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Young Living

2015: Your Best Year Yet!

Posted on January 6th, 2015 | 2 comments

2015 ResolutionsWhen it comes to inspiring change, the New Year holiday is a top motivator for those who believe in making each day count and every year better than the last. If you felt freshly inspired as you rang in 2015, hang on to that fire—it’s the key to making lasting changes for a happier, healthier future!


Do you see yourself learning an instrument or language? Spending more time with your kids? Growing your Young Living business? Getting reacquainted with your artistic side? Chances are you’re not short on ideas for taking big steps forward. But before you start tackling your resolutions, it’s important to discover what is most important to you and what changes will have the biggest impact on your happiness and quality of life. Pause. Meditate. Journal. You might find it helpful to incorporate the essential oils below into your goal setting to help define and focus your aims:


Surrender - Young Living Essential Oils

  • Hope: Develop feelings of strength and stability.
  • Transformation: Empower uplifting thoughts.
  • Surrender: Address inhibitions limiting your potential.
  • Inspiration: Enhance spirituality and meditation.


Setting goals is one of the most crucial elements of creating a happy, full life. Be sure that the resolutions you make are substantial but achievable. The satisfaction you feel after meeting a goal will spur you on to further accomplishment, creating a positive cycle of achievement and fulfillment.

To keep achieving, review your goals frequently. Share them with those who will be supportive and help you achieve them. Don’t procrastinate, but be kind to yourself about your expectations. Also, be sure to create a plan for your goals. For example, don’t just set out to hit Gold rank by the end of the year; create a target of enrolling a certain number of new members per week, while creating a reliable system for yourself to contact new people and support your newest downline members. We suggest these essential oils to help you keep your confidence strong and commitment high:



What are your goals this year? What big steps does 2015 hold for you? Tell us in the comments!

Create a Harmonious Atmosphere this Holiday Season

Posted on December 11th, 2014 | 5 comments

Young Living FamilyThe most impactful and influential relationships in most people’s lives are with family members. And, for better or for worse, our family is most likely to see us at our best…and our worst. Here are a few ideas for creating an atmosphere of joy and cooperation that will keep things harmonious throughout the holidays!


Use your favorite Young Living diffuser, such as the AromaLux or Bamboo diffusers, and try the following suggestions:



What blends do you diffuse during the holidays to enhance your sense of peace, harmony, and togetherness throughout the season? Share your comments below!


—Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Relieving Stress with Essential Oils, Part IV

Posted on May 30th, 2014 | 9 comments

A great way to learn healthy coping strategies for managing your stress is to try new techniques, find a few that work for you, and practice them until they become habits. In this, the fourth part in my series on relieving stress, I’ll offer some quick and easy tips using essential oils that you can incorporate to help you relax physically and mentally.


Sometimes the best way to let off steam is to write down whatever is bothering you by truly expressing your feelings. Diffuse Grounding™, Release™, Clarity™,  or Inner Child™ with the Aroma Diffuser or apply them topically to encourage clarity while you put your feelings down on paper. Once you have identified your frustrations, you can focus on a plan of action for changing the things that you can control and releasing those that are out of your control.

Gratitude Journal

Spending five minutes writing down a few things that you are grateful for each day will help shift your focus from what may not be working well to the many positive things in your life. This exercise can shift energy away from negative thoughts and call to mind positive experiences. Diffuse or topically apply Gratitude™, Harmony™, Hope™, Humility™, Inspiration™, or Joy™ to enhance feelings of strength and increase your sense of gratitude.


Physiologically, when you smile your whole countenance shifts. If that smile is genuine, your attitude will shift too, and you will increase positive feelings. If you’re having a hard time “finding” a genuine smile, look to the items in your gratitude journal and diffuse or topically apply Joy™ or Citrus Fresh to help boost your mood and lift your spirits.


Moving your body by stretching or doing a few short yoga poses is a quick way to physically shift your energy field. Take a few moments to diffuse or topically apply the following oils to help ground you and uplift your spirit during stretching:

Comment below with ways that you incorporate essential oils to help shift your energy and relieve stress in your life. I always love getting your input!

—Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Relieving Stress with Essential Oils—Part I

Posted on April 22nd, 2014 | 3 comments

Whether it comes from the busy tax season or juggling family and work schedules, everyone experiences stress in their lives. We can’t always control what challenges we face, but we can control how we react. In the first part of my Relieving Stress series, I’m going to share some simple things that I have found useful in reducing my stress levels and creating a more energizing and relaxed environment.

Inhale Essential Oils Directly or Diffuse

When I need a boost of pep and clarity of mind, I’ll put a drop of Peppermint on my palm, rub my hands together, cup my hands over my nose, and take three deep breaths. I also use Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex, or any Young Living lotions afterward so I don’t get essential oils in my eyes or keyboard. Inhale or diffuse any of the following oils to give yourself a lift:

Muscle Relief

Getting a massage with Ortho Ease®, Relaxation™, or Ortho Sport® massage oils helps relieve, relax, and soothe tired, overworked muscles. You can even give a self-massage: Add a few drops of V-6 to a drop of Relieve It™, PanAway®, or Wintergreen and rub your hands and feet. The pressure points on these extremities act as a full-body massage. I also take soothing, hot baths with Epsom salt and 8–10 drops of Peace & Calming® or any of our Eucalyptus oils (Blue, Globulus, or Radiata) for a peaceful and relaxing break.

For relaxation on the go, I always keep a Deep Relief™ Roll-On in my purse. My shoulders and back get tired from sitting at my desk, so I’ll apply the oils to my shoulders during the day at work or right before bed to soothe those tight muscles.

Try these simple but effective ideas and you’ll notice immediate relief from life’s daily stresses! Please leave a comment below and share some of your own ideas!

—Heidi Jeanfreau, YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager