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Young Living

Energize Your Morning with Aroma Yoga

Posted on December 18th, 2014 | no comments

The Young Living community is full of wellness experts from all disciplines. Learn how yoga instructor Tracy Griffiths incorporates Young Living essential oils into her practice in this special guest blog!


When you wake up some mornings, do you ever wonder, “I just woke up; why do I feel so tired?” or, “How am I going to muster the get-up-and-go I need for the day?” Let me share a few simple, yet powerful, Aroma Yoga® exercises that may help stoke your inner fire and energize your body and mind so you can start your day with an extra boost!


The essential oils I recommend for these exercises are Young Living’s Bergamot (for its uplifting and invigorating scent) mixed with Eucalyptus Radiata (for its stimulating and refreshing fragrance). Combining these essential oils with the following movements may foster that spark you need to start your day energized. Young Living Aroma Yoga Infographic


Each day that you practice, you can set a new intention or stay with one until you see it become manifest. I also suggest putting three to four drops of each essential oil used above in your diffuser to continue anchoring your olfactory experience throughout the day.


Find these and many more energy exercises in Aroma Yoga: A Guide for Using Essential Oils in Your Yoga Practice and the Aroma Yoga DVD.


How do you incorporate essential oils into your morning routines? Let us know in the comments!


Tracy Griffiths, RPP, CMT, inspires and coaches people all over the world, assisting them to live healthier and more dynamically fulfilling lives. Creator of Aroma Yoga, Tracy is also an instructor of the energetic healing arts and longtime yoga enthusiast. She serves as the lead essential oils instructor for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program, an organization that brings yoga, Reiki, and Young Living essential oils to hospital patients and their caregivers. For more information on the Tracy’s Aroma YogaOnline Teacher Training, please click here.

Tried-and-True Tips for Cooking with Young Living Essential Oils

Posted on December 15th, 2014 | 10 comments

As your essential oil collection increases, so does your know-how. You learn which oils are best to use in the morning. You curate a mental list of diffusion blends that change the mood in your home. And you know which essential oils help you find your Zen when added to bathwater. But did you know that many of our oils can be used in the kitchen? Enjoy the power of essential oils from the inside out!


We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for using essential oils in the kitchen. Add these delicious tips to your repertoire!



  1. Waffles: Add 1–4 drops of Orange essential oil to wet waffle mix.
  2. Oatmeal: Add 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark and 2 drops of Orange essential oil to a bowl of oatmeal or oat bran, and then sweeten with Blue Agave.
  3. Lemon with Berries: Add Lemon essential oil to berry protein shakes or to plain yogurt and top with berries.



  1. Cream Cheese Spread: Put cream cheese into a bowl and mix in Lemon essential oil to taste.
  2. Olive Oil: Add various culinary herb essential oils to your olive oil, such as Rosemary. Pour over a plate of balsamic vinegar and use foccacia bread for dipping.



  1. Tomato Pasta Sauce: Add 2 drops of Basil essential oil and 1 drop each of Rosemary and Thyme essential oil to tomato sauce base.
  2. Olive Oil Dipping Sauce with Young Living Rosemary Essential OilPotato Salad: Add 1–2 drops of Dill essential oil to potato salad.
  3. Rice Pilaf: Add 4 drops of Lemon essential oil to water before adding rice.
  4. Salad and Fruit Rinse: Use 3 drops of Lemon essential oil in a bowl of water when rinsing lettuce, grapes, berries, and greens.
  5. Tuna Salad Sandwiches: Add 2 drops of Lemon essential oil per can of tuna and mix with mayonnaise and freshly ground pepper. Spoon onto bread and serve topped with alfalfa sprouts.



  1. Hot Lemon Tea: In 1 cup of hot water, mix in 3 drops of Lemon essential oil and Blue Agave to taste.
  2. Horchata with a Twist: Add 1 drop of Cinnamon Bark essential oil to a tall glass filled with ice and vanilla rice milk.
  3. Vanilla Protein Shake: Add 2 drops of Lemon or Peppermint essential oil to any vanilla protein shake.
  4. Flavored Water: Add 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil to your gym water bottle.


What other  secrets do you have for using essential oils in the kitchen? Share your ideas in the comments!

Create a Harmonious Atmosphere this Holiday Season

Posted on December 11th, 2014 | 3 comments

Young Living FamilyThe most impactful and influential relationships in most people’s lives are with family members. And, for better or for worse, our family is most likely to see us at our best…and our worst. Here are a few ideas for creating an atmosphere of joy and cooperation that will keep things harmonious throughout the holidays!


Use your favorite Young Living diffuser, such as the AromaLux or Bamboo diffusers, and try the following suggestions:



What blends do you diffuse during the holidays to enhance your sense of peace, harmony, and togetherness throughout the season? Share your comments below!


—Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager

Six Ways to Finish Your Day Strong!

Posted on December 8th, 2014 | 7 comments

Are you running on fumes? Most of us have so many demands on our time that we find our energy waning throughout the day. Your energy levels can make or break your day, so here are six simple suggestions that will turn a small amount of effort into a big return:


  1. Bring on the Shutran. Rolling on Shutran™ essential oil blend is a quick and easy step. Although Shutran is designed as an aroma for men, women can enjoy its beneficial properties, too! In particular, Shutran features Young Living’s exclusive Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil, which can help put the bounce back in your step by invigorating both the body and mind.
  2. Drink Up. Water and energy go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it is no surprise that Americans are dehydrated and that they complain of being tired. Carry a water bottle with you that you can refill, and make sure that it has a spout. I find I naturally drink more water if my bottle has one.
  3. Let the Sunshine In. Increasing your exposure to light, especially the sun, can improve energy, so open the blinds or turn on an extra light at your workplace. Be aware that for a small percentage of the population, the relationship between sunlight and mood may need extra consideration; if you find that your lack of energy is accompanied by seasonal depression, you might want to explore talking with a doctor and trying light therapy.
  4. Lighten up Lunch. Your body’s circadian rhythm naturally winds down in the afternoon. When you combine that with a heavy lunch, your body will focus on digestion with very little left to keep your mind sharp or even awake. A good rule of thumb is to keep your lunches around 500 calories.
  5. Get a Little Nutty. Munch on a handful of walnuts or flaxseed. Studies show that the omega-3s in these healthy snacks will boost your body’s natural energy.
  6. Liven it Up. Get your juices flowing with lively music! Sports psychologists have found that lively music helps relieve stress and fight fatigue.


When you head out the door for your workday, toss a bag of nuts, a water bottle, headphones, and a bottle of Shutran in your bag. Soak in the sunshine and pack a lighter lunch. These steps may be simple, but they will increase your energy, help you be more productive, and make your day great!


—Gloria Russo, International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Personal Care

Looking Back at Young Living’s 20th Year

Posted on December 4th, 2014 | no comments

What did we do in 2014? We celebrated our 20th anniversary all year long, and we captured some of our year-long celebration’s most significant highlights on film! Watch this exciting video of some of the year’s most memorable moments and celebrate with us all over again! Click below.

Introducing Young Living’s New ART Skin Care System

Posted on December 1st, 2014 | 67 comments

Great skin care starts with three fundamental steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Our new ART® Skin Care System offers three reformulated products that are designed to do just that. Authentic beauty radiates from within, and these products were created to emphasize your inherent beauty in a safe, natural way that doesn’t compromise your long-term health.


Gentle Cleanser, Refreshing Toner, and Light Moisturizer serve as the foundation of your daily skin care regimen. Let’s take a closer look at these newest additions to our ART product line:


ART Gentle Cleanser

Cleansing twice daily is the first step to healthier-looking skin. Offering the same essential oil benefits as its predecessor, our new Gentle Cleanser uses additional plant-based ingredients to gently and effectively remove pore-clogging impurities from the skin.


We recommend using ART Gentle Cleanser morning and night or after any heavy sweating. Use lukewarm water and lather a nickel-sized amount of cleanser with your hands before massaging it onto the face. Rinse, and then pat dry. The mild foaming action leaves your face feeling clean, soft, and supple without stripping it of its natural oils.


ART Refreshing Toner

Applying toner is an oft-skipped step, but if you want maximum benefits from your skin care regimen, don’t leave it out! Providing essential oils in a light, easily-absorbing formula, ART Refreshing Toner smoothes and balances the skin after cleansing, diminishes the appearance of pores, and removes residual particles left behind after cleansing. To apply, dampen a cotton ball with toner and gently swipe across clean, dry skin.



ART Light Moisturizer

A good moisturizer forms a hydrating barrier on the skin to lock moisture and other beneficial ingredients into the skin and protect it from environmental attacks. Our new ART Light Moisturizer combines the best features of the former Day Activator and Night Reconstructor into one advanced, essential oil-infused formula. With new active botanicals that work with all skin types to help retain and maintain proper hydration, ART Light Moisturizer also reduces the visible signs of aging, evens skin tone, and improves skin elasticity. Massaged into the face morning and evening after applying toner, this moisturizer leaves your complexion refreshed, renewed, and radiant.


We can hardly wait for you to try these exciting new products! This easy-to-follow skin care regimen is gentle enough for every skin type and helps build healthy, youthful-looking skin now and long term. Your skin is a canvas—prepare it beautifully!


Gloria Russo—International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Personal Care

Treasure the Season this December

Posted on December 1st, 2014 | 3 comments

There are some aromas that you can’t help but associate with the holidays: spiced apple cider, a fire roaring in the fireplace, fresh pine needles. Just one smell and you’re suddenly reliving your fondest wintertime memories.


Young Living Promotion - Vetiver and Treasure the SeasonThis month we are excited to introduce a limited-time holiday essential oil blend for December’s promotions that will become one of your favorite unforgettable holiday aromas: 5-ml Treasure of the Season. Combining two different varieties of Frankincense with Idaho Blue Spruce and Cinnamon Bark essential oils, its warm, soft, woodsy aroma is both peaceful and festive. Use Treasure of the Season in potpourri, diffuse it during holiday gatherings, or inhale it directly in quiet moments to create an environment of calm and celebration!


The only way to get this exclusive blend is by placing a qualifying 300 PV order during the month of December. Along with Treasure of the Season, you’ll get a 5-ml bottle of Vetiver essential oil and 10 percent back in Essential Rewards points on your order! Visit YoungLiving.com to get all the details on this unique promotion.


What are your favorite Young Living essential oils and blends to use during the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

Meet Member Services this Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 26th, 2014 | 5 comments

Along with autumn pleasures of crunchy leaves, fluffy socks, and hot chocolate, each November in the U.S. affords us the opportunity to reflect on our blessings. We’re thankful this Thanksgiving season for the privilege of transforming people’s lives through our products; for our visionary founder and CEO, D. Gary Young, who leads the charge; and for our members, who are the lifeblood of our company.


We’re also especially thankful for our Member Services employees, who provide impeccable service to our members through live chat, email, and phones. They truly keep this company running smoothly! We asked some of our Member Services employees to share what they’re thankful for—from jazz music, to family, to great coworkers! Get to know some of the people who help answer your Young Living questions!


Katy P.: U.S. Team Lead

Young Living Member Services Katy“I am thankful for the color pink! Foxy singers like Ella Fitzgerald. The holidays, mostly Christmas. The fortune of having access to organic, natural foods. The best job in the whole entire world and even better co-workers. People who have the ability to make you laugh. The opportunity to go to school and learn. The ocean. Unicorns. Living close to magnificent mountains—I will always be a mountain girl. Books! Glorious books! Twinkle lights. The love of my life and the beautiful example he is to me. And beautiful music! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!”


Young Living Member Services Alita

Alita Q.: Canada Phone Support

“I am thankful for my family. They are the most important thing in my life. I am also thankful for my job at Young Living. I love what I do. It is really rewarding, and there is never a dull moment. The members are awesome!”




Young Living Member Services SuzanneSuzanne D.: U.S. Phone Support

“I’m thankful for the lessons I have learned from my mother, who celebrated her 85th birthday this month. She is a wonderful example of service. She raised us to be respectful of others and to look for the good in everyone. She has cooked meals, dressed wounds, settled arguments, chased away boogey men, and has always provided a warm and loving environment. Her potato salad is the best, even though she doesn’t think so. This Thanksgiving season we are so very thankful to have her in our lives.”


Young Living Member Services JentriJentri C.: Product Support

“We are all thankful during the whole year, but sometimes we forget to voice it at times other than during the holidays. I’m so thankful for my family! They’re always there for me when I need them and always willing to help in any way possible. My life would not be the same without them! I’m very grateful to work at such an amazing company with amazing people. I have learned so much about the wonderful products and also learned a lot about myself since I started working here. I hope everyone can be with their family and have a wonderful holiday!”


Had a great experience with one of our Member Services representatives? Post your thanks in the comments!

Get to Know the Newest Everyday Oil: Melaleuca Alternifolia

Posted on November 25th, 2014 | 5 comments

As the newest addition to the Everyday Oils essential oil collection, expectations are high for Melaleuca Alternifolia. Because only the most useful and popular products make their way into Everyday Oils, we know that our members are going to love the way this oil fits in with classics like Lavender, Lemon, Thieves®, and PanAway®!


Commonly known as tea tree oil, Melaleuca has long been valued for its cosmetic benefits, especially for its natural skin-cleansing benefits. Melaleuca’s intrinsic properties cleanse away dirt, toxins, and dead skin, giving you healthy-looking and feeling skin.


Qualities like these have led Young Living to include Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil in formulations such as Purification® blend, our Animal Scents products, and in Melaleuca-Geranium Moisturizing Soap.


Looking for ways to use Melaleuca Alternifolia? Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a cotton swab to apply Melaleuca Alternifolia directly to the face.
  • Add a drop to your shampoo to support a healthy-feeling scalp.
  • If you forget to transfer your laundry to the dryer in a timely manner, run another washing cycle with a few drops of Melaleuca Alternifolia added to the water.
  • Add a drop of Melaleuca Alternifolia to soften the skin around a splinter before removing it.
  • Freshen and deodorize your rugs. Combine a few drops each of Melaleuca Alternifolia and Lavender with ¼ cup baking soda. Leave mixture overnight to let the oils absorb into the baking soda, and then sprinkle over rug and vacuum immediately. (As a bonus, your vacuum will smell fresher, too!)
  • Diffuse Melaleuca Alternifolia to purify the air in your home or workspace.


Are you discovering Melaleuca Alternafolia for the first time? Are you a long-time fan? Let us know why you’re looking forward to getting Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil in your Everyday Oils collection in the comments!

The Science and Art of Diffusing Essential Oils

Posted on November 24th, 2014 | 35 comments

Our mind creates powerful connections between scent and our emotions, surroundings, and memories. Diffusing essential oils is a simple but effective way to access those connections. It can also help build new and positive memories and experiences.


Because diffusion distributes essential oil molecules into the air so effectively, it is an excellent way to maximize the beneficial properties of essential oils. There are lots of different ways to diffuse, so let’s talk about the most effective methods. It’s important to note that overheating essential oils using aroma lamps or candles can render the oils less beneficial, so we’ll focus on different cold-air diffusion methods.


Direct Inhalation

You may simply open a bottle of essential oil and inhale or put a few drops of oil on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then cup your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale. You can even add a few drops of oil to a bowl of hot (not boiling) water and inhale the vapor.


Cold-Air Fan

Young Living’s Travel Fan Diffuser introduces convenience and portability to essential oil diffusion. The Travel Fan diffuses by blowing cool air through the essential oil pad, releasing beneficial essential oil molecules into the air.


Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusion combines the advantages of a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one by breaking a mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles and dispersing them into the air. Young Living has several ultrasonic diffusers with features our members love, such as:

  • The new Rainstone Diffuser: Beautifully designed with a robust feature set including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 hour settings with automatic shutoff; 5 soft LED light settings (blue, yellow, purple, alternating each color, and off); a negative ionizer; and a remote control.
  • USB Orb Diffuser: Small, new, and easily portable with an egg-shaped design, it is spill proof, making it ideal for the car, office, or at home.
  • Bamboo Diffuser: Elegant design, LED light, and timer settings for 1–4 hours of continuous diffusion.
  • Rose Home Diffuser: Ambient light control, settings for alternating on/off or continuous diffusion, and automatic shutoff.
  • Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser: Elegant and décor-friendly design, multicolored LED lights, remote control, built-in speakers, ambient music, and audio input.


Atomizing Diffuser

Atomizing technology transforms essential oils into a vapor of millions of microparticles, dispersing the powerful, undiluted plant constituents found in Young Living essential oils into the air with no water added. Young Living’s new AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser includes an array of features and settings, including our highest vapor output, our most customizable volume and run time settings (with automatic shutoff), and a quiet motor.


What’s your favorite Young Living diffuser? Share how you diffuse your favorite blends in the comments!


—Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager