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Young Living

Bring Your Bon Voyage Travel Pack for a Safer, Better, and Happier Vacation

Posted on August 21st, 2014 | no comments

Have you ever started your vacation already exhausted from late-night packing? I have! But since our convention earlier this summer, I have a new favorite traveling companion that has significantly reduced my family’s vacation stress—Young Living’s new Bon Voyage Travel Pack.


Here’s why I love this kit:

  • I can bring a Bon Voyage Travel Pack for every member of my family. This drastically cuts down on packing time.
  • Bon Voyage Travel Packs are compact and TSA-compliant, so they fit in our carry-ons and get through airport security with ease. When our checked luggage was lost on our latest family vacation, this feature was a lifesaver!
  • The toiletry bag included with each Bon Voyage Travel Pack keeps my kids and the hotel bathroom organized. Everyone knows where their personal care items, like Thieves® AromaBright Toothpaste and Morning Start™ Bath & Shower Gel, belong while they are not in use.
  • The Bon Voyage Travel Pack is an easy way to keep my favorite Young Living personal care products with me, so I don’t have to settle for cheap hotel toiletries.
  • As a bonus, these packs are also an easy way to start an essential oil conversation! During a plane ride, another passenger noticed that my daughter and I both had Young Living-branded bags. We ended up sharing Thieves® Dental Floss and Genesis™ Hand and Body Lotion.


Bon Voyage is French for “good journey”; and for my family, this useful travel companion lived up to its name this summer. It’s already become a must-have for me, and I wouldn’t think of traveling without it!


Gloria Russo—YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Personal Care

Take 20 Percent Off EndoFlex and Celebrate 20 Years!

Posted on August 18th, 2014 | 4 comments

Have you been able to take advantage of our monthly 20 percent off promotion? If you haven’t, now is the time to get started! Each month during 2014, we’ll be offering a favorite product of Gary and Mary Young’s at an amazing 20 percent discount as part of our 20th anniversary celebration.


This month get a bottle of EndoFlex™ essential oil for 20 percent off* on August 20 and 21! EndoFlex, a powerful blend of Spearmint, Geranium, and other pure essential oils, can help you maintain overall vitality and support the endocrine system**. Log in to Virtual Office on August 20 and 21 to enjoy this exclusive discount!


How do you plan to use EndoFlex? What have your 20th anniversary promotions been so far? Add your thoughts in the comments!


*Please note that the discount will reduce your PV for the item by 20 percent. If this reduction in PV will affect your commissions, please adjust your order accordingly. This is a U.S.-only promotion.

 **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

See the World with the 2014 Exotic Oils Collection

Posted on August 14th, 2014 | 2 comments

If you attended the 2014 International Grand Convention, chances are you got to sample our popular, limited-edition Exotic Oils Collection.


The Exotic Oils Collection is a culmination of Gary Young’s efforts to scour the planet for unique and cutting-edge essential oil discoveries. The collection offers a window to locations all over the globe and includes an exotic passport with photos, scientific information, and everyday uses for each oil. These special kits are limited edition, however, so you should grab one while they last!


For those who haven’t been able to experience these amazing oils yet, we want to share a little about each one of them.



Lippia alba, Chemotype III

Plant Origin: Ecuador

Benefits: Grounding, calming, relaxing, vitalizing


  • Apply to temples, wrists, or back of neck to help settle and calm the body.
  • Apply a drop to your solar plexus to support energy flow.
  • Rub into feet to moisturize the skin.


Idaho Ponderosa PineIdaho Ponderosa Pine

Pinus ponderosa

Plant Origin: Idaho, USA

Benefits: Supportive of skin, emotionally uplifting, empowering, restorative


  • Mix with Frereana Frankincense and massage into joints after vigorous exercise.
  • Pour hot water into a bowl and add a few drops. Lean over the bowl and cover head and the bowl with a towel. Breathe deeply.
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place at the bottom of a trash can or recycling bin to cut down on odors.


White LightWhite Light™ Blend

Abies concolor (White Fir), Pinus strobus (White Pine), Picea glauca (White Spruce), Thuja occidentalis (White Cedar)

Plant Origin: North America

Benefits: Elevating, balancing, harmonizing with nature, awakening


  • Diffuse during a creative activity.
  • Inhale with Hong Kuai before speaking in public or other situations where clarity and confidence are needed.
  • Mix with water in a spritzer and use to freshen linens and carpets.


Frereana Frankincense Frereana Frankincense

Boswellia frereana

Plant Origin: Somalia

Benefits: Cheering, calming, spiritually edifying


  • Apply to joints after vigorous exercise.
  • Apply a drop to temples, behind the ears, or back of the neck to enhance meditation.
  • Diffuse during journal writing.


Jade LemonJade Lemon™

Citrus limon L. var. Eureka

Plant Origin: China

Benefits: Invigorating, energizing, clarifying


  • Place a drop in the palm of the hand, cup hand over mouth and nose, and inhale deeply to enhance focus, improve clarity, and support concentration.
  • Add 10–15 drops to Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base for a refreshing shower or bath.
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and dab on the inside of shoes to freshen them.


Log in to Virtual Office now to add the Exotic Oils Collection to your order and you can try these oils for yourself! What are your favorite uses for oils in this year’s Exotic Oils Collection? Share your comments below—we always love your input!

Uncover Your Natural Beauty at the 2014 Beauty School!

Posted on August 11th, 2014 | no comments

The Young Living Beauty School is a must-attend event for any member interested in all-natural personal care or building a business with Young Living beauty products! This year’s Beauty School, held October 3–4, will once again be held at the Swiss-inspired Zermatt Resort. Nestled among Utah’s awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, this resort offers attendees breathtaking vistas during one of our most colorful seasons!


Register now so you can experience what promises to be our most exciting, informative Beauty School yet, including:


  • Young Living Executive Vice President Mary Young and other dynamic speakers
  • Opportunities to be the first to try new, soon-to-be-released personal-care products
  • An exclusive 2014 Beauty School carrying case filled with luxurious essential oil- infused products and other goodies for every attendee
  • Discounted beauty items for sale on site, including a stylish, updated Beauty School how-to book
  • An extended, hands-on training with Dr. Luba Vozarova, Young Living’s senior portfolio manager and resident beauty expert
  • Printed study guides for all keynote workshops


We hope you can join us for our best Beauty School yet! Register at YoungLiving.com/BeautySchool and secure your spot today!


See you in October!


Gloria Russo—YL International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Personal Care

Join Us in Celebrating 20 Years of Essential Oil Authority!

Posted on August 7th, 2014 | no comments

Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young has always had a passion for discovery, and for the past 20 years, he has used that passion to make Young Living the world’s leading authority on essential oils. This month we celebrate being the last word on essential oils, from our proprietary Seed to Seal process, creating a body of groundbreaking research and scholarship, and hand-selecting respected professionals for the Scientific Advisory Council. Keep reading to learn more!


Seed to Seal Process

No other company works as hard as we do to produce the purest, most authentic essential oils in the world. Each step of our proprietary Seed to Seal production process draws on our years of expertise and is designed to ensure superior, authentic essential oils that you and your family can count on. To learn more about this process, visit SeedtoSeal.com.


Research and Discovery

Over the years Gary’s essential oil discovery journeys have yielded exotic, limited-edition essential oils and Young Living exclusives. In his travels to Ecuador alone, Gary has discovered and distilled dozens of rare Amazonian plants!


Besides ongoing discovery efforts, we continuously research the wellness potential of essential oils. We offer many resources for learning about this research, including our annual conventions, Young Living Introductory Meetings, and other Young Living events where we invite you to get all the most current essential oil information!


Scientific Advisory Council

The Young Living Scientific Advisory Council offers valuable insight into the development of our products. This professional organization comprises prominent scientific professionals from around the globe, uniting years of experience in natural products. The council’s leadership, authority, and passion for essential oil innovation is redefining the way the world thinks about wellness.


We are pleased to offer the results of decades of expertise and essential oil authority in each product we offer. How has Young Living’s expertise made a difference for you and your family? Share your thoughts in the comments and learn more at Young Living.com!

Pack Your Young Living Favorites for the 2015 Global Leadership Cruise!

Posted on August 4th, 2014 | no comments

We are kicking off the qualification period for our 2015 Global Leadership Cruise, and we want you to join us! Get ready to explore the Mediterranean coast while enjoying the luxury of the Royal Caribbean cruise line and networking with Young Living executives and top leaders!


Young Living Essential Oils Global Leadership CruiseSo how can you prepare for this unforgettable experience from June 6–13, 2015? First, visit YoungLiving.com/Cruise  to learn how to qualify. Second, pack your Young Living favorites for the relaxing Mediterranean adventure of a lifetime!


We think you’ll love bringing our brand-new Bon Voyage kit, which offers 10 popular travel-sized Young Living personal-care products, including Thieves® AromaBright Toothpaste, Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner, Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel, and much more in a custom-designed travel case!


How are you planning on qualifying for the cruise? Which cruise-friendly Young Living products are you planning on bringing? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Keep Up with Your Active Summer with August’s Promotions

Posted on August 1st, 2014 | 11 comments

Does your body need a little essential oil pampering to help you keep up with the summer’s 5Ks, days at the park, cycling, sports, and more? Regardless of your favorite warm-weather activities, you’ll love our August promotion, designed with your summer fun in mind! With your 300 PV order, you can receive 5-ml bottles of White Fir—a promotion exclusive—Eucalyptus Blue, and Peppermint essential oils, plus BLM capsules and a $15 product credit!


August Promo - BLM, Eucalyptus Blue, Peppermint, and White FirLearn more about these fantastic products and offers:


Not available for purchase as a single oil, White Fir is an August promotion exclusive! This remarkable essential oil’s woodsy, evergreen aroma is perfect for lifting the mind. It is also rich in compounds that soothe muscles after exercise or other strenuous activity.


Grown and harvested with care on our farm in Ecuador, Eucalyptus Blue has a purifying, balanced scent and is perfect for even those sensitive to other eucalyptus oils. Use in rejuvenating sports massage and spa treatments or diffuse or inhale directly to lift spirits and refresh the mind.


A perennial favorite essential oil, Peppermint’s invigorating, minty aroma can refresh the mind. Its high menthol content creates a powerful cooling effect when applied topically, and it can be used to comfort tired muscles after physical activity.


A proprietary blend of powerful ingredients—such as MSM, glucosamine sulfate, and manganese citrate—with an essential oil boost, BLM supports normal joint, muscle, and ligament health. Take it daily to support your body during whatever physical activities the day brings!*


Use your $15 product credit just like cash toward any order of any Young Living product! Look for this special credit to appear on your account by September 20, which you may then apply to your order for a $15 discount.


How would you use these products to stay active? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Go to YoungLiving.com for full offer details and visit Virtual Office to update your order and receive these free products.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Five Reasons I Love LBrianté

Posted on July 30th, 2014 | 3 comments

Young Living - LBrianteLBrianté is one of my favorite new Young Living products! Just yesterday I was frantically searching the far corners of my purse for that velvety red bag so I could apply the Pink Lip Gloss to my lips and Amoressence essential oil scent to my wrists before a meeting. Every time I use LBrianté, I feel ready for anything.


Here are my top five reasons for taking LBrianté everywhere I go:

  1. I love having two products in one package. With a lip gloss on one side and a fragrant essential oil blend on the other, I can freshen my look in a matter of seconds.
  2. LBrianté has interchangeable containers. Normally, Amoressence comes with the red gloss, but since I was wearing pastel yesterday, I changed the red gloss for pink.  Mixing and matching glosses and fragrances gives me nine different options!
  3. The lip gloss contains a hint of spearmint essential oil for a sweet, minty scent and refreshing sensation on the lips.
  4. The fabulous velvet bag LBrianté comes in not only protects the glass bottle of essential oil from breaking, but it also makes it easier to find at the bottom of my purse.
  5. LBrianté is all natural. Unlike other lip products, L’Briante’s safe and natural formula means that I don’t have to worry about my daughter using it. I love the peace of mind that gives me!


Please feel free to share your top reasons for using Young Living beauty products, especially LBrianté!


—Gloria Russo, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Introducing the NEW AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser

Posted on July 28th, 2014 | 7 comments

One of the easiest and most popular ways to reap the benefits found in our pure, effective essential oils is through diffusing. The refreshing aromas of essential oils create a positive, uplifting atmosphere in any home or office, and our line of diffusers is designed to make it easy to fill any space with the scents of your favorite essential oils and blends.


Young Living AromaLux Diffuser

If you want to reap the most intensive benefits from essential oils, check out our newest diffuser, the AromaLux™ Atomizing Diffuser. This Young Living exclusive turns undiluted essential oil into microsized particles that fill a space quickly, no water required! The AromaLux was designed by D. Gary Young and took two years to perfect. It’s only available through Young Living and includes the widest array of controls and adjustability offered in any of our diffusers.


The vapor volume control lets you decide how much essential oil vapor output you want: a low volume to scent a room and conserve oil, a high volume to deliver a powerful stream of pure essential oil vapor for maximum benefits, or anywhere in between!


The master timer allows you to choose how long your AromaLux will run before it automatically shuts off, from 1 to 10 hours.


The diffusion run and diffusion pause timers allow you to customize intervals of diffusion up to 20 minutes. For example, you can set your AromaLux to diffuse for 15 minutes, then pause for 7, then begin the interval again for as long as you have set the master timer to run.


Finally, the light control allows you to choose between six light display options: white, red, green, blue, a cycle of all the colors, or off. These color settings can be used to complement the positive energy-enhancing properties of the AromaLux’s pyramid design.


What’s your favorite diffusion method? Have you tried the AromaLux? Tell us what oils or blends you use and how you diffuse them in the comments below!

Sheerlumé™—Our Living “Young” Elixir

Posted on July 21st, 2014 | 6 comments

Fascination with beauty and the search for the Fountain of Youth is as old as time. Women everywhere, of all ages, seek solutions to complexion discoloration, whether it’s brought on by the natural process of aging, sun exposure, or other causes. Research suggests that uneven and dull skin tone contribute even more to the appearance of aging than wrinkles!


At Young Living’s 2014 International Grand Convention, we introduced the latest addition to our A·R·T®—Age Refining Technology—line: Sheerlumé™ Brightening Cream!


Sheerlumé contains a proprietary blend of Sacred Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Clove, and other powerful essential oils, as well as third-party tested alpine plant extracts that protect the skin from external stressors that advance the appearance of aging. Use Sheerlumé daily to unveil a more radiant, flawless-looking complexion.


—Gloria Russo, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Associate