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Young Living

Introducing the new NingXia Red

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 | 244 comments

What’s red, has been newly reformulated, and can change your life? Of course the answer is NingXia Red!

That’s right, we’ve transformed NingXia Red starting with its bottle and ending with its benefits. We’re confident you’ll be as excited as we are with its new look, great flavor, and additional benefits. So what’s new?

  • The whole fruit of the Ningxia wolfberry drives NingXia Red’s new flavor profile. This change was accomplished by reducing the blueberry flavor, so you may now enjoy the true wolfberry flavor as nature intended.
  • Seven times more pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils have been added directly to the product. Orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils were chosen for their health-supporting benefits and flavor profile.
  • The custom, nonporous, and impermeable glass 750-ml bottle ensures NingXia Red’s freshness and taste.
  • The 66 percent increase in fruit juice concentrate improves the nutritional and color profile and allows for the removal of raspberry and apricot juices.
  • The agave syrup was replaced with zero-calorie stevia extract (Rebaudioside A), which decreased NingXia Red’s overall sugar content to 2 grams per serving.
  • The addition of patented grape seed extract (GSE) increased S-ORAC levels 50 percent and improved the polyphenolic content. The switch from grape pomace to GSE has allowed NingXia Red to apply for Halal and Kosher certification.
  • Pure vanilla extract is strongly aromatic and contributes warm, floral notes to the NingXia Red. It has a gentle but distinct flavor that complements many other flavors in the new formula.
  • A recommended increase in the serving size for NingXia Red is based on recent studies on consumption of wolfberries and whole-fruit juices, recommending up to 4 ounces a day to have the most beneficial effect.

Join the NingXia Red city tour to discover additional insights to this remarkable product and learn how NingXia Red can kick-start your Young Living business. Tour dates, as well as additional product information and benefits, can be found at ningxiared.com.

Win a free shot on the house! We are giving away NingXia Red 2 packs to three randomly selected individuals who leave a comment on this blog by Friday!

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Marketing Manager

  • http://Larissa.younglivingworld.com Larissa

    I can’t wait to try the new NingXia Red! I’ve got it on my order which will arrive in a week! :)

    • Jennifer Dahlquist

      I can hardly wait to try this new N.R.!! It has transformed my life, I have been taking N.R. for 3 years and cannot imagine a better product! THANK YOU YOUNG LIVING!!!

    • Angela

      I also can’t wait to try the new NingXia Red.

    • Carol Bechtel

      Can’t wait to try the new NR! I love the old and the new sounds even better! So exciting!
      Carol Bechtel

  • http://summitacupunctureservices.com Sage Norbury LAc

    I LOVE the new bottle and can’t wait to get my Essential Rewards order!

    I’ve been having patients drink 4 ounces as a therapeutic dose for quite a while now, and I’m seeing amazing results.

    Thanks so much.

    Sage Norbury LAc

  • Matt

    I’m definitely interested in trying the new Ningxia Red!

  • http://www.aromatherapyliving.com Diana Ewald

    Awesome!!! I LOVE how Young Living is always reformulating products to give us more nutrition, increased wellness and vitality and abundance! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Kathy

    Looking forward to trying the newly reformulated NingXia Red!

  • M. Smith

    Improving upon an already excellent product? It’s refreshing to know that Young Living is constantly researching and improving their products. I’m excited to try the new NingXia Red!

  • Jenny

    Wow! Good one Young Living!!! Who could have thought you could make such a great product even greater? Fantastic! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try it…

  • Christina Novak

    I love NingXia Red and the benefits that comes along with it. I just can’t wait to try the new improved NingXia Red. Thank you Gary for always improving our Health!!!!

  • Victoria Cheek

    I am so excited to try the new NingXia Red. I had to be off of NR for approximately 3 months. I restarted two weeks ago, and my body sure is happy to have it’s NR back! Am ordering the new formula – my body will be absolutely DELIGHTED. Thank You!

  • Mika Milan

    I am such a fan of NingXia Red so I am very excited to try the new and improved version. Looking forward to it;-)

  • http://www.EssentialNews.com Janet McBride

    Awaiting my Essential Rewards Order to arrive this week to enjoy the new formula. I never thought it could be improved upon, but then I thought that when it was upgraded from Berry Young Juice! Young Living continues to set the standard for research, testing, quality and “Upgrades!”

  • Jocelyn Curtis

    My New Ningxia Red order is on the way and I can’t wait to try it!

  • Helen Smeh

    This is Great! I know that those who are using this will be thrilled. As a newer distributor it reinforces my decision to join the Young Living family when I see them improve on an already wonderful product. Thank you!

  • http://empower.thisworks.biz Barb Doyle

    I think that the new formulation of Ningxia Red is really exciting. How wonderful Young Living is that they have such a commitment to constant and neverending improvement. Also how generous, that for adding the new Ningxia Red to our Essential Rewards order that we get DOUBLE points for the rest of the year! Thank you!

  • Mary Lake

    Just ordered my Enrollment Kit. I am so excited to get started.

  • http://www.sylviapetker.vibrantscents.com Sylvia Petker

    Thank you for lowering the grams of sugar per serving.

  • Malia

    I showed the new Ningxia Red to my 6yrs and 2.5yrs old daughters and they were both excited with the new look. They both love taking it since we were introduced in April 2010 not a day without. Looking forward to our order this month

  • Rosene Hess

    Can’t wait to taste the new formula!

  • Marci Blasi

    I’m most excited that the agave has been replaced by stevia, making it perfect for candida avoidance! Love the Young Living commitment to excellence!

  • David D.

    I received a 2oz. sample in my order last week. The taste is phenomenal!! I love that the Singles are now full PV, as i like to keep a couple with me wherever i go!

  • http://iamyoungliving.com/ Michael Dyda

    Love the new “Transformed” NingXia Red !
    I would it was much better cold. Nice cherry and vanilla notes !

  • http://iamyoungliving.com/ Michael Dyda

    Love the new “Transformed” NingXia Red !
    I found it was much better cold. Nice cherry and vanilla notes !

  • Linda Zima

    I thought the old formula was great, I can’t wait for the new one and the added health benefits! Thank you for all the incredible products and everything you do for us!

  • Bridget

    Love the old NR! Am excited to try the new! And it’s good to hear its even better for you! YAY!!

  • http://www.younglivingasheville.com Jacqueline McLaughlin

    I absolutely LOVE NingXia Red – my husband and I both drink it every single day and the new formula is on its way! My delivery is supposed to get here next Tuesday, and I’m so looking forward to giving the New Improved NingXia Red the taste test! I’m certain it will be even better….. if that’s possible :-)

    • Julie Geyer

      I’m struggling with mets from pancreatic cancer, had 2 surgeries in the past 11 years–am doing well right now but need support for my body. Could NingXia Red help?? Would love to win a 2 pack to try. My husband died in July 2012, am financially strapped right now.

  • http://marcief.vibrantscents.com Marcie Fessler

    Can’t wait to try the new formula! Already taking 4 ounces per day so this is going to be GREAT!

  • http://www.wendykuttner.com Wendy Kuttner

    I love NingXia Wolfberries’ great taste and many health benefits. I eat Dried NingXia Wolfberries, add the dried berries to smoothie, salad and soup, and drink delicious wolfberry tea daily.

    The New NingXia Red sounds excellent and the 2oz NingXia Red Singles are convenient to carry in the purse and/or backpack for hiking trip etc. I add it to this month’s Essential Rewards order for extra promotional benefits.

    I very much look forward to tasting the New NingXia Red and sharing it with others.

  • Diana

    I can’t wait to try the new formula. My order shipped yesterday so I’m anxiously awaiting.

  • http://www.GaiasPharmacopeia.com Cynthe Brush

    I’m VERY curious to try the new Ningxia Red formulation. Liked the prior mix, but haven’t used it much given that I eat plenty of organic fresh fruit & veggies daily. Appreciate the Essential Rewards promo, added it to my OCT order…and this chance to win a ‘free shot on the house.’ Thanks!

  • http://ethelsaroma.younglivingworld.com Ethel

    Can’t wait to try the new Ningxia Red! I have been drinking Ningxia Red for along time. It all ways make me feel really good.
    Thanks Gray for making it even better for are health!

  • Earlene Smith

    I just recently reactivated my account and am thrilled to be back enjoying essential oils again. I am anxious to try the new NingXia Red!!

  • Donna Grace

    I ordered mine and can’t wait to hear about the new NingXia Red when YL is in Denver next week! I love NR and tell everyone they should take it.

  • Georgia Watson

    I am excited to taste the new NinXia Red. So exciting that we have access to such a nutritional product!

  • http://www.tawnyasessentialoils.weebly.com Tawnya Bobst

    How can I listen to tonights replay of the Ningxia red call ?

  • DeAnna Greulich

    Education is so important in improving our health. Thank you for your teaching and for always improving your products. Looking forward to implementing the new NingXia Red into my lifestyle.

  • http://www.abundanceandwisdom.com/BarbaraLemke Barbara Lemke

    My 17 month old grandson really enjoys his NingXia Red every day in his sippy cup. I am sure he will enjoy the new formula.

    • http://oilsinstead.com Linette Bolin

      Hi Barb, I am not sure if you remember me. I spoke with you a couple of times. I work with your sister. I am a nurse also. How is business? I am still working full time but I hope in 2 years to be able to just work on my own business.

  • http://www.luceyharley.com Lucey Harley

    WOW!! I just had the sample that came in my shipment– FABULOUS!!!!

  • http://www.aroha-acupuncture.co.nz Belinda Falconar

    I am a new YL distributor and I am keen to get onto the Ning Xia juice to experience its benefits. I would much rather get my nutrients from superfoods and wholefoods rather than pop pills.

  • Pam Holbert

    I have faithfully taken the old formula of NR for a number of years and have loved the energy it gives me. I’m excited to try the new formula in my next order.

  • Kim M

    Can’t Wait to try this!!!

  • carmen lopez

    will definitely add this amazing product as a special health benefit to me and my family. love young living.

  • http://www.cricketscents.com Cricket Lott

    Young Living is amazing. They already had the best juice drink on the market with the highest ORAC value and yet they sought to improve it. That is fantastic!

  • Anu Joshi

    I am relatively new to YL, but love all the products……I love the old NR, how can you improve on Excellence…. but I trust YLEO, and Gary Young…. and if they found there was room for improvement, then so be it. I have been using NR for a while now, have more energy, find it great. Best part is roots of my silver grey hair are turning black again :) ) a bonus…
    I tell everyone about it and have got 4 people taking it. Thank you YLEO for all the research and wonderful products.

  • http://AbundantEnergyHealthclub.com Mirdza

    Excited to hear about the changes! I didn’t think you could improve on such a perfect drink, but just as it was said yesterday on the new NingXia Red webinar – there’s always room for improvement. I’m excited about the all the changes and really look forward to receiving my ERP package with my NingXia Red in it so I can start drinking this improved version. There are many different opinions on the taste right now, so I really want to form my own opinion. =) Thanks for taking the time to improve and give us the best of the best so we can get and stay vibrantly healthy every day of our life.

  • Amber Keller

    I haven’t been able to try it yet and cannot wait :) From the sounds of it, I need to.

  • http://www.younglivingessoils.com Melodie Kantner

    The new formula is awesome.

  • Gary Chatham

    I have used NingXia every day for over a year. Can’t wait to taste the new formula!

  • Beth S

    Love the new bottle and taste. We went to the tour last night in OKC and had a fabulous time!!!

  • Constance Winkler

    Looking forward to tasting the changes. Hopefully I can win so I can share with my parents. I just got my Dad started on it last month.

  • Suzanne

    Sounds delicious! I love the first formula and can’t wait for my order of the new formula to arrive any day now!

  • http://www.bitsancpeacesproductions.com Brian

    LOVED my first experience with Ningxia Red and just ordered again.

  • Cashena

    Excited to try it… will be ordering it in this months order… thanks!!

  • Cornelius

    I’m gonna put the new NingXia Red on my essential rewards for this month. Looking forward to give it a try!

  • Patty Albert

    Can’t wait to try the new formula !!! Thank you !

  • Angela A

    I’m brand new to YL and can’t wait to try the new NingxiaRed!

  • http://www.yleo-oils.com Debbie Allen

    Can’t wait to get it! It’s on my essential rewards order. Whoot!

  • Deborah Crossett

    My kids love the new formula!

  • Sarah Jones

    Its AWESOME! I have tasted it, its even easier to “HIDE” oils in for my children. I dumped lavender and copaiba in for my sons congestion and he chugged it with no hesitation! I will be keeping it on my order!

  • Patty Albert

    Can’t wait to try the new formula. Thank you !!

  • Carrie W

    Love the new Ningxia!

  • Becky Tucker

    I really like the new taste and the serving size of the individual packs!

  • Holly

    I am new to YL and am loving everything I’ve tried so far. Would love to try this.

  • http://www.youngliving.org/elainehulse Elaine Hulse

    Can’t wait to try the new formula of a product that is already “awesome”.

  • http://www.MudLotusArts.com Angela

    Looking forward to the tour event in Minneapolis next month!

  • sheryl1050

    Our whole family uses this wonderful stuff! My husband and I plus our three young kids!

  • Ralph Lowther

    I love NingXia! Can’t wait to try the new one!

  • Charity

    Can’t wait to try to newer verson!

  • Charity

    Can’t wait to try to newer version!

  • Sonya

    I love YL!! I would love to win this!

  • Karin Rasmussen

    I can’t wait to try the new formula. Love the old one and have used it for a couple of weeks now feeling the improvement in my workout sessions thanks YL!

  • Jackie Johnson

    Love the “bonus” on PV as well as trying it. Thanks YLEO!

  • Debbie Swenson

    I can’t wait to try the new NingXia Red. I have been using it for 3 months and I have so much more energy! No more feeling like I need a nap! Thank you!

  • http://www.angeltouchtherapies.com Connie Bynum

    I just received my New NingXia Red.

  • Lois Solinski

    I have enjoyed Ninja Red and will try the new version although I have not tolerated stevia well on past tries.

  • Charlee

    I would love to try!!

  • Judy

    I would love to try it.

  • Ann

    Would love to try this!!! I need an energy booster!

  • Kipp Martin

    Cannot wait for this months auto ship, :) So Excited for the new formula!

  • Jane

    I am so excited about the new Ningxia Red!!! Since starting NR 4 years ago I have seen a vast improvement in my overall health…..my eyesight is better (my prescription strength has gone down every year and I am over 50 years old)….my immune system is kicking…hardly ever get sick…and I’m a teacher!!!

    So, can’t wait to start using the new NR….added the essential rewards pack to my monthly autoship….should get it in a few weeks.

    And……on top of everything…..NR will soon be certified kosher, which means I can now share it with all of my kosher friends and family!!!!!!

  • Maggie Jirouschek

    I have heard many good things about this product and I can’t wait to try it

  • Jennifer Beecroft

    So excited to try the new NingXia Red and to get my whole family drinking it!!!

  • Rachel Hosler

    SO excited to try the NEW Ningxa Red! I a new to YL and have been given saples by a friend and now it sounds even ore tasty!

  • Jill Pierce

    The new NingXia Red Taste Great! I got to try a sample sent in my ER shipment and it absolutly has improved taste :-) Love the new 2oz packages as well!

  • Terrie Coletti

    Would really love to try this product. I have just been laid off and can not afford it at this time. Would love to be considered in the drawing. Thank you

  • andrea kulp

    I just put 2 bottles in my October Essential Rewards and my new downline ordered 4!!! Can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Julie Bartley

    I am so anxious to try it!

  • Lisa C.

    Would really like to try the new NingXia Red.

  • Cheryl

    Tried it and I love it…..telling everyone about my new energy!

  • Bess Marx

    Pick me! Pick me!! Can’t wait to try the new version.

  • Jessica G

    Would love to make the new NingXia red a part of our family!

  • Bess Marx

    Pick me! Pick me!!

  • Allie

    I’d love to try this!!

  • Pat Fitzpatrick

    Can’t wait to try the new Ninxgia!!

  • Sandy

    I tried that sample that came in last month’s ER order. AWESOME!! Can’t wait until my October ER shipment comes with the new NR in it. Tastes amazing & extra added benefits to boot!

  • Randolph

    Order is in and can’t wait to try the new NigXia Red!

    Thanks Young Living for improving your products :-)

  • Darlene

    Can’t wait to try the new NingXia Red!!!

  • Stephanie Petty

    I have never tried any Young Living Essential Oils but a few of my friends have been raving about the benefits of it. I would REALLY love to give it a try!!

  • Janie Heikkinen

    Love the new look, very impressed of the new formula. Very excited to try it!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to try this! Cheers to good health!!!

  • Julia

    Love this!

  • Jason

    Sweet !!! Id love to win !!

  • http://www.GuidedStrength.com Brandon

    Sounds amazing, can’t wait to try it!

  • Carla MacMillan

    Love the new 2oz Single packs. Can’t wait till it arrives at my doorstep!

  • Beth

    Can’t wait to try the new flavor!!

  • Michelle D

    Can NOT wait to try the new Ningxa Red!!!!

  • Linda

    Love the old version, can’t wait to try the new one!

  • Tracy

    Love to win it!!

  • http://www.triplemoonhealing.com Jen

    I’m sooooo placing an order soon. I love this stuff!

  • Jen

    oh, oh, oh – pick me, pick me!

  • Kris

    Cant wait to try the new NingXa Red. My kids love it more than energy drinks!!!!

  • Brook Berg

    I thought the old version was good, but LOVE that the agave has been replaced with stevia AND the increase in Wolfberries! Can’t wait to try it!

  • renee

    sounds really interesting to try out…

  • Loral

    Mine arrives with my ER order today — can’t wait to try it.

  • http://abundanceandwisdom.com/jayehughes/ Jaye Hughes

    I love the packets. They are great for a mom on the go. If I forget to serve it at breakfast, we are all still okay because I have a stash in my purse!! The whole family drinks it and can notice when we haven’t. I can’t imagine how it can be improved. Exciting!

  • Jean

    Tried the old version and LOVED it. Can’t wait to try the new version. Specially for my 12 year old son, is a must in the my house.

  • Maggie Jirouschek

    I have heard many good things about this product, I hope to try it soon!

  • http://www.adamgreen.ca Adam

    I loved old NR, but this new stuff is ridiculously good!

  • LadyAmelia

    Thank you for all your generosity with these Giveaways!! Just another reason why Young Living is thee best! Blessings!

  • http://www.ylwebsite.com/suzettelempitky Suzette Lempitsky

    I love my daily dose of Ningxia Red! Got a sample with my last order and it was AMAZING!! Love the newly designed bottle, too. Got my 2 bottles, (may not be enough!) on order and eagerly waiting for my next ship date so I can have that great taste every day! See you in Scottsdale, AZ on 11/8!!

  • Jeannie

    Am Eagerly awaiting my ER shipment with the New NingXia Red!

  • Cheryl

    I love this product, telling all my friends about it. Energy galore!

  • http://essentialalchemy.wordpress.com Jen

    Love the new formulation!!! Can’t wait to get more of it for my family!

  • Marney

    Love NR! My husband and I take it daily and have seen the benefits. I’ve also started it giving it to my senior cat and dogs and have seen an amazing turn around in them!!!

  • Ted Kooper

    id love to try

  • http://raisingolives.com Kimberly @ Raising Olives

    Looking forward to trying the new formula.

  • Patty B

    I’ve updated my Essential Rewards order for October and added New NingXia and can’t wait to try it for the 1st time! :)

  • Ellen Barbagallo

    Just becoming a fan of Nigxia Red, so very excited to try the NEW VERSION!!

  • Courtney

    Can’t wait to try the new NR! My kids and I love the old NR, and we all have a shot every morning!



  • Martie

    Looking forward to receiving NingXia Red new formulation with this months order. I like the addition of the Orange , Lemon and Tangerine plus it will have less sugars … Sweet.
    Thanks YL for all you do for our health.

  • http://lindalee.vibrantscents.com Linda Lee

    My Autoship is coming soon ! Can’t wait to taste and feel the NEW NINGXIA RED !!!

  • Ceil

    Received my order of New NingXia Red – last night. Tried it this morning – WOW!! Love the new flavor. Very refreshing. Flavor makes you want more! Very very good!

  • Marcia

    Hoping to try this soon!

  • Kathy

    Can’t wait to try it … my auto ship is on its way!

  • amy

    would love to try this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/HealingLotusAromatherapy Dawn Slicker

    I just received my two pack of NingXia Red today! I was so anxious to try it, but knew I needed to wait to try it cold. Was pleasing surprised when I saw that you included a free 2 oz. single! That got cold a lot faster and was able to taste it much quicker. Very happy with the new flavor. Thanks once again Young Living!

  • carol

    The new formula sounds awesome!!!! I am going to start to drink the new recommended 2 ounces. Cold & flu season is here :(

  • Jennifer O’Brien

    I can’t wait to try the new & improved NingXia Red,waiting for my essntial rewards order to arrrive early next week. I start my day with NingXia Red, love the energy boost it provides even more excited to use the new formula!

  • Valerie Gebhardt

    I was recommended to try Ning Xia Red due to having liver problems related to prescribed medication. It worked!!!! My liver is now clean. Love NingXia Red and take it daily.

  • http://www.cookteam.ca Melanie Cook

    I’m super excited to get my NEW NingXia drinks in my monthly autoship (which is already on it’s way) I got to try the sample and LOVE the new taste. My kids will love this new change as well .. as they get at least an ounce everyday and has really helped keep our househol healthy!
    I’ve got a lot of my own downline on them as well.

  • Kathleen Huddleson

    Ordered my first yesterday–can’t wait to try the new formula.

  • Sebrina

    I love NingXia red and cant wait to get my new essential rewards order.

  • Jessica in OKC

    I can’t wait to try the new formula. So sad I missed the seminar last night here in town :(

  • Terri-Anne

    Just tried the sample in my order today,interesting changes.Great that the sugar is reduced.

  • Sara Revermann

    Can’t wait to try the new formula!!

  • Angela Jines – LMT

    This juice has changed lives, including mine. My clients love it so much I can’t keep enough in stock! Very excited to try the new version!!!!

  • Chelsea

    Excited to try the new formula!

  • Shelly Thornton

    I love the old, I’m sure the new and improved is even better! Can’t live without it!

  • http://www.elizabethgriggs.com Elizabeth Griggs

    I got the free sample in my Essential Rewards order last month. I love it the taste! Can’t wait to see what results are in store for me when I start taking it regularly. And the bottle is absolutlely stunning. Good job.

  • Dori ThomAs

    Pick me!! Our family is excited to try the new formula!

  • Theresa Watkins

    My autoship order with NR in it is on the way! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Sharon Calvert

    LOVE NingXia Red! I absolutely have to have it every day, and am eager to taste the newest formula.

  • Bekka

    We can’t wait to try the new NR!

  • Charlene Scott

    I have heard great things about this product and would love to have the opportunitu to try it and be able to form my own opinion.

  • Rachael Dornbirer

    Just got my first bottle today! It is really good!

  • Janet Kuykendall

    Can’t wait to try the new Ningxia. My Sept order didn’t have the free sample, so I’m waiting for the Oct order to arrive. Would LOVE to win some!

  • http://thepathoftranquility.massagetherapy.com Donna Boyd

    I put my 76 yr old mom on this drink. Before….. when we went places she would have to take my arm to get out of the car and to walk as well. AFTER….. only ONE WEEK on ONE OUNCE a day, I got out of the car, closed the door, looked up and she was halfway across the parking lot already. Can’t wait till I can afford to get her on MORE and myself as well. AWESOME STUFF!!!!

  • Lisa

    My shipment with the new NingXia should be here anyday, can’t wait to give it a try. If it’s have as good as the original I’m sure it’ll be a hit in my house. Does anybody know if it’s okay to take while pregnant and/or nursing.

  • Jeri

    I’m new to YL and am excited to try the New Ningxia Red, especially with the lower sugar content.

  • http://www.ylwebsite.com/AzOils Amanda,RN,BSN

    Can’t wait to try it, I have order two bottles one for me and one to people to sample that come to my open house event, next week! My order should be here any day, I can’t wait to try the NEW NingXia Red! I love the current NingXia Red it help keep my energy going all day, so I can get the things done that I need to do! I would love to win some, more for me to share, and more for me!

  • http://www.ylwebsite.com/AzOils Amanda Finlayson

    I would love to win me some Free NingXia Red, some for me and some to share! I love the current NingXia Red it help keep me going at work for 12 plus hours, so I can take care of others, NingXia helps to take care of me, giving me energy, and all thouse antioxidants! Can we to try the New NingXia red and share it with others!

  • Jean Schwartz

    Can hardly wait to get the new NingXia Red. My husband is going off a different supplement and is going to try the NingXia, yeah!

  • https://www.youngliving.org/lisahorty Lisa Horton

    I love the new taste. I got a sample w/my last order and am awaiting the new formula in my next Essential Rewards order!!

  • http://www.rtmassagetwinports.com Joe & Debbie DiPuma

    We love taking our daily NR and adding frankincense & lemon oil, & we feel the difference in energy & good health! We’re so thankful for the double points when we order the new NR – Thank you, Young Living!

  • Abbey Erber

    NingXia Red is one of several Young Living products that have changed my life!

  • Nancy

    Anxious to try the new NingXia Red!

  • Leslie Vornholt

    I am so grateful to learn more about the re-formulation of NingXia Red and all the nutrients it contains. So many good ingredients. And I love the bottle, so elegant and easier to open and handle. Thank you, Gary and Young Living for always keeping Young Living cutting edge and focused on quality and healthy benefits.

  • Kari

    Can’t wait to try the new Ningxia Red.

  • Diane Fletcher

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    I got the new NJR and tried it before cooling it- the flavor was okay. I Put it in the refrigerator and tasted it later and it was good. Please make sure you chill the new NJR before you drink it. Also shake the bottle really good. The good thing about the smaller bottle is it is easy to hide in the refrigerator. I put it in the back of the refrigerator and no one has noticed it. My 3 girls love NJR and drink it all the time. My 15 year old says it help her to not be tired and that it gives her the energy to walk up and down the many stairs at school. My girls play sports and always use it for those extra burst of energy they need at their games.

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  • Theresa Nelson

    I have been drinking NR for about 4 months, I have fibromyalgia and have had severe flair ups for just over a year. Within the first two weeks of drinking NR my flair ups disappeared I had more energy then I have had in many years and greatly reduced my joint pain. NR has given me my life back! Thank you YL.

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  • Brenda Carter

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  • David Holt

    The taste is even better than before. I just finnished 4 of the “old” Ningxia Red bottles by myself in 1 month. I can really feel the benefits. I have heard from more than one person that the key is to drink it everyday consistantly. I am not that pleased with the new bottle, it is a lot taller than the previous, holds less and if you bought the plastic flip top attachment, it does not fit this bottle. It is nice that you can now easily see how much remains in the bottle.

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    (Wonder what it tastes like with a drop or two of the new lime oil?)

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    Thankyou to Gary & the Research staff for their constant quest to always improve & not being complacent. That’s what makes a “World Leader”!!



  • Lisa Pello-Strieker

    OK, This is Great! Can’t wait to try the new formula and introduce to others! To our health! Actually, will need to also get this for my son who has had surgery with complications now that I consider this! He needs it badly! Having a hard time with appetite and has lost too much weight, down to 124. Stay tuned when I see how his results are!! So…win win on this, I can share and share with family and friends. taaa for now

  • Pamela

    Wow, the bottle height, well, not sure why the design of the new Ningxia red is so tall. Very difficult to accommodate in refrigerator. Hope once all the bottles and boxes are used they come out with a shorter height bottle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.selvig Wendy Daves Selvig

    I just tried NingXia Red for the first time this week and I am totally CRAVING it! My body must need it because I want to drink the whole bottle down!!! It tastes good, but it is beyond that. I feel like my brain needs it. I know that sounds weird, but listening to my body, I feel like it is nourishing my brain. I’d like to find out more about the real health benefits. Can you talk about those more?

  • Kevin

    The product is not the same. The health benefits I get from the original is not the same. If anyone has stock on the original I’m looking for the original.