This is working so well and the slique challenge has inspired me to create a 30 day challenge for my club. Thank you Gary for such awsome products. Ultimate Fitness’ mission statement is “changing peoples lives” Young Living is making it easier for us to uphold this statement.
    Thank you
    Lisa Sheridan

  • Constance Winkler

    I love it. It is the first complete oil that could pass as a drink. I thought it was too sweet at first but I kind of enjoy the taste now. I have also been putting under my tongue like I found out at information meeting on Slique Kit.

  • Joyce

    I love all the oils I have purchased so far. Need to loose some weight and would love to try the slique tea. I have the tea and love the taste.

  • Mary Smith

    I really lie to use it along with stevia and cinnamon and slique tea, not all together of course, to help curb my hunger and to help me lose weight. Whenever I feel a craving for something sweet I turn to these. They help and they work.

  • SSS

    I just started on the Slique Challenge a couple weeks ago. I haven’t seen a change yet, but probably in a couple weeks maybe a month I will.
    I drink it all day long in a thermos– and use the slique essense drops also.
    Im hoping for results by May 1 st so I can win the big prize in town!!!

  • Kirby

    I am very interested in trying this oil. I’m on a path to making my self healthier. I’ve had a pinched nerve in my neck and have been unable to exercise. I was cleared by the chiropractor just last night so I am thrilled to start my routine up again. I think this would be the perfect aid to assist me in my new lifestyle!