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Young Living

Slique Challenge Winners!

Posted on January 29th, 2013 | 38 comments

Young Living recently announced the winners of the second Slique™ Weight-Loss Challenge, which concluded last month. Unlike other weight-management challenges, this challenge started in September and ended in December, spanning the typically glutinous holiday season. While others indulged, participants worked hard, stayed motivated, and achieved success. We are sure you will agree that their experiences are an inspiration to all.

The top male and female (based on percent of weight lost) were surprised by a visit from Young Living staff announcing their victory. Their genuine reactions and contagious excitement conveyed months of hard work and sacrifice. Interviews from these meetings will be made available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are a few excerpts from those discussions:


“The greatest part of the challenge was experiencing the Slique products. My favorite Slique product was Slique Essence. I put it in my water and in my tea.

I have tried so many other weight-loss programs. Although I have seen success with them, it was like an uphill struggle. The major difference to me was the peace of mind the Slique program gave me. I can always stay on this program; I can always go back to it. I don’t have to starve myself. I’m not stressed, and I feel calm.

Physically I feel great. I can just do so much more.”

—Kelly Dolan (21 percent weight loss)


“What I love most about this program is how easy it was to incorporate into my daily life. It accentuated my already healthy-eating lifestyle. It allowed me to focus on my daily regimen, resulting in long-lasting success that seems to stick.

My favorite Slique product was the Slique Gum. I had given up on chewing gum, but having gum infused with frankincense let me experience the benefits to my teeth and overall health. Plus, Slique Gum works; it staves off any cravings you may be having.

Physically, my body is starting to look the way I imagine it could, and I’ve restored hope that there is an effective product on the market that is easy to incorporate into your daily life. It is very exciting, mentally and physically.”

—Eric Barbour (15 percent weight loss)


Join us in congratulating everyone who participated in this challenge. As an added bonus, we will randomly select one person who leaves a comment with his or her thoughts to receive a free Slique Gum 3 pack and a 15-ml Slique Essence (the winners’ favorite products).

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Marketing Manager

38 thoughts on “Slique Challenge Winners!

  1. celeste says:

    A Big Congratulations to Eric… and Kelly from my group. We are all so very proud of her. We are grateful to Young Living for the surprise visit to my home the night of kelly’s first slique power point presentation. Wow what fun.
    I have lost 17 pounds using balance complete and drinking slique tea before dinner.
    I just love Young Living!!!!

    • baldguru says:

      Two weeks ago I was at a Theives demo at Celeste’s house. I sat next to Kelly, totally unaware that I was in the presence of YL celebrity! I was introduced to Slique tea and am hooked, so I joined YL last night…

  2. Karen Watson says:

    Congratulations, Eric and Kelly! And kudos to everyone who entered the contest and everyone reaping the benefits of Slique!

  3. Dianne Tzouras says:

    Slique to the Rescue! Since I’ve been drinking Slique tea during the past week all through the day, I have experienced an unexpected change in my eating habits, especially in the evening. Instead of craving sweets, when I want to snack, now feel the need for and indulge in fresh and dried fruit, nuts, vegetables and whole grains. I believe the change is due to the Slique effect! With gratitude to Young Living, Dianne

  4. Martha Wertz says:

    Thumbs up to these winners of the Slique challenge ! I know there are many unofficial winners in this weight loss challenge, for everyone privileged to experience the unique and powerful effect of the Slique tea, gum, essential oil, Slim caps. Slique was and is fun and easy to use, when I lost over 20 pounds on this challenge and continue to keep it off . As a busy mother and grandmother, I weigh what I did when in High School- Now that’s transformation! Thank you Young Living!

  5. Congrats Kelly & Eric! Way to go..I bet you are feeling Slique (from your new weight loss), Abundance ($5,000 + abundance of health) and Joy!! I can relate to your stories. So happy to have lost weight during the Slique Challenge as well, and unlike other so called “diets,” have still kept it off. Ironically, just today, I was looking for some Slique Essence and found 3 bottles that were all EMPTY! I haven’t used any since the challenge, and today was wanting to add some to my water again, so settled for my daily Lemon oil (yet again) which I’ve been using since the Challenge, and added a few drops of Lime to jazz it up.

  6. Monica Whitfield says:

    I want to say congratulation to all winners. I also took
    this challenge and lost 40 lbs. I think it is just amazing because I started
    the challenge toward the end of September.

  7. Congratulation to Slique Weight Loss Winners!! I haven’t yet tried the Slique Gum however I bet I would love it since I already enjoy chewing on Frankincense Resin!! As for the Slique Oil….amazing and refreshing!!

  8. Terrie says:

    to Kelly and Eric……congratulations and thanks so much for the inspiration! You have set a great example and for me, it is very encouraging that I can do it too.

    Again, congratulations and much appreciation for your motivation. Best wishes.

  9. Slique sounds like a neat product..I would love for my mom to try it. I would like to try it down the road, but with baby #2 on the way, I am not looking to lose weight. :) Does it have any health benefits/is it safe to use during pregnancy?

  10. It’s very inspiring to read success stories . . . especially with YL products. I’ve always wondered how well the Slique products worked and here’s the proof! Congratulations to both Kelly and Eric and all the other people that participated in the challenge.

  11. Lacey Lockhart says:

    Congrats to all of the winners of the Slique challenge! Sending you all wishes of continued wellness, purpose & abundance :D

  12. vanessa says:

    Congratulations to the winners, keep it up! Would love to try the Slique gum myself as I already love the Slique Essence.

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